July 30, 2020

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Prayer requests can be submitted

or through the church email, stjumc@aol.com.  

All "Ongoing Prayer Concerns" will be listed for two weeks.  Please submit a new prayer request, if you desire to renew the listing for 2 additional weeks.
Hand made prayer shawls (or lap robes for men) are again available for those experiencing serious illness, bereavement, or other major life issue.  Each comes in a sealed plastic bag.  Recipients need not be members of St. John's.  Requests can be made via the comments section of the prayer request form on the church website, by calling or emailing the church office, or by calling Carol Rice at 215-357-1203. Requesters will be notified of contactless pickup arrangements at the main entrance of church building.
  • Just go to our website stjohnsivyland.com
  • Click on the 'Give' button in red and register.
Once you've registered, you can either make donations by debit or credit.  
OR try  
 All you have to do is text the amount you wish to give to 877-960-2396.
You will immediately receive a one-time registration link, then just follow the prompts to complete your donation!

It's quick and secure.
The same vendor that handles electronic giving for us, Vanco Services, has state of the art encryption, so you can rest easy that your transaction is 100% safe and confidenti
If you have any questions about mobile or text giving,
email Lou Lescas at  stjohns820@gmail.com

You may also send your tithes and offerings to the church office:
820 Almshouse Road, Ivyland, PA 18974

Thank you for your generosity!

A Special Welcome to  
Janice Steinmetz,  
St. John's Office Clerical Coordinator
Our previously recorded worship videos can be accessed  here or
through the "Videos" tab on our website.  
Stjohns7 26 20 
Last Sunday's Worship Service 
July 26, 2020

  Special Music: Amy Cons, Lynne Tomlinson, Alissa Nelson, Jeff Cartwright
Sue Uzelmeier, French Horn
Andrew Baldridge, Drums 
Accompanist: Brian Barber  


The Red Bird Trailer Ministry is in need of volunteers packers.   
We are considering packing on Saturdays depending on the availability of volunteers.   
September 1st is being considered as a reopening date for accepting donations (depending on the availability of volunteer packers).  If anyone wants to volunteer or has any questions about volunteering, please contact Rick Poll l.poll@verizon.net) or the church office (stjumc@aol.com). 

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic when we had to suspend in-person worship, St. John's staff and members of our church family have been providing daily devotions to keep us connected. It is our prayer that these devotions have been a blessing to you during this time of isolation. As we are slowly trying to resume in-person worship, we want to continue to provide opportunities to connect with our congregation. However, we will not continue to provide a daily devotion.
Each Sunday we will have our worship service in-person in the Sanctuary; and we will make it available online as well. Then on Tuesday of each week there will be a devotion sent out by email. This devotion will also be posted on our website. On Thursday Pastor Brad will include a devotion/meditation in our Cornerstone newsletter. In addition, the Upper Room Daily Devotional is available in a container on the front porch of the church, and we have also provided a list of resources for further devotional reading on our website under "Daily Devotionals".
We appreciate those who have faithfully contributed devotions so that we could stay connected during this difficult time. If you feel that God is calling you to be a part of this mission of St. John's, please contact the church office or email me at outreachstjohns@yahoo.com . We hope to continue providing these devotions on this new schedule for the foreseeable future and we welcome your participation.
Please pray for St. John's as we continue to work toward the time when we can all be together in worship again.
                                          Pastor Ruth
The Tuesday Devotionals and
Special Emails/Announcements are also posted on our website: www.stjohnsivyland.com

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I'm hungry!
   In a house with 2 teens, I must hear that phrase 10 times a day. And I'm quite certain my wife hears it even more. On a typical day, the questions start shortly after lunch: "what's for dinner... cause I'm hungry." The inquisition continues throughout the afternoon - especially during our Covid-induced, homebound summer of 2020. Then we'll sit down to eat dinner, and less than 15 minutes later the refrigerator door will open. "There's nothing in this house to eat - I'm SO hungry!" Honestly, it's a very rare moment in our house when someone isn't hungry.
   The feeling of hunger; the feeling of want or need of nourishment to the point of discomfort is rarely viewed as a good thing. So, it's somewhat surprising that Jesus, in perhaps his most famous teaching (the "Sermon on the Mount"), makes this statement: Blessed are those who hunger... who hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matt. 5:6). Many will recognize this as a beatitude, a "blessed are" statement. While our modern ears may find that counterintuitive, a better way of phrasing that might be "you ARE blessed when you hunger and thirst for righteousness, for right ways and justice." In that statement, I sense Jesus is trying to reassure a weary people. A people who were beaten down, struggling, perhaps wondering if God even cares. In time when difficulty, injustice, and oppression was rampant, Jesus clearly proclaims blessing on those who want God's goodness, mercy and justice to be experienced by all so much that it hurts. Why does this desire contain a blessing? In the words of Christ, "they will be filled."
   During a time of so much conflict and struggle, I believe the wisdom of this beatitude is sorely needed. We hear partisan political bickering constantly. We face public health challenges, economic challenges, persistent racial inequality - the list goes on and on. Our hunger and longing points to the reality that our deep desires can be addressed through the right and just ways of God. Jesus, I think, reminds us of that. Our calling is to keep our focus on God's right ways, God's justice. To lift our longings up to God in prayer. And to live intentionally, such that God's ways are reflected in our actions and choices. As we do that, Christ assures us we will be filled.
   So, the next time you or someone around you proclaims your state of hunger... pause, remember this beatitude, and pray "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." As you conclude, know your desire will be filled!

Pastor Brad

As a reminder, our ability to continue in-person worship is contingent on compliance with mandates and best practices, including wearing masks or face shields, maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet, use of hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing, and adjusting foot traffic to minimize close contact. The SignUpGenius reservation tool has enabled us to coordinate the reduced capacity and traffic flow patterns in the Sanctuary and will continue to be used. Most importantly, if you registered for worship but do not feel like your normal, healthy self, please remain at home and worship along with the recording of the service.

Know that we recognize how difficult the past months have been. Thank you for your patience and consistent compliance with all aspects of our approach. Your commitment to Christ and heartfelt caring for each other are greatly appreciated.

This Sunday, August 2   
( sign-up needed)
Sermon: "The Focus of Our Desires"  
Pastor Brad
Series: Experiencing God Anew -
Timeless Encounters with the Eternal God
1 Kings 3:5-12
Special Music: Amy Cons, Jackie Jusino,
Lynne Tomlinson, Roy Nelson
Accompanist: Brian Barber 
St John's Congregation and Friends,
Please read the attached letter describing all the details about reopening our church for in-person worship. Also below is a link to the SignUpGenius website that you will use to reserve your attendance for in-person worship.
Please sign up by Noon on Friday, 7/31, if you plan to attend.   
Following the in-person service, the worship service will be available to view on our website. 
The Order of Worship will be sent out on Friday.   
If planning to attend the in-person worship 
please print a copy and bring with you to worship.   

"The Women Who Knew" Bible Study
10 AM - On ZOOM
Leader: Pastor Brad 
(Began July 16 but it's not too late to join!)
Please email the church office at stjumc@aol.com,  
if interested.  
An exploration of the Seven Prophetesses  
in Hebrew History 
The Babylonian Talmud tells us there were 49 prophets and 7 prophetesses who were active in Israel in biblical times! Our study will feature one of the women each session with an exploration of the primary biblical accounts of their contribution to the Jewish redemption narrative. We will also review encounters/conversations Jesus has with women as recorded in the Gospels. They each knew something of God's will for the future and are celebrated in our Hebrew tradition as stalwart charters of intelligence, creativity, and faithfulness who God used to move salvation history forward.

  Huldah: Sin No More
  II Kings 22:14 - 20
Miriam:The Mighty Waters
Exodus 15:1 - 21
Deborah:Greatness in the Kingdom
Judges 4:4 - 23

Abigail:Words Win the Day
I Samuel 25:18-35
Esther: For Such a Time As This    
Esther 4
Hannah: Extravagant Giving
I Samuel 1: 9b-23a
Sarah: Is Anything Too Wonderful for the Lord  
Genesis 21: 1-8
Children and youth ministries are available on ZOOM. 
Parents of younger children: please help your child by joining the classes on Zoom: Let David Bigam know by email (dbigam@gmail.com) that you'll be joining us and he'll send you an invitation to the Zoom meeting. 
Fridays at 10 AM 
grades K-5
Sundays at 10:30 AM (Note: Change in time)
grades 6-12
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
grades 6-12

It is with great regret that we will not have Vacation Bible School this year....
But we will see you next year!



8 AM
(more information to follow)
Pastor  Emeritus  Paul  Henry  has  agreed  to be   
interim  President
The  Agenda: 
  • A  moment  for  Ed  Campbell
  • Welcome  of  Pastor  Brad
  • Treasury  Report
  • Red  Bird  Trailers - Robert Snarr
  • Wednesday's Church  Maintenance  Gang - George Schok
  • Future  of  BBQ - David Bigam
  • New  UMM  President - Nominate / Vote  or  Appoint
All  Men  of  St  John's  Church  are  Members  of   The United Methodist Men.        
"Men's  Breakfast is  the Telling  of  Tails, the  Bragging  about Children & Grandchildren, the  Sharing  of  Experiences  and  Travels, and  the  News -
all grounded in Christian Fellowship."   

Come out ... And Bring a Mask!!!