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August 18, 2019
"You Can't Do That!"
Rev. James Mac Main
Mark 2:1-12 
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM -2:00 PM     
Please note:  
The Church Office will be closed on  
Thursday, August 22, 2019. 
Available at both  
9:15 and 10:30. 
We welcome all children birth through 4 years old.  The nursery is equipped with a calling system and will alert you in worship if your child needs you.
For more information about our Children or Youth Ministries, please contact Director,
David Bigam,   
If your child is in grades 3-6 and would like to be an important part of worship at
St. John's, here is your opportunity!
We are looking for acolytes for the
10:30 a.m. service.
If you are interested, please contact:
Jennifer Haas @ 215-776-1740 or at

Thursday, August 15
Sunday, August 18
  Children & Youth Sunday School
Monday, August 19
GriefShare - Movie - The Shack
Tuesday, August 20
Thursday, August 22



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All "Ongoing Prayer Concerns"  
will be listed for 
2 weeks.  
Please submit a new prayer request card if you desire to renew the listing for 2 additional weeks.
If your contact information changes: 
address, phone, email, etc.
please notify the church office at 215-357-6998 or
You may also indicate any changes on the
sign-in sheet during worship and we'll be sure to update your information in our files.
Thank you!
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Try an online devotional.    
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The Grace Cafe is open Sunday mornings for fellowship and refreshments. 

Naomi Circle is collecting tabs from beverage cans for Ronald McDonald House.  You will find a container under the sign hanging on the UMW bulletin board. Please place them in a plastic bag and put it in the container. This is an ongoing collection, so keep bringing them in as you collect them.   Thank you.  
Prayer Shawl Ministry
New members of the ministry group are always welcome; lessons and guidance can be provided for beginners and those with rusty skills.

The group meets mon thly on the second Tuesday to knit or crochet together and to pray over the completed items. For more information, contact Carol Rice at 215-357-1203.

                     Prayer Shawl Blessing Service

Donations of non-perishable food for the Eastwick Food Pantry are needed now and throughout the year. Please place contributions in the shopping carts located in the narthex and fellowship hall lobby. 
Volunteers are also needed to deliver food and clothing to the Eastwick Food Bank. 
Please contact  
Lou Lescas,
 if you are available to help.  
Thank you for your support.

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Red Bird Trailers are Open! 
9 AM - 5 PM Daily 

Donations of clothing and household furnishings are accepted   See the trailers located in the back of the
St. John's parking lot.
Our Missions Team met and identified some hands-on mission projects you may want to be a part of.
  • Habitat for Humanity - working on construction/finishing of four homes in the Morrisville Area - this fall
  • Third annual R.I.S.E. Sunday, October 6, 2019.
  • Compassion Sunday - October 27
  • One Great Day of Service - Spring 2020
You are invited to join us as we work to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

Questions?  Contact Pastor Ruth
215-357-6998, ext. 306

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August 14, 2019
            The very first time I was on a plane was the summer I turned sixteen. The odd thing was that neither of my parents had ever flown, but they bought me a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles anyway, stood at the window at the Philadelphia airport, and watched as I walked outside (yes, it was the olden days), and climbed the steps into a big old Trans World Airlines jet (yes - it really WAS the olden days!) and I flew off to California to spend the summer with my aunt and uncle. I remember thinking I was incredibly brave. At the time, I don't think I knew even one other person who had flown anywhere at all. When I got back home, I remember my friends thinking I was a celebrity because I had flown to California and back.
            What a contrast to the way life is today! A friend I've known since the 6th grade who now lives near San Jose, is visiting with me for a few days this week. Bernice and I tend to get together several times a year. Last August, we met for a few days after a conference I went to in San Diego. In December, she flew from Oakland to Baltimore to join several of us on a cruise. This June, we all met in Las Vegas when I was there for a family reunion. And now this past weekend, she was attending a wedding in DeMoines and decided she might as well hop a flight from there to Philadelphia to see some of her friends back East.
            We live in a time when most of us think nothing of traveling thousands of miles for a quick business trip or a few days to visit friends or family.
            The world has certainly gotten much smaller since I was sixteen years old and it was such a novelty to fly from one coast to the other. The pace of life has also become much quicker. Of course there are good things about that as well as not-so-good things. The bad news is that we feel we are on a constant treadmill and we have to be careful we don't burn out. The good news is that although our family and friends may not all live in close proximity, we know they are really not far away at all.
            We want to give God thanks for both the blessings and the challenges of life, especially as we navigate our way through changing times!
                                                          Pastor Janice


Kids Church News......

One Room Sunday School will continue through September.  
Please go directly to Fellowship Hall for Kids Church.  
9:15 Sunday School will not be available through the summer.   
We invite you to our 10:30 Sunday School.  
Beginning October 13, Kid's Church will be going directly to their classrooms.  We will only meet in Fellowship Hall the first Sunday of every month.  We will continue to use our Dig-in curriculum but without the big room.  
Help is needed in the Nursery!!!
We are looking for Sunday School Leaders and Co-Leaders for Pre-K thru 2nd and, 3rd thru 5th grade.  The more help we have, the less you will have to lead or co-lead.  Won't you please consider just one Sunday a month or every other month!  
You don't need anything except love for the children and a desire to shine with the light of Christ.  
Please contact me anytime and we can talk. 
Thank you for your consideration....
                                                                                David Bigam 

Fellowship and fun for youth grades 6 thru 12.
Morrisville Food Bank Monday
Monday, September 9th
Please contact David Bigam.
Do Not Miss This Opportunity! 
Come and experience great Fellowship
on the 2nd Monday of every month! 
Morrisville is open to EVERYONE interested in going to help make 220 grocery bags full of food. 
Families are always welcome! 
Following this event we always head to Chick-fil-a for Milkshakes!!!!
And as always
Bring a Friend and Bring a Can!

Have you HELPED anyone today?
Have you SAID SOMETHING NICE to anyone today?

David Bigam, Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Adult Sunday School
Begins September 8
At 9 AM in the Parlor
What does Scripture tell us about the world to come? What signals will precede the end times? Dr. Jeremiah presents his hope-filled work on biblical prophecy. This epic guide is a resource for navigating today's uncertainties and embracing God's promises for the future.
The Gospel of Matthew
William Barclay
Begins Wednesday September 11 at 7 PM
Meets weekly in Grace Café
Take a deep dive into Matthew's Gospel to better understand what he wants you to know. Originally written to first century Jews, it is still relevant for us today! Barclay makes it easy to understand.
This course has a two-volume book that will be ordered for you if you prepay $32.00 by 8/30. Please place your check in white envelope and put it in Pastor Sue's mailbox.
How Happiness Happens
Max Lucado
Begins Wednesday, September 25
at 7 PM
Meets for 6 weeks in the Parlor
In a world searching for happiness, Lucado provides a personal plan for a life filled with lasting and fulfilling joy, supported by Jesus' teaching and modern research. Do you feel happy? How long has it been since you felt a level of contagious, infectious, unflappable, unstoppable happiness? Only one-third of Americans surveyed said they were happy. How can this be? We've made advancements in everything from medicine to technology, yet 66 percent of us can't find an adequate reason to check the "yes" box on the happiness questionnaire. Marketers get this. "Want to be happy?" they ask. Drive this car, wear this dress. Happiness happens when you lose the weight, get the date, find the mate, or discover your fate. It's wide, this way to happiness. Yet, for all its promise, it delivers a fragile joy; here one day, tomorrow scattered by the winds of comparison, disappointment, or unmet expectations. Max writes, "There is another option." In this book he shares the unexpected path to a lasting happiness, one that produces reliable joy in any season of life. Based on the teachings of Jesus and backed by modern research, He presents a surprising but practical way of living.
The book will be ordered for you if you prepay $9.00 by August 28. Please place check in envelope and place in Pastor Sue's mailbox.
Begins Monday, September 30 at 6:45 PM
Meets weekly in the Parlor
You were not meant to live in disillusionment and defeat. God has given you tools to live a life defined not by your trials but by your victories. This 6-week study will show you how. There is a book that will help you while viewing the video and during the discussion. The book will be ordered for you if you prepay $8.50 by 9/15. Please put check in Pastor Sue's mailbox.
Carol Campbell & Barbara Schneider
Book Payment 
In order to better keep track of payments and only order the number of books needed, payments are being centralized to one person. Please write your name and class in upper left corner of the envelope. Then drop it in Pastor Sue's mailbox next to office.
If you have not paid for the book before the cut off date, you will need to order the book on your own. We use,, or depending on who has the best price.
If you are in need of partial or full scholarship to help pay for the book, please contact Pastor Sue through the office.
Whether you are beginning Kindergarten or college, join us and have your backpack blessed for the new school year!

Sunday, September 1 at the 10:30 service.  
The next Book Club will be on
Tuesday, September 3
at 10:00 AM and 7 PM. 

We will meet in the Church Parlor.
Leaders: Barbara Schneider and Carol Campbell.  Everyone is welcome to join us.

Based on a true story, the book spans eighty years, two continents and several U.S. states.  You will come to love this imperfect, ordinary man, with an extraordinary helping of faith, hope, commitment and zest for living merged with a button-busting love for his adopted country.

Loss of a Spouse seminar  
August 26    
6:30-8:30 PM - Library 
St. John's Ivyland
GriefShare 13 week Sessions  
Beginning September 9th  
Mondays from 6:30-8:30. 
2019-2020 GriefShare Schedule:
  • Monday, August 26th: Coping With the Loss of a Spouse*
  • September 9-December 2, 2019:  13 Week Session
  • Monday, December 16:  Coping with Loss During the Holidays
  • January 6-April 6, 2020 (no class Presidents' Day): 13 Week Session
  • May 1-August 3, 2020 (no class Memorial Day):  13 Week Session
You may register online at
There is a $5 fee for materials.  For further information, contact Ruth Portzline or Chaplain Erin Maurer or go to

If you or someone you know has experienced separation or divorce, either recently or a long time ago, we want to invite them to this support group.
Sundays, from 6pm to 7:30pm in the Church Library
A complete schedule by topic, more details, and sign-ups are at:
Fall Session: Sept. 15 to Dec. 15, 2019  
Spring Session: Jan 26 to May 3, 2020  
  • Each rotation lasts 13 weeks but you can join or miss anytime and make up sessions during the next rotation if desired.
  • There is a one-time $35 registration fee but scholarships are available. Payment is done in class, please sign up online so we can communicate with you. (Checks payable to: St. John's UMC)
  • No Childcare offered.
  • No Class on Holiday Weekends (see schedule online).
  • Our facilitators, Sarah Floyd and Donna Hartfeil can be contacted at:
Located at:
St. John's United Methodist Church 
820 Almshouse Road 
Ivyland, PA 18974
We now meet in the church library classroom which is the first room on the left when you enter from the main parking lot which is on the left side of the church. Knock on the double doors on the side of the church. There are a few stairs up. If you cannot do stairs the leader will greet you and bring you to the handicap entrance.
Contact Information
Sarah Floyd or Donna Hartfeil
Facilitators of Divorce Care Program
Time to dust off your Christmas spirit!
St. John's Christmas gift to our community!
December 15, 2019   5 PM - 8 PM
"Drive-thru Living Nativity"
Last year over 100 members of St. John's family were involved in this wonderful event. We were all blessed to be able to give our gift of
The Drive-thru Living Nativity to our community.
Over 200 cars drove through to experience the Christmas story - complete with live animals.
We are already working on this year's event.
So, mark your calendar!!!
Sign-ups will be available soon!
If you missed this outreach opportunity
last year, please consider participating this year.
We guarantee that you will be blessed!

Our next hostings are September 8-15  
and November 10-17.  
Currently there are 4 Families being served by Family Promise with a waiting list. This ministry is definitely needed. Please consider helping. Any questions contact Sharon Byle at
In preparation we will have a training seminar on  
August 25th from noon-2pm in Fellowship Hall.
If you are a volunteer that has not attended a training seminar or a new volunteer, this is a requirement of volunteering. Those who have attended one in the past are welcome to attend again, it is led by our local director instead of a national one, so it will be more relevant to our procedures and shorter!
Please sign up on the bulletin board outside Grace Café or  
Sharon Byle is also looking for a co-leader to assist her with this ministry. Please let her know if you would like to help.

Mark Your Calendar: 
"Women's Breakfast"  
Date:   Saturday, September 28th
Time:   9:30 - 11:30am
Place:  Fellowship Hall
Cost:    $12.00
We are planning a continental breakfast on the
above date for all St. John's women and their friends.
The breakfast will be followed by a presentation on "Labyrinths".

Alix Amar, MSS, LCSW, a social worker at Abington-Jefferson Hospice in Warminster, will speak on labyrinths and how they are effective tools for mindful meditation, self reflection and healing.  Everyone will have the opportunity to make their own 12"x12" labyrinth for personal use - no art experience necessary.   Tickets will be available Sunday, 9/1, 9/8 and 9/15 following each worship service.  Please join us and invite a friend.  This is also an opportunity to meet new St. John's friends.

Any questions, please contact:
Arlene Williams (215-355-0162) or Linda Barr (215-773-9865).
  • WHAT is R.I.S.E. Sunday? A morning of worship and hands-on mission projects with local and global impact.
  • WHAT projects are available?
    • Pillowcase Dresses for Little Dresses for Africa: Goal: Make 25 dresses and 50 sanitary kits, which are distributed in remote villages and aid in the formation of relationships with mission groups focused on clean water and primary education efforts.
    • Bagged lunches for Trenton Area Soup Kitchen: Goal: Make 1000 bagged lunches, including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for distribution to people experiencing food insecurity in Trenton.
    • Cutlery assembly for Trenton Area Soup Kitchen: Goal: Using plasticware, paper napkins, and adhesive bands, wrap 4,000 sets of dinnerware for use at one of the 4,800 meals supplied by TASK each week.
    • Rise Against Hunger: Goal: Assemble 13, 824 meals which will feed 37 children in developing countries for one year, through international hunger relief organization Rise Against Hunger.
  • WHEN is it and WHEN can I sign up for a project? R.I.S.E. Sunday is October 6, 2019. We will have a worship service at 9 AM, then two sessions of mission projects from 10:15 to noon. We will begin project registration on Sunday, September 1.
  • WHO can participate? EVERYONE! We will have projects for all ages and ability levels, and the nursery will be open for children age 3 and younger.
Financial support for Rise Against Hunger and other R.I.S.E. Sunday projects: Although we are seeking material donations, there are some perishable items we will need to purchase directly for the bagged lunches, and we need significant financial support for Rise Against Hunger. Here are some suggestions. You could choose to feed 1 child (through Rise Against Hunger) for a year ($124), 6 months ($62), or 1 month ($10). Donations of any amount are appreciated! Use the pink envelopes in the pew racks and designate "R.I.S.E." on the envelope. We will also be doing a communion offering in September.

Donated materials needed by 9/22: Go to the church website for specific information about these items and to sign up to donate them, or fill out the included sign-up sheet and place it in Lara Bolte's RISE Sunday/Fellowship Activities mailbox (by the church office).
Sandwich bags, easy-zip top, 100-ct. box
Brown paper lunch bags, 40-ct.
Peanut butter, 40-oz. jars
Jelly, 30-oz jars
Plastic spoons, 500-ct.
Plastic forks, 500-ct.
Plastic knives, 500-ct.
Dinner-sized paper napkins, 50-pack
Snack packs of cookies, 20-ct. box
Snack packs of chips, 32-ct. package
Juice boxes, 10-ct. package
*See sign-up sheet in Sunday's Bulletin. Please completed forms to Lara Bolte's mailbox, by the church office
*Donations needed by 9/23. Please drop them off in the box in the Narthex. Thank you for your donations!

As part of our R.I.S.E Sunday mission event, we will again be making pillowcase dresses and, new this year, we will also be making sanitary kits for young girls.
We are asking for the following supplies for these projects:
  • Pillow cases in solid colors and/or prints suitable for children
  • EXTRA WIDE double folded bias tape
  • ¼ inch elastic
  • Baby flannel fabric
  • Terri cloth fabric
  • Sew-on Velcro (not adhesive)
  • Packages of girls panties
Please consider purchasing some of these supplies
for this important mission project.
If you have any questions, please see Pastor Ruth.