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July 22, 2016

Fr. Joe

Dear St. John's Family,
In light of recent events in our nation and world, a question that keeps coming to mind is "Whose Life Matters?" Groups identifying along race, occupation, nationality or religion appear to be yelling at one another that they matter, sometimes to the exclusion of others. Important issues of justice, authority, freedom and past hurts are present in the midst of increasing discord. What to do?

        Be Honest: Humanity is deeply divided and splintering more
        Be Broken: It's sad to see what people are suffering
        Be Prayerful: Intercede with groans too deep for words
        Be Light: God's Love & Mercy Transforms People
Whose Life Matters?
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life" (Jn.3:16)
God Bless You,
Fr. Joe
Fr. Christian
Dear St John's Family,
I once heard that Orangutans must always have three points of contact when climbing in the trees in order to support the weight of their whole body. This may be an exaggeration, but many primates do use at least three or four of their limbs as supports when climbing, walking, and swinging tree to tree. Is it for safety? Is it to help hold up their body weight? Is it just because they can use more supporting limbs, therefore they do??
Over the last couple weeks I've been contemplating support systems. We have been blessed by the amazing support system of this church family, St John's. As we enter into this new phase of life, stepping into parenthood, we have been deeply moved and are immensely grateful for all the love, encouragement, and support we have received from St John's to help us on our way. Of course our own families are a huge support and encouragement to us- as well as our own personal faith and reliance upon God Himself-but we could not imagine stepping into this new call without a third point of contact, our church family.
One could do it, but it is difficult to sit very long on a two-legged stool. Just as a good sturdy stool needs three or more legs, so we need as many different support systems as we can have as we walk through life. Can we muddle through alone or with a support system behind us, yes; but why would we only use one when we can have more?? How many support systems do you have in your life?
God is good and His desire is never that we would travel this life alone. We are blessed when we rely on others and blessed when we can help be a support to others. Thank you, from our family to yours, for all your love and support.
                                                                                                     Fr. Christian, Kate and B

2 Bags were left after "Dinner & Movie" night.  Please check the kitchen if you're missing one.

Please join us for Summer Coed Bible Study on Sunday (7/24) at 9:00am in Sugden Hall.
Intensive Healing Prayer by teams is being offered this summer.  See Fr. Joe for details.

Frankie Straw's 8 Beautiful Notecards are now available in the Parish Office for $10.  Click on this link to view them!  St. John's Notecards
Please join us for Godly Play (Story Telling) on Sunday (7/24) at 10am.
Vacation Bible Saturday:  There is still time to sign up! Saturday (7/30) from 8:30am - 2:00pm.  Theme: Jonah and the real big fish.  What does one learn in the belly of a whale? Contact the Parish Office.
Tell Your Friends about radio station WAY-FM's Vacation Bible School's Headquarter's link! Click and share with your friends information about St. John's VBS!
Coffee Hour Hosts

Thank you for those of you who volunteered to assist for the Coffee Hour in July.

We are looking for Coffee Hour Hosts for all weekends in August.

Please contact the Parish Secretary if you would like to share your talents.  261.2355

Thank you very much.

New Members


Highlighting Our New St. John's Members!


Please take a few moments to welcome them to our wonderful family!

Robert & Kathleen Gilbert-Wilkinson
You may already recognize Kathleen & Robert Wilkinson since they've been attending St. John's for quite some time; however, they both recently became members of our church.

Not only have they become members of our church, but they recently just confessed their wedding vows to each other as well!  Double blessings!

Kathleen is a retired school principal who enjoys golf, hiking and flying.  Her ministry gifts are working on the church's Green Team in Canada. 

Robert is a retired mechanical engineer who enjoys sailing and flying. 

Some of Kathleen and Robert's favorite things to do are to travel, enjoy the opera and spend time with their families.


A great big permanent welcome from our family to yours! 


Jackie Poliakoff
Jackie Poliakoff joined St. Johns in April of this year.  She is retired and enjoys advocating for animals.  Her call to ministry is assisting with Alcoholics Anonymous.
Some of Jackie's favorite things to do are traveling, reading, watching movies, and enjoying time with her friends, children and boyfriend.
Thanks for joining St. John's Jackie.  It's nice to have you with us!
Please pray for..... 

Pam, Ann, Lois, Marie, Peggy Ann, Kenneth,
Tom, Scott, Katherine, Yvonne, Connie



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