News and Events - January 7, 2021 Issue

We serve all of God's people by sharing the love of Christ and ministering to our community. 

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January 7, 2021 Issue

"but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."

St. John's United Church of Christ
Jonestown, PA
Welcomes you to Sunday Morning
Virtual Worship at 10:30 AM

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Live In Gods Love
Live In Gods Love

January 10, 2021

Message to On-Line Worshippers:

We are happy that you chose to worship with us. May you experience God's presence and find spiritual renewal.   Please click on the "Worship Attendancelink below to share your experience, pastoral care requests, and prayer concerns.

Worship Attendance link:   
January 10th through February 14th

Altar Flower and Bulletin Sponsors
Even though our worship services are currently done virtually, our sanctuary is still maintained and decorated weekly. That said, everyone has an opportunity to sponsor Altar Flowers and/or the Weekly Bulletin for each Sunday.

You can sign up to sponsor Altar Flowers or the Bulletin by simply filling out a Sponsor Form which you can get from the Church Office. The cost for altar sponsorship is $15 and you can choose from available silk arrangements. Cost to sponsor bulletins is $10.
Mail the completed form and your check for payment to
St. John's UCC, PO Box 688, Jonestown, PA 17038.
This is one small way you can help St. John's and celebrate a
special day or memory.   Thank you in advance for signing up.

JOYful Information
48 W. Market Street, Jonestown
As we begin a new year, the Jonestown Outreach Pantry is continuing to operate during the ongoing pandemic.  
Food donations have drastically declined, but the need to feed our neighbors continues.  We need boxed and canned potatoes, Spam, canned chicken, chili, beef stew, and chunky soups.  

Donations can be dropped off between 10:00 am and 12:00 Noon on Fridays throughout January.

Financial donations are always welcome and can be mailed to
JOY Pantry, P.O. Box 121, Jonestown, PA 17038.

Your prayers for our ministry are appreciated as well.
Linda Wood, Volunteer Director

Worship Volunteers
Pastor Roben is seeking volunteers to serve as lectors 
(scripture readers). If you are interested in serving 
St. John's in this way, please let us know by 
doing one of the following:
Text Pastor Roben at 717-215-7817
Call Secretary Barb at 717-865-4453

Making Connections

While we practice social distancing, remain connected.
  •  Send an cards to uplift someone today!
  •  Post positive comments & photos to the church's Facebook page**
  •  Share good, uplifting words about St. John's.


Let the whole world know what God is doing in and though us here at St. John's!
**To post on St. John's Facebook page, email or text photos and messages to            Facebook administrator Peggy Miller at

The Upper Room

The January/February issues have arrived and 
are on the  table at the church entrance. 

If you want a copy mailed to you, please let Church Secretary know.
 717-865-4453 or  Thanks. 
Practice for both the Bell Choir and Chancel Choir 
is suspended until further notice

Prayer Requests

Each Wednesday Pastor Roben records the worship service for Sunday morning.
She must receive prayer requests no later than noon each Wednesday to include the requests for prayer during the service. Please call or text her with your prayer requests at 717-215-7817.  
Also, please call Secretary Barb at 717-865-4453 to make changes to the list below.

Nursing Home
Beatrice Warlow
Florence Rhan
Fay Krumbine
Shirley Home
Family & Friends

Wyatt Wentsler
Kaitlin Lawrence
Eric Sheaffer
Ken Bomgardner
Carl & Freida Herr
Linda (Paulette's friend)
Vanessa (Christie's friend)
Cindy Barbery & husband Bill 
Connie Kline 
Mary Young
Donna Breidegam
Mike Bell
Barbara Stahl
Jason Galloway, Army, deployed Walter Reed Hospital
Donna Wauthier, deployed to Afghanistan
Sgt. Carlos Patinoquiroz, deployed to Afghanistan
Maj. Kevin White, deployed to Afghanistan


Greeting Card Outreach
If you want someone to receive a card, please be sure to include the address.  Cards are sent out monthly to those on the list.  For more info, give Barb a call.
Prayer Chain
This is maintained via email.  If you wish to be in the Prayer Chain Group
please advise Barb and include your email address.
Visitation Requests
Please contact Pastor Roben Roof
Cell Phone: 717-215-7817
Office Phone:  717-865-4453

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Please let Pastor Roben know when someone is 
in the hospital or has passed away. This would include 
information about funerals. 

What is call-em-all?
In an effort to keep you more informed about what is happening at St. John's UCC, like special services, or winter closings or other special happenings etc. the church is going to begin using a phone dialing system to contact all our members. The new phone dialing system will also be used for Sunday morning cancellations due to weather related issues in addition to radio and television announcements.
How does it work?
You will receive a phone message recorded by either the Pastor of the Church or the Board President informing you of what is happening at the church. This is not a "robo" call but rather a direct call using the church phone number 717-865-4453 and will show up as coming from St. John's UCC. You will have the option at the end of the call to "opt out" if you no longer want to be contacted by the church. The system will leave a voice mail message if you do not answer and works with both land lines as well as cell phones.
Gift Cards Available for BG's Market**

To purchase gift cards in any amount,
contact Church Secretary, Barb Koons

 **Currently awaiting confirmation for Giant Cards
will advise when they are available.

Office Phone: 717-865-4453
Office Email:

We are still in need of two additional board members. Please give consideration to joining the board as we prepare for the churches future. Please contact Tim Schaeffer if you have any questions or would want to volunteer. We need a full complement of filled members on the Board of Directors!
Please contact Tim Schaeffer at (717) 821-6570 or via email at


1/01     Roger Garman Jr.
1/02     Barbara Stahl
1/10     Joan Cousins
1/11     Darlene Basehore
1/16     John Ritter
1/20     Corbin Ryan
1/30     Susan Boltz
1/31     Robert Fortna
1/31     Anita Kreiser

Happy Birthday!!
Attention Amazon Shoppers
If you shop on Amazon, please use as the web site when you do your shopping. This is a small way you can help your church. Even your family members and friends can participate. 
At the top of the menu, search for St. John's United Church of Christ Jonestown. Once you select that charity anything you buy, the church will receive a portion of what you've spent.  There is no difference in pricing or selections when using the web site.   
Thank you for supporting St. John's UCC 
Church Office

Church Secretary, Barbara Koons, is in the office 
weekdays from 8:00AM to 1:00 PM

If you need any assistance at a time when she is not in, please
call or email her at 717-265-4637 or  
Thank you.  Be safe and God bless
PASTOR'S SCHEDULE for Week 1/10 - 1/16

The above schedule is subject to change as needs arise. 
Enjoy the Convenience of Electronic Giving
It is encouraging to see both new and familiar faces at our worship services. Throughout the year, many of you already support the congregation with your time, talent and financial contributions but greater participation is always welcome. We encourage you to look into our electronic giving program. It takes just a few minutes to set up a recurring giving plan. Contact the church office for more details or pick up an authorization form today.
Offering from Sunday, December 27th
St. John's received from you 1,379.00 through electronic offering 
and $805.00 from offering and in the mail, totaling $2,184.00.

Amount needed each Sunday: $ 3,500.00 
 Job Opportunity
Reddinger's Income Tax Service
126 East Chestnut Street, Jonestown, PA 17038
Position: Part Time, Seasonal Office Assistant
Hours: Monday-Friday    3pm-7pm or 4pm-8pm (can be discussed)
Start the last week of January and work through the end of March.
Duties include the following:
    Answer phone and set up appointments
    Non-computer clerical work
    Assist where needed to keep the office running smoothly
If you are interested, please call Ray E. Reddinger, Jr. at (717) 865-0249.

New Year - Good News

New Year - Good News

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St. John's UCC     (717) 865-4453      

Barbara Koons, Secretary             Rev. Roben Roof, Pastor