Connections E-Newsletter - March 21, 2021
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Weekend Worship - Return to the Lord: Return to the Kingdom of God
In the conclusion of his First Letter to his co-worker Timothy, Paul encourages his young friend with a shared vision of what is to come as God fulfills all things. He writes of “the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which He will display at the proper time—He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords” (1 Timothy 6:14–15). As Jesus stood before Pilate, who seemed to have the full authority of life and death over Him, our Savior knew who He was and what His kingdom was and is and will be. “My kingdom is not of this world,” Jesus stated (John 18:36a). With the psalmist, we affirm, “The Lord will reign forever” (Psalm 146:10). The very best and most blessed time under His gracious kingship is yet to be!
Wednesday Worship - Psalms of Lent: Psalm 119 - God's Word Guides
Worship Readings: Psalm 119:9–16, Matthew 5:17-20
The book of Psalms is often known as “Israel’s Prayer Book”. These prayers, songs, and exclamations were lifted to the Lord at various times to express the thoughts, concerns, worries, and joys that the people of God were experiencing at the time.

Our Lenten Wednesday services will focus on a few of these Psalms and focus on how these prayers point us to Christ and His faithfulness in hearing and acting on them.  This week we will focus on the words of Psalm 119. Please join us for Lent worship on Wednesdays at 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM. Our 6:00 PM services will be livestreamed.
Much like our plans from this past Christmas services, Easter worship will require preregistration. St. John’s is hosting five worship services for Easter worship on April 3 and 4:

Saturday 6:00 PM, Sunday 6:00 AM, Sunday 8:00 AM, Sunday 9:30 AM, and Sunday 11:00 AM. We will continue to utilize the same socially distant seating pattern that is currently in place. Check-in ahead of each service will also be required, so please plan to arrive a few minutes early.

Register for Easter Worship HERE.

When you register for your preferred service time, you will see four seating options: Sanctuary, Balcony, Narthex (area before entering the sanctuary), and Gathering Space. Seating in the Gathering Space will utilize a video feed for participation. Seating options will be removed from that list as the available seating in that space is filled. Utilizing these spaces and options gives us additional seating and helps you and your household plan your Easter around worshiping together.

Please note that Maundy Thursday worship and Good Friday worship do not require preregistration at this time. However, we have added a 3:30 PM service for Good Friday along with the usual 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM services.

Order and Easter lily for the alter HERE, through the St. John's App,
or by contacting the church office at 262-334-490
Previous Worship
Reach in Prayer
Our prayers are with the family of June Wilke, who was called home on March 13. May God comfort this family with the promise of the resurrection through faith in Christ.
Members in Hospital: Sandra Bowlin, Katherine Benner, William Brenckle
Members in treatment, at home, or recovering: Terry Laatsch, Delores Fischer, Monica Rosholt, Sherry Cullen, Julie Buss, Peter Schlefke, David Sitzberger, Kay Herbst, Sandy Berres, Darrell Olson, Harold Justman, Carolyn Mengel, Marcy Donaldson, Lloyd Prost, Eric Gilbert, Junette Wilke, Gloria Cassidy, Paul Johnson, Rick Heintz, Richard Ellis, Adrian Buntrock, Sue Knight, Tom Kohn, Cathy Schimmels, Elvera Voss, Ron Newell, Bev Sturgeon, Brad Sitzberger, Bill Ladwig, Sandy Lovato, Larke Mor, David Vernon, Doug Zarling, Darrel Hegy, Carla Kinkel, Carrie Kuehl, Delores Fischer, Robert Polivka, Evelyn Wornardt, Leatrice (Lea) Strupp, Gloria Kohn, Joseph (Tom) Augustine, Ken Endlich, Brandee Michels, Cindy Doers, Verna Kissinger, Lois Lewinski, James Zimbal, Sharon Stenschke, Barbara Moritz, Donna Menzel, Elmyra Martin, Mary Plaskey, Al Schaetz, Arlene Goebel, Gladys Hron, Mary Ann Yahr, Lois Gauger, Ellen Frank, Cheryl Eberhardt, Charles Frank, Lucille Seil, Nancie Purskey

Non-Members: Holly Reinke (Chris Reinke’s mother), Jackie Farr (Clara Guse’s sister), Kathryn Hirsch (Joel Ruprecht’s sister), Mike Schultz (Lynn Niver’s friend), Cordell Strack (Carol Roecker’s sister & Sherry Cullen’s mother), Marlys (Nonhof) Lohr (Diana Portlance’s mother), Roo Bublitz, Jeff Lee (Bruce & Denise Biendarra’s friend), Laura Moore & Family (Maggie Leimkuehler’s friend), Kathy Rosholt (Monica Rosholt’s mother), Debra Wussow (request from Kathleen Sitzberger), Ruth Seider (Joe & Marge Ruprecht’s friend), Barbara Black (Jean Black’s daughter), Al Danninger (Tina Noren’s Uncle), Steve Williams (Rick Dusenbery’s brother-in-law), Jason Collins, Dinah Cogdill (Arnie Mengel’s Sister). Pastor Matt Hoehner (Pastor Robert Hoehner’s son), Ben & Lucy (Mark Cassidy’s friends), Phillip S. (Jeff & Tina Noren’s neighbor), Betty Moskler (Mark Cassidy’s friend), Doug (Mark Cassidy’s friend), Ashlyn Roecker (Carol Roecker’s great-grand niece), Sherry (Kathy Sitzberger’s friend), Ashley Doll (Cathy Schimmel’s niece), Rich Buss, Mickie Wagner (Tom & Peggy Bruce’s friend), Audrey Fellenz (Lynn Fellenz’s mother-in-law), Scott & Val and family (friends of Susan Mueller), Duane (Jerry & Terri Buettner’s friend), Mary Ours (Janet Haliburton’s friend), Mason Jan (Jenny Wolf’s sister), Jack (Melede Meinzen’s friend), Danielle Hayburn (Paul & Charlene Otto’s daughter), Bridgette Finster (Norm Finster’s mother), Kris Kraase (Evelyn Wornardt’s granddaughter-in-law), James Oelhafen (brother of Audrey Weiland), Richard Davies (father-in-law of Nicole Davies), Shane Nault (grandson of Carmen Kuntz), Mary (friend of Bruce & Denise Biendarra), and Steve Strehlow (brother of Melede Meinzen)
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