Connections E-Newsletter - June 13, 2021
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Weekend Worship: “Where are the Miracles?”
Have you ever found yourself asking, "Why doesn't God perform miracles anymore?" Are you looking for Him to heal the sick, raise the dead, or move mountains before your very eyes? Or do you consider "ordinary, everyday occurrences" to be a miracle? As it turns out, miracles, whether extraordinary or ordinary, are only recognized by God's people through the gift of faith!
Outdoor Worship at Faith Haven

St. John’s is excited to offer monthly outdoor worship opportunities at Faith Haven this summer. Last year’s Faith Haven worship event was such a blessed success, and we want to expand it to a monthly experience. On the second Saturday of each month at 6:00 PM, we will host an outdoor worship service on the beautiful chapel hill of Faith Haven. Come early to walk the trails or stay after to enjoy some fellowship or a campfire, but be blessed by the time together.

June 12, July 10, & August 14 at 6:00pm

*Any weather cancelation will be made through the St. John’s App and Facebook
*Remember to bring your own lawn chairs

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Reach in Prayer
Members in treatment, at home, or recovering: Donna Menzel, Parker Dietrich, Cindy Tavidian, Cathy Schimmels, Jean Black, Chad Michels, Paul Johnson, Mike Schmitz, Richard Hron, Brett Bergquist, Katherine Benner, William Brenckle, Delores Fischer, Julie Buss, Peter Schlefke, David Sitzberger, Sandy Berres, Darrell Olson, Harold Justman, Marcy Donaldson, Lloyd Prost, Gloria Cassidy, Rick Heintz, Richard Ellis, Adrian Buntrock, Tom Kohn, Elvera Voss, Ron Newell, Bill Ladwig, Sandy Lovato, Doug Zarling, Carla Kinkel, Carrie Kuehl, Robert Polivka, Evelyn Wornardt, Leatrice (Lea) Strupp, Gloria Kohn, Joseph (Tom) Augustine, Ken Endlich, Cindy Doers, Verna Kissinger, Lois Lewinski, James Zimbal, Sharon Stenschke, Barbara Moritz, Elmyra Martin, Mary Plaskey, Al Schaetz, Arlene Goebel, Gladys Hron, Mary Ann Yahr, Ellen Frank, Cheryl Eberhardt, Charles Frank, Lucille Seil, Nancie Purskey

Non-Members: Harold Schultz (Mike and Carmen Kuntz brother-in-law), Barbara Opala (Kathy Sitzberger’s friend), Eugene Fiedler (Phyllis Mortenson’s father & Andrew Mortenson’s grandfather), Jim Wolfe (Mary Jo Reinke’s brother), Russ Roesler (Jeanne Roesler’s son & Susan Roesler’s brother-in-law), Jerry Weisser (Roland & Orgenia Weisser’s son), Olivine Schimmels (Cathy Schimmels granddaughter), Jackie Farr (Clara Guse’s sister), Kathryn Hirsch (Marge Ruprecht’s sister), Mike Schultz (Lynn Niver’s friend), Cordell Strack (Carol Roecker’s sister-in-law & Sherry Cullen’s mother), Roo Bublitz, Laura Moore & Family (Maggie Leimkuehler’s friend), Kathy Rosholt (Monica Rosholt’s mother), Debra Wussow (request from Kathleen Sitzberger), Ruth Seider (Joe & Marge Ruprecht’s friend), Barbara Black (Jean Black’s daughter), Steve Williams (Rick Dusenbery’s brother-in-law), Dinah Cogdill (Arnie Mengel’s Sister). Ashlyn Roecker (Carol Roecker’s great-grand niece), Rich Buss, Mickie Wagner (Tom & Peggy Bruce’s friend), Duane (Jerry & Terri Buettner’s friend), Danielle Hayburn (Paul & Charlene Otto’s daughter), Kris Kraase (Evelyn Wornardt’s granddaughter-in-law), James Oelhafen (brother of Audrey Weiland), Shane Nault (grandson of Carmen Kuntz), and Steve Strehlow (brother of Melede Meinzen)
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