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Praise  and Worship
August 27, 2017
"A Bethany Blessing"
Pastor Janice
Luke 24:44-53

Monday - Friday
8:30-3:00 p.m.



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All "Ongoing Prayer Concerns" will be listed for 
2 weeks.  
Please submit a new prayer request card if you desire to renew the listing for 2 additional weeks.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the parlor - 10 AM

Please come help knit or crochet various items for those in need.

Contact Roberta Nelson for more information or if you 
w ould like to request a 
Prayer Shawl.
Thursday, August 24
  Kathy Troccoli Concert


Saturday, August 26
CSM District Meeting

Sunday, August 27
  Children's Sunday School

  Adult Sunday School

  Children & Youth Sunday School

Tuesday, August 29
  Lifetree Cafe


Wednesday, August 30
  Drive Thru Prayer

Thursday, August 31

Sunday School

Summer Sunday School
During the summer, children go directly to Sunday School (Classroom D) at both the 9:15 and 10:30 Service times. 
There is a One-Room format for children who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall up to children who will be in 6th grade in the fall. Parents must accompany children who are attending for the first time. 

Available at both  
9:15 and 10:30. 
We welcome all children birth through 4 years old.  The nursery is equipped with a calling system and will alert you in worship if your child needs you.  
Looking for a little inspiration during the week?   Try an online devotional.    

(has many devotionals to choose from)

(Devotional for Women)

(Devotional for Men) 

Naomi Circle is collecting tabs from beverage cans for Ronald McDonald House.  You will find a container under the sign hanging on the UMW bulletin board. Please place them in a plastic bag and put it in the container. This is an ongoing collection, so keep bringing them in as you collect them.  
Thank you.
Author Laura Schroff 
visited St. John's to speak about her book, 
Angels on Earth, 
and the importance of kindness.

St. John's Congregants, 
Heartland Hospice needs volunteers.  
Please spread the word: 

Help Heartland expand our team of amazing volunteers.  Anyone with questions or curiosity about hospice volunteering should call Lisa DiCerto at 610-941-6700.  You will be working with patients in your local community!
Drive-Thru Prayer
St. John's Drive-Thru Prayer Ministry is held on
Wednesdays from 4:30-6pm.  
Our prayer team offers prayer to those who for various reasons don't feel that they can come to church but do realize their need for prayer.   If you would like to join us and be a part of this ministry of   St. John's, please contact  Ruth Portzline,
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Yes, I procrastinated.  In fact, even worse than that, I had no particular interest in finding out the details of the upcoming solar eclipse - sure, I'd been hearing about it for weeks, but I truly didn't pay it much mind - not even when someone asked why on earth I was planning to fly home from Atlanta (I was at a Conference - the Board of Discipleship's "School of Congregational Development) on Sunday instead of staying in the area to see the eclipse on Monday.  The truth was that, at the time, I had no idea what a path of totality was, nor why staying in Georgia would be a good thing.
Finally, I decided to educate myself while I was in Atlanta.  "Oh!  Now I see!  THIS is what a 'path of totality' is, and the southern border is just north of Atlanta! And Philadelphia will only get a PARTIAL eclipse.  AHA!!"
Of course, as soon as I returned home, I realized there were no more eclipse glasses to be had - they had long since disappeared from the shelves.  So I quickly set about learning how to make a cereal box pinhole viewer and how to use your smartphone to watch the eclipse.  And either of those methods may have worked okay, except for the cloud cover.
But NASA to the rescue!  The live stream of the total eclipse as it made its way from Oregon to Charleston was an amazing thing.  Could there be anything as spectacular as watching the daylight suddenly disappear and the golden ring of totality appear?  I think all of our hearts skipped a beat as we watched.  And do you know why?  It was because the wonder of God's creation was happening right before our eyes.  It's because we were witnessing visible evidence that "In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters. Then God said, 'Let there be light'; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness."  (Genesis 1)  It was because we could tangibly see what the psalmist was describing when he said, "The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork."  (Psalm 19)  And it was because we got the same thrill in our souls as King David when he proclaimed these words so long ago, "When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortalsthat you care for them?" (Psalm 8)
What an awesome God we have!
                                                                                                                 Pastor Janice

There is a desperate need for Sunday School and Nursery Volunteers for both the 
9:15 and 10:30 services. 

Please consider whether you can help once a month or more.  There will be little or no preparation needed for Sunday School.  Safe Sanctuary clearances will be required.  Please see Alison Beal in the Narthex or email at, if you can help. 
Sunday, September 3rd
Children and Youth bring their school backpacks into worship for a school year blessing. They will receive a small token to place on their backpack to remind them of their faith.

It's time to register all Children and Youth for Sunday School and Nursery.  Each year we need to have updated information (especially about allergies, etc.) and sign out permission, so we can provide a safe environment for your children.
Previously Registered Families:  If you have registered in the past, you can register with the short form online HERE.
First Time Registrations:  Two Registration Options
You can register online HERE .  You will need to complete a form for each child you are registering.
You can download and print the registration HERE.  
Use one  form for all children and youth in the same family. When completed, return by mail or place in the Registration box in the Education Wing. 

Lifetree Café is an outreach ministry of St. John's where people gather to hear inspiring stories and engage in conversation on a different topic every week.  Lifetree offers a wonderful opportunity to form relationships and engage in faith conversations with those who do not sit in the pews with us.  

Please promote Lifetree Caf é to your friends and family who are not connected to a faith community!  It is a great place to explore life, meet new friends, and experience God in an informal community setting.  If you haven't had a chance to experience a Lifetree Caf é session, please come join us so you can spead the word!"

Every Tuesday
7 PM
@ Richboro Pub

August 29th Topic:
"They Hijacked My Life! - 
How Vulnerable Are You to Identity Theft?"
If you or anyone you know is concerned about waking up one day and finding that your bank account has been emptied or your reputation ruined, this is a program for you.  You'll discover how you're leaving yourself open to identity theft and what you can do to protect yourself.

Join the Conversation 
& Bring a Friend!!!

Be sure to Like and Share our Lifetree Caf é
 posts on Facebook  with your friends!
NO Youth Group This Sunday Night

Morrisville Food Bank Monday
September 11 Contact David Bigam
Do Not Miss This Opportunity! 
Come and experience great Fellowship! 
Morrisville is open to anyone interested in going to help make 220 grocery bags full of food. 
Families are always welcome! 
Following this event we always head to Chick-fil-a for Milkshakes!!!!

And as always
Bring a Friend and Bring a Can!
(All food collected goes to Jesus Focus Food Pantry)

Have you HELPED anyone today?
Have you SAID SOMETHING NICE to anyone today?


9:00a.m. - 5:30p.m.

St. John's Book Club
Wednesday, September 13, 
7:00 PM in the Parlor.

"The Girl Who Wrote in Silk"
By: Kelli Estes
United Methodist Men's Breakfast

Saturday, September 9, 2017
8 AM - 
Fellowship Hall

Guest Speaker:  
Bill Hartman, Free Masonry Historic Origins
All Men Welcome!
Sign up sheets in the Narthex
Have you ever arrived at church and forgot your giving envelope? Or you would like to make a Communion Offering and you have just 18 cents in your pocketbook? Well, help as arrived, as St John's now offers mobile giving! 

Just go to the website   click on the donate now button, and register. Once you're registered, you can either make donations by debit or credit. It's quick and secure. The same vendor that handles electronic giving for us, Vanco Services, has state of the art encryption, so you can rest easy that your transaction is 100% safe and confidential.

If you have any questions about mobile giving, email Lou Lescas at