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Praise  and Worship
February 25, 2018
2nd Sunday in Lent

"Journey Through Lent" sermon series continues with Pastor Janice's sermon,
"I Am Not Ashamed of
Jesus Christ"

Monday - Friday
8:30-3:00 p.m.

Thursday, February 22
  Adult Bell Choir


  Adult Choir

Sunday, February 25
  Children's Sunday School

  Adult Sunday School

  Children & Youth Sunday

  Confirmation Class

  Joyful Voices

  Youth Choir

  Youth Group

Monday, February 26
  Lenten Bible Study

Tuesday, February 27
  Lenten Bible Study

  GENesis Bells

  Caring Ministries

  Praise Band Rehearsal

  Table Talk


Wednesday, February 28
  Book Club

  Bible Study

  Book Club

Thursday, March 1
  Adult Bell Choir


  Adult Choir



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All "Ongoing Prayer Concerns" will be listed for 
2 weeks.  
Please submit a new prayer request card if you desire to renew the listing for 2 additional weeks.

Please go to the Children's Ministry Page for forms.

Children's Sunday School
Children's Sunday School is held weekly at the 9:15 and 10:30 services f or children 4 years old through 6th Grade. A parent must accompany children who are attending for the first time. 

Youth Sunday School
Sunday school takes place every Sunday at the 10:30 service.  Youth who have completed 6th grade through 12th grade go directly to the Youth Room in the Education Wing.  Youth are encouraged to worship together at the 9:15 service. 

Available at both  
9:15 and 10:30. 
We welcome all children birth through 4 years old.  The nursery is equipped with a calling system and will alert you in worship if your child needs you.  

Looking for a little inspiration during the week?  
Try an online devotional.    
(has many devotionals to choose from)
(Devotional for Women)
(Devotional for Men) 
Have you ever arrived at church and forgot your giving envelope? Or you would like to make a Communion Offering and you have just 18 cents in your pocketbook? 
Well, help as arrived, as 
St John's now offers mobile giving! 
Just go to the  website 
click on the donate now button, and register. Once you're registered, you can either make donations by debit or credit. It's quick and secure. The same vendor that handles electronic giving for us, Vanco Services, has state of the art encryption, so you can rest easy that your transaction is 100% safe and confidential.
If you have any questions about mobile giving, email Lou Lescas at

St. John's Snow Policy
In case of a major snowstorm or other severe weather that would require cancellation of one or more Sunday services, we will attempt to notify everyone by:
-  A special e-news sent out
-  A message on the church answering machine and website. 

If possible, a decision regarding cancellation will be made the night before.  Please also be aware that, in the event of a power outage, it is impossible to utilize internet or phone services. 
It's on all of our minds. Another school shooting. 17 innocent people dead at the hands of a very troubled 19-year old and his AR-15. Our entire nation is heartbroken, and none of us can begin to imagine the grief of the victims' families, friends, and community. We hardly know what to say or what to do. We only know that we want the violence to stop. But we are at a loss.

Some of you might wonder where the United Methodist Church stands on this tough issue. The United Methodist Church supports legislation to curb gun violence, and endorses a ban of large-capacity ammunition magazines and weapons.

The Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe, top executive of the denomination's Board of Church and Society, said United Methodists should do more than pray about the Florida tragedy. "We must heed the words of the prophet Isaiah to turn swords in plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. We must lift the words from our United Methodist Church and turn them into action by advocating with lawmakers," she said.

The sign at the United Methodist Building in Washington, D.C., where Church and Society's offices are, was changed after the shooting. The sign now reads: "How long O Lord until Congress acts to prevent gun violence."

You might then ask, what ARE some of the measures United Methodists are prayerfully asked to consider supporting? Below is a small portion of the 2016 adopted resolution calling for United Methodists to advocate at the local and national level for laws that prevent or reduce gun violence. Some of those measures include:
* Universal background checks on all gun purchases
* Ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty
* Ensuring all guns are sold through licensed gun retailers
* Prohibiting all individuals convicted of violent crimes from purchasing a gun for a fixed time period
* Prohibiting all individuals under restraining order due to threat of violence from purchasing a gun
* Prohibiting persons with serious mental illness, who pose a danger to themselves and their communities, from purchasing a gun
* Ensuring greater access to services for those suffering from mental illness
* Establishing a minimum age of 21 years for a gun purchase or possession
* Banning large-capacity ammunition magazines and weapons designed to fire multiple rounds each time the trigger is pulled
* Promoting new technologies to aid law-enforcement agencies to trace crime guns and promote public safety.

May the Lord grant us Wisdom and grace, that we, as individuals and as a nation, will work relentlessly to find effective ways to stop this violence from ever happening again.
                                                                                                Pastor Janice


Sunday nights
7:00-8:30 PM
Hmmm.  What are we doing at Youth Gr oup?
The 2018 St. John's Youth Winter Olympics
Dollar Store Broom Hockey - Bobsled Races - Curling

Morrisville Food Bank Monday
March 12 - Contact David Bigam
Do Not Miss This Opportunity! 
Come and experience great Fellowship! 
Morrisville is open to anyone interested in going to help make 220 grocery bags full of food. 
Families are always welcome! 
Following this event we always head to Chick-fil-a for Milkshakes!!!!

And as always
Bring a Friend and Bring a Can!
(All food collected goes to Jesus Focus Food Pantry)

Have you HELPED anyone today?
Have you SAID SOMETHING NICE to anyone today?


            St. John's Kids
                Club 56 

Operation Aid-For-Friends and Breakfast Bags

Sunday, March 11 from 4:00-6:00PM

Club 56 is on a roll in the new year with
 more community service!
We will be preparing around 20 hot meals and 30 Breakfast bags for Aid for Friends. 
This means YES, 5th and 6th graders
 you will get to do some cooking!!!
There will be music and happy dances...
So please sign up now if you want to see Mrs. G and Mrs. Z do their happy dance!  Snacks will be provided!!

Sign up sheet will be on the table in the Education Wing hallway.  For more info contact Mrs. Gutsch
St. John's Kids Club
Club 56  
The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
By Lisa See

A powerful story about two women separated by circumstance, culture, and distance-and the enduring connection between mothers and daughters.

Wednesday, February 28
10:00 AM and 7:00 PM in the Parlor.

St. John's Caring Ministries Team will meet on
Tuesday, February 27 
at 7 pm in the Church Parlor.
If you are interested in becoming a part of this important
ministry of St. John's, please join us for this meeting.

Join the Conversation and 
Bring a Friend!

These Lycoming Students have just arrived in the village of El Naranjito to begin their work and study with the Warrior Coffee Project. They are setting up their tents that they will be living in for the next several weeks. In the background you can see the villagers' homes and you begin to visualize the incredible poverty of this small mountaintop village in the Dominican Republic. Your purchase of Warrior Brand Coffee will help us raise the standard of living in the village by providing fair and equitable markets for the coffee.
Remember when you purchase Warrior Coffee and share a cup in the Grace Café, "you are fighting for what's right one cup at a time"

We will be placing an order for Warrior Coffee to be roasted and delivered by the end of March. Please help us fight for what's right one cup at a time by using the Warrior Coffee order sheet found in the Grace Café. Thank you.

The Grace Cafe is open  after worship for  f ellowship and refreshments. 

Warrior Coffee is served exclusively in the Grace Cafe.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month  in the parlor - 10 AM
Please come help knit or crochet various items for those in need.
Contact Roberta Nelson for more information or if you  w ould like to request a  Prayer Shawl.
Family Promise

MARCH 24, 2018
9:30 A.M.

"From Seder to Communion"
A Christian celebration of our Jewish heritage.
Deborah Circle learned about Fonkoze, Haiti's leading microfinance institution from the book, "To Fool the Rain". This circle decided several years ago to not go out for dinner to a restaurant as was the custom at Christmas. Instead they planned a covered dish dinner and have given the money to a charity. This year Fonkoze was chosen, .   Since this institution focuses on identifying very poor women they can be help through intense counseling   and financial backing , since United Methodist Women advocates for the health and welfare of women and children, they felt it qualified for support from our circle. These Haitian women are taught to handle money, stand up for their rights, and develop a business that can support themselves and their children. The circle was able to send a donation of $460. This week some of the circle members volunteered for a morning at the Aid for Friends facility in Northeast Philadelphia.   The women meet as a group monthly at members houses. Our local UMW unit has five circles. All of the circles welcome new members.   For information contact Arlene Williams, , 215-355-0162


Naomi Circle is collecting tabs from beverage cans for Ronald McDonald House.  You will find a container under the sign hanging on the UMW bulletin board. Please place them in a plastic bag and put it in the container. This is an ongoing collection, so keep bringing them in as you collect them.   Thank you.
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