October 22, 2020

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Prayer requests can be submitted

or through the church email, stjumc@aol.com.  

All "Ongoing Prayer Concerns" will be listed for two weeks.  Please submit a new prayer request, if you desire to renew the listing for 2 additional weeks.

This Sunday
In-Person Worship   
9 AM
in the Sanctuary  
10:30 AM in Fellowship Hall   
A video recording of the 9 AM service will also be available to view on our website following the  
in-person service.  
Sermon Series
What is Truth? 
Pastor Brad   
Worship Assistant:  
Ruth Portzline, CLM
Accompanist: Brian Barber   
9 AM Special Music:  
Jack Coapman, Peter Nelson, Roy Nelson, Garry Warlow 
10:30 am
Singers: David & Valerie Sharper,  
Patricia Johnson, Kari File  
Praise Band Instrumentalists  
A Blessing of Prayer Shawls will take place at both services.  
The 9 AM Order of Worship  
will be sent out on Friday.   
You may print a copy  
and bring with you to worship. 
Hand made prayer shawls (or lap robes for men) are again available for those experiencing serious illness, bereavement, or other major life issue.  Each comes in a sealed plastic bag.  Recipients need not be members of St. John's.  Requests can be made via the comments section of the prayer request form on the church website, by calling or emailing the church office, or by calling Carol Rice at 215-357-1203. Requesters will be notified of contactless pickup arrangements at the main entrance of church building.
The Tuesday Devotionals and
Special Emails/Announcements are also posted on our website: www.stjohnsivyland.com
under the "What's Happening"tab.

  • Just go to our website stjohnsivyland.com
  • Click on the 'Give' button in red and register.
Once you've registered, you can either make donations by debit or credit.  
OR try  
 All you have to do is text the amount you wish to give to 877-960-2396.
You will immediately receive a one-time registration link, then just follow the prompts to complete your donation!

It's quick and secure.
The same vendor that handles electronic giving for us, Vanco Services, has state of the art encryption, so you can rest easy that your transaction is 100% safe and confidenti
If you have any questions about mobile or text giving,
email Lou Lescas at stjohns820@gmail.com

You may also send your tithes and offerings to the church office:
820 Almshouse Road, Ivyland, PA 18974

Thank you for your generosity!

Our previously recorded worship videos can be accessed here or
under the "What's Happening" tab on our website - See the "Videos" link.
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Last Sunday's Worship Service 
  October 18, 2020

 Special Music:  
Amy Cons, Jackie Jusino, Roy Nelson, Lynne Tomlinson 
Accompanist: Trish Conover  
A/V Help Needed!
Help is needed to ensure our audio-visual ministry can continue to offer meaningful online worship. We currently have very little flexibility within the team in the event someone needs to be away. While some aspects of this ministry requires technical expertise, other aspects are very straight-forward. If you have the ability to advance PowerPoint slides, you can help us offer online worship!

Will you prayerfully consider serving God by assisting with this crucial ministry? Our team will get you trained and comfortable as you join a rotation of volunteers. In that process, you will be helping St. John's offer meaningful worship to our friends who must remain at home as well as a powerful witness to our neighbors! Those interested in serving can contact the office at stjumc@aol.com or
(215) 357-6998.

Red Bird trailers are open for donations on Saturdays and Sundays  
Hours:  9 AM - 5 PM  
Please try to limit bag/box weight to 30 pounds or less.   
Volunteer packers are still needed.
  If interested, please contact  
Rick Poll l.poll@verizon.net) or the church office (stjumc@aol.com). 
October 4. 2020

What a wonderful day it was giving thanks for all God's creation, and celebrating His gift of creatures, great and small!

Blessing of the Animals 2020 Photos
Dealing with the loss of loved ones during the holidays and need some encouragement?  Join Pastor Erin on Tuesday, November 10th, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the church Library  for GriefShare's Surviving the Holidays, a Christ-centered video-based program designed for those who are struggling with sadness during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Please register by Sunday, November 1;  there is a $5 material charge payable at the session.  Please note that masks and social distancing practices will be observed.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Erin at 267.265.3515 or at emaurer@wel.org

UMC LINKSumc logo

 OH NO! That was the phrase I blurted out late last evening as I realized that Thursday is almost here. Thursday... along with the Cornerstone Note that I needed to submit. Oh No! This was on my calendar's task list for the past 3 days; remembered and forgotten at least 10 times. Yet there I was, late Wednesday night, preparing to lead a Thursday morning Bible study and it hit me again. Oh no! Out of time and ideas, I stared at a blank computer screen. What can I say now? What good can possibly come from this?!?
   Perhaps you've been there. Focused on the multitude of responsibilities and obligations that mark our daily lives, something slips through the cracks. Something important; something that others are looking for. Feelings of frustration, guilt, and defeat often follow. How could I miss this? What does that say about my organization; my commitment? Before long, we're beating ourselves up and questioning our worth.  
   As followers of Christ we know that we are God's children. Our primary identity is found in God through our relationship with Jesus. We're not known by our mistakes, slip-ups or oversights; we're known as God's beloved children. What an amazing blessing! That identity, though, can sometimes be overshadowed by the pressures and challenges of our daily lives.  
   During my time in Jim Thorpe, our pianist introduced me to a beautiful chorus from a song written by Marilyn Baker. Entitled "Rest in My Love", the words provide a powerful reminder of God's abiding love and presence with us:
Rest in My love, Relax in My care
And know that My presence will always be there
You are My child and I care for you
There's nothing My love and My power cannot do.
The next time you feel anything less than a beloved child of God, remember those words. Rest in God's love and care, knowing God's power and presence is always with you. Take it from me - the light of that promise makes our crazy Thursday mornings look much, much brighter.
And in the interest of full disclosure: while "No" popped out last night, I fully own the fact that (too) many times more colorful language has followed.
                                        Pastor Brad 
As a reminder, our ability to continue in-person worship is contingent on compliance with mandates and best practices, including wearing masks or face shields, maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet, use of hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing, and adjusting foot traffic to minimize close contact. The SignUpGenius reservation tool has enabled us to coordinate the reduced capacity and traffic flow patterns in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall and will continue to be used. Most importantly, if you registered for worship but do not feel like your normal, healthy self, please remain at home and worship along with the recording of the service.

Know that we recognize how difficult the past months have been. Thank you for your patience and consistent compliance with all aspects of our approach. Your commitment to Christ and heartfelt caring for each other are greatly appreciated.
 Please read: 
We've been blessed by a steady increase in attendance at our worship services! If you are planning to attend, it is critical to register via Sign Up Genius. This enables our ushers to promptly seat you while maintaining safe distancing necessitated by Covid. Thank you for your patience and compliance with these interim procedures as we all eagerly await the day when we can fill God's sanctuary again!

   Sign-ups are accepted until full capacity is reached or Friday, 10/23 at Noon, whichever comes first.

This Sunday (October 25th) the Youth Group will gather outside from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. in the church parking lot for class.  
Classes for Pre-K through grade 5 will continue on Zoom this Sunday.  Note that each lesson will have a video component and will also include follow-up materials that guide parents in talking about the concepts throughout the week. Hope to see you on Zoom!
Young Children (Pre-K to Grade 2)
What's In the Bible?  
Sundays at 11 am on Zoom  
 Join Buck Denver and a group of hilarious friends as they journey through the Bible and discover what it means for us. Amy Scarlett will lead us for the opening weeks as we discover What's In the Bible!   
Lesson length: 20-25 minutes.

Older Elementary Children (Grades 3-5)  
Orange 252 Kids
Sundays @ 11am on Zoom  
Our older elementary children will explore fun and engaging lessons from The Orange Group. Susan Seamans will lead off the year with a challenge to Drop the Act... and live with integrity! Children will see that integrity means choosing to be truthful in whatever we say and do - we can all drop the act and choose to be who God made us to be!  
Lesson length: 25-35 minutes.

Youth Study - Like Me   
Special Time and Place This Week!
October 25th from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.   
Church Parking Lot! 
So often we compare ourselves to others.  We are focused on the friends we have, the clothes we wear, the number of "Likes" we get on our social media pages-it all feels like one long list of what others have and what we don't!  In our next series, Like Me, we'll help our youth discover that comparison not only keeps them from liking others, it holds them back from being able to like themselves! And the further they move away from comparison toward contentment, the more they'll be able to love who they are just as they are.  They will talk about comparisons and how those comparisons not only keep them from liking others, they hold them back from being able to like themselves!

THIS SUNDAY - 10/25/2020
We are meeting in person this Sunday
so no ZOOM link required.

We will be gathering outside in the church 
parking lot for class.  Please note we are meeting 
at 11:30 (half hour later than our virtual class).
We will spend time going over the lesson we had
planned for last week and then spend the remaining
time wrapping silverware for the Trenton Soup
Kitchen as part of a church wide mission project.
Pastor Brad will stop by so this is a great opportunity 
for the kids to meet him in person.
Plan to pick up at 1:00.

Please bring a lawn chair and your Bible.  Masks 
are required and we will be socially distancing.  

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.
Ashley and Heidi


Sunday, October 25
3 - 4 p.m.

Please join us for games, arts & crafts, and a story about the  Gardener who took something ordinary from His garden and made it extraordinary!

(In case of rain we will move to Fellowship Hall)

Social distancing practiced and masks required.

Paul Henry is offering a 14 week study course on Zoom, Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. The course will provide a variety of short term topics for study and discussion so that you may join for subjects that interest you or participate in the entire series.
We began on September 22nd with a look at The Lord's Prayer. The words of this prayer are very familiar to all of us and we can recite it without thinking. But would you view the Lord's Prayer differently if you were an inhabitant of Galilee in 30 A.D.? Would you understand the prayer differently than a 21st century American Protestant? Join our virtual journey to a first century Jewish village and examine the differences in understanding.
There are no books to purchase, just register for the course and you will be provided with readings for each discussion topic.

If you would like to register for a week,
please contact Paul at phenry605@verizon.net,
or by calling 215-962-6719.
10/27-Being Christian in a Pagan World continued
11/3 All Saints Day
11/10 - Healings?  Does God Still Act in the Present Age?

Wednesdays 7-8:30 PM
Fellowship Hall
Leader: Ken Lee
You are invited to join our Wednesday night Bible study in Fellowship Hall from 7 to 8:30PM. We're currently doing the Gospel of Matthew using the William Barclay New Daily Study Bible beginning with Chapter 14. This study is a continuation from last March but since each class is a standalone discussion of the Scriptures there is no need to catch up, just jump in. Take a deep dive into Matthew's Gospel to better understand what he wants you to know. Originally written to first century Jews, it is still relevant for us today! Barclay makes it easy to understand. 
If anyone needs a book: either they can order it or we can and they can reimburse the church. We are social distancing and wearing masks in class but taking breaks for a breather.
Please contact Ken Lee (kenwlee66@gmail.com) for more information.
Our Hand Bell Choirs are rehearsing again.  Our tables are spaced and everyone is wearing masks.  It's great to have the Bell Choirs back in "full swing".  We have room in out Celebration Ringers for a few new people.  If you'd be interested in participating, please contact Roy Nelson.  The Celebration Ringers meet once or twice a month and play several times a year.  Right now we are working on some music for Christmas.
The "Ring of Faith" choir has already played and is scheduled to ring again on November 8th at the 9:00 service.
The "GENesis Bells" is a choir made up of Youth and Adults...... a multi-generational choir.  We have several new members this year, which gives us a much fuller sound.  GENesis bells are scheduled to play on November 1st at the 9:00 service.   
Members of  GENesis Bells are:
Izzy Alfonzo
Andrew Baldridge
Sophia Conover
Amy Cons
Juliet Cons
Brian File
Jane File
Kari File
Matt Floyd
Jennifer Haas
Matt Haas
Lauren Haenn
Valerie Haenn
Cav Hansel
Caylee Hansel
Kiki Hansel
Kyle Hansel
Gaven Leight
Melissa McDevitt
Caelyn Semonski
Thank you for sharing your talents with our St. John's Congregation.
Roy Nelson, Director of Music Ministries
roynel@aol.com, 215-962-8928  

We want to thank all of our musicians, especially Brian Barber, for their continued participation in our Worship Services.  You are helping with our ministry in the two Sunday Morning Worship Services.  We are blessed to have your talent shared with the St. John's Congregation.  Having singers, bell ringers, accompanists and the Praise Band is fantastic.  Thank You all.
The International Living Animal Gift Market is now open. All manner of wonderful creatures can be purchased throughout the Month of November online this year!
These gifts of animals provide an entire new way of life for the people who receive them. They provide food, income, health care & educational opportunities for poor families worldwide. Since 2001, St. John's through UMW has donated over $66,000 to Heifer. Thank you for your support!
Please contact Rosemarie Malizia at 215-598-8567 home or 856-364-0238 cell for more information.

Thank you for your generosity! 
Tuesday, October 6, Kathy Keppol, Social Action chair,
Linda Barr, President and Vivian DiCristofaro delivered the new clothing and other items collected for the
2020 UMW Ingathering.

In 2016 United Methodist Neighborhood Services moved to Janes Memorial UMC.in Germantown.  Janes Memorial and First UMC of Germantown  play an important role in the efforts of UMNS to offer essential support to its community. 
They offer food, clothing and a snack program.  


The UMW is collecting used Upper Room magazines to send to
Red Bird. 
There is a collection box on the UMW table.
The  Recovery  Breakfast  Hosted  by  the  United  Methodist  Men  was  attended  by  18  Men. Pastor  Jim  lead  us  in  Prayer  of  Thanksgiving!
The  Big  News:  Two  young  men  stepped  forward  to  bring  more  young  men  to  the  Breakfasts  and  become  involved with  the  United  Methodist  Men.  We  discussed  a  contact  system to  the  male  membership of  the  church (what  appears  to  be  125  plus)  by  dividing up  the  e-mails  to contact  people  to announce events.  
The  BBQ  has  a  committee for  development.  The  consensus is nothing will  happen  until  our  church  kitchen  is  open  and our  in-house  cooking  of  the  Men's  Breakfast can be restored. 
The  Men's Maintenance Group discussed upcoming projects including filter cleaning. 
It  was  great  to  hear  the  laughter, the  noise of tall  tails,  and  sharing  of  concerns...It  was  loud  and  welcomed!  
The  Sycamore Grill  provided  all  of  us  a  safe  and  comfortable  environment and the food  was  outstanding.   
The total cost to the UMM Treasury was $250 and worth it!  
It  was  agreed  to  continue  this  Recovery  Breakfast  for  November  21st,  2020.    
More  News  to  Come   !!   
Great  Christian  Fellowship  !!!!    
Reporting:  Jack  Donovan,  Church  Member.