News and Events - November 26, 2020 Issue

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November 26, 2020 Issue

"but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."
St. John's United Church of Christ
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GWU Kids Promo Video
GWU Kids Promo Video

Message to On-Line Worshippers:

We are happy that you chose to worship with us. May you experience God's presence and find spiritual renewal.   Please click on the "Worship Attendancelink below to share your experience, pastoral care requests, and prayer concerns.

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Since there is no Community Thanksgiving Service, here is a Thanksgiving Family Devotional you can use instead.

Text: Luke 17:11-19  
"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

In her autobiography, Corrie ten Boom described a horrific time she and her sister experienced in a Nazi concentration camp during the early 1940s. On one occasion they were forced to take off their clothes during an inspection. Corrie stood in line feeling defiled and forsaken. Suddenly, she remembered that Jesus had hung naked on the cross. Struck with wonder and worship, Corrie whispered to her sister, "Betsie, they took His clothes too." Betsie gasped and said, "Oh, Corrie, ... and I never thanked Him."

In Luke 17:11-19, we read a passage that appears to be a simple account of Jesus working a healing miracle. But there is also a contrast with this incident and other miracle that Jesus performed, since the healing itself is not emphasized as much as the reaction to it.

Lepers of ancient society were rejected and treated as outcasts. They were required to live outside the city in leper camps (Numbers 5:2-3) and were to cry out to warn others to keep away from them as they walked the streets (Leviticus 13:45-46). We can't even begin to imagine their sense of shame and loss of all dignity... humanity. In utter desperation, these ten lepers cry out to Jesus for mercy. "Go and show yourselves to the priests," he said. As they went, they were all healed-all ten of them. Then only one of them-a Samaritan-upon realizing he had been healed, turned back with a loud voice of praise, fell on his face at Jesus' feet and gave him thanks.

Jesus answered, "Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?" And he said to him, "Rise and go your way; your faith has made you well."
God's blessings can be appreciated or underappreciated. One of the signs of a maturing faith is that it continues to react to the wonders of God with praise, thanksgiving, and adoration. As matter of fact, if we ever find that our faith is no longer moved with awe and wonder at the living God then our faith has most likely stagnated. We might be lukewarm, or worse.

It is too easy to slip into cruise control on our spiritual journey; we lose that wide-eyed wonder, take for granted the incessant works of our Lord, and have our hearts become dull. In this state of complacency, God's works are thought of more in past tense rather than present tense. Yet in Psalm 68:19 we find a worshiper praising God because he understood that God-who daily bears us up-is always working on our behalf. The writer of Hebrews describes Jesus as our High Priest who "always lives to make intercession" for us (Hebrews 7:25).

Cory Asbury's lyrics attest, "the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God" (102) Reckless Love (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube keeps chasing me down. It is a relentless pursuit that never ceases. The more I am aware of this unfailing love, the more I am filled with awe-struck wonder-worship. Praise. Thanksgiving.

Questions for Reflection and/or Family Discussion:
  1. For what are you most thankful?
  2. What are some gratitude killers in the routine of our lives?
  3. In what ways do thankfulness or thanklessness correlate with our faith? What might they reflect about our faith?
  4. Where have you lost some wide-eyed wonder in your worship of Him?
  5. How can you cultivate a heart of praise and thanksgiving this week?
We can learn much from the reaction of a grateful Samaritan who was healed of his leprosy. Praise comes very naturally when you focus on the living God. And there is no place for mediocrity in a soul that is filled with such praise and thanksgiving. Think about that as you seek to abide in Him this week.

Dear God, thank you for your goodness and for your blessings over our lives. You are the living God who daily bears us up-always working on our behalf, even behind the scenes when we are unaware. Forgive us for not thanking or praising you enough. If it has been lost, please restore that wide-eyed wonder of WHO you are and what you are doing in us and around us. Renew our spirits that our cup would overflow with joy and praise this Thanksgiving season and throughout the year. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Advent Children's  Curriculum

Throughout Advent
Can be found on our Website

Making Connections

While we practice social distancing, remain connected.

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The Angel Tree
St. John's will again be helping the struggling families of the Jonestown Elementary School. Because of Covid-19 there are some changes. 

The Angels will be on the tree in the entry room as always. HOWEVER, the procedure for choosing an Angel will be different.

Since many cannot make it to church, simply call the Church Secretary at 717-865-4453 to request your Angel(s).  She will mail them to you so you can purchase the desired items.

Gifts should not be wrapped but instead, be placed in gift bags with the angel tied or taped to the outside of the bag. This is to decrease contact with the gifts  (according to the school nurse).

Bring the gifts to the church and place them on the table in the Gathering Room. There will be signs with the family numbers - be sure you place your gift bags in the appropriate section.

Thank you for sharing what you have with the struggling families in our neighborhood.
Linda Wood
The Upper Room

The November/December issues have arrived and 
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 717-865-4453 or  Thanks. 

Chancel Choir Practice is still suspended; 
next practice to be determined  

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Bell Choir Practice - 5:15 pm Wednesday
(except the Wednesday after ringing in Church)

Prayer Requests
To make changes to this list, call Secretary Barb
at 717-865-4453.

Nursing Home
Shirley Haldeman 
Beatrice Warlow 
Florence Rhan
Ken & Fay Krumbine 

Family & Friends
Wyatt Wentsler
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Ken Bomgardner

Mary Young 
Donna Breidegam 
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Barbara Stahl
John Snavely
Deb Snavely
Denise Reyes

Jason Galloway, Army, deployed Walter Reed Hospital
Donna Wauthier, Army, deployed to Afghanistan
Sgt. Carlos Patinoquiroz, Army, deployed to Afghanistan
Maj. Kevin White, Army, deployed to Afghanistan
Greeting Card Outreach
If you want someone to receive a card, please be sure to include 
the address.  Cards are sent out monthly to those on the list.  
For more information, give Barb a call.
Prayer Chain
This is maintained via email.  If you wish to be in the 
Prayer Chain Group please advise Barb and 
include your email address.
Visitation Requests
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If you need any assistance at a time when she is not in, please 
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Thank you.  Be safe and God bless

  Please keep in mind that this schedule is fluid so that I can meet needs 
as they arise.  And I do have various monthly meetings to attend.
Every day brings new beginnings and new opportunities. God's love inspires us to engage in acts of love towards our neighbors, children, and creation. Live out the Love of God and act every day towards a world worthy of God's blessings.
Look for actions in each week's "News & Events"
so you can live out God's love . 
November 26, 2020
Give thanks for someone in your life who has been healed.
Mark 5:34
"Jesus said to her, 'Daughter, your faith has made you well; 
go in peace and be healed of your disease."
A Message from our Board President, Tim Schaeffer

The church board is in need of three new members to fulfill the board at large. If you have never served on the board before, this would be an exciting time for you to consider becoming a member and join us along with Pastor Roben as we plan for the future of St. John's! 
Please contact Tim Schaeffer at (717) 821-6570 or via email at


The last day for offerings to be included in the 2020 tax year will be Sunday, December 27th.  It must be in the offering plate on December 27th or mailed before that date to be counted for this year.  Anything given after that Sunday will be included in 2021. 
Envelopes will be renumbered again for 2021.  Your number may or may not change.  It's important to use the correct year's envelopes.  E-givers do not have envelopes but do have a number, which will not change in 2021.  The 2021 envelopes should be ready for you to pick up by mid-December.
If you have received a contribution report in past years, you will receive one again for 2020.  If you haven't received a report and would like one, please contact the church office at 717-865-4453 or Peggy Miller at 717-507-4376; e-mail

Band Together (Strength Training)
Mondays & Fridays at 9:30 am

Nar-Anon Meetings
Thursdays at 6:30 pm
Currently meetings are via phone.  
Dial 717-851-7711 and enter access code 715720#


St. John's UCC Board Meeting

Tuesday, December 8th

at 6:30 PM

Annual Congregational Meeting
Sunday, December 13th
immediately following the worship service.
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the 2021 budget 
and to elect Members of the Church Board, Lebanon 
Association  Delegates, Jonestown Council of Churches, 
and Penn Central Conference Delegates.
On the Bulletin Board in the Gathering Room there is a list of members of our congregation who are currently shut-in and unable to attend worship services.   Please look at this list and if there are any other folks who should be listed, write in their name, address, and phone number so Pastor Roben can include them on her visitation schedule. Thank you very much.
Gift Cards Available for
BG's Market - Giant - Weis Markets

To purchase gift cards in any amount,
contact Church Secretary, Barb Koons
Office Phone: 717-865-4453
Office Email:
Attention Amazon Shoppers
If you shop on Amazon, please use as the web site when you do your shopping. This is a small way you can help your church. Even your family members and friends can participate. 

At the top of the menu, search for St. John's United Church of Christ Jonestown. Once you select that charity anything you buy, the church will receive a portion of what you've spent.  There is no difference in pricing or selections when using the web site.   

Thank you for supporting St. John's UCC


If you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone with the Coronavirus, please call Christie Schaeffer and 
let her know -- 717-304-3775.  This is necessary 
for the purpose of tracking exposures at 
St. John's.  Thank you for your help.   

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Continue practicing Safety regarding  Coronavirus COVID-19

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak.  Here is a link to a website for updated information:

Take care of your health and protect others by doing the following:
  1. Wash your hands frequently.  
  2. Maintain social distancing. 
  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  4. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. 
  5. Seek medical care early if you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing.  Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance.
Enjoy the Convenience of Electronic Giving
It is encouraging to see both new and familiar faces at our worship services. Throughout the year, many of you already support the congregation with your time, talent and financial contributions but greater participation is always welcome. We encourage you to look into our electronic giving program. It takes just a few minutes to set up a recurring giving plan. Contact the church office for more details or pick up an authorization form today.

What is call-em-all?
In an effort to keep you more informed about what is happening at St. John's UCC, like special services, or winter closings or other special happenings etc. the church is going to begin using a phone dialing system to contact all our members. The new phone dialing system will also be used for Sunday morning cancellations due to weather related issues in addition to radio and television announcements.
How does it work?
You will receive a phone message recorded by either the Pastor of the Church or the Board President informing you of what is happening at the church. This is not a "robo" call but rather a direct call using the church phone number 717-865-4453 and will show up as coming from St. John's UCC. You will have the option at the end of the call to "opt out" if you no longer want to be contacted by the church. The system will leave a voice mail message if you do not answer and works with both land lines as well as cell phones.

St. John's UCC     (717) 865-4453      

Barbara Koons, Secretary                     Rev. Roben Roof, Pastor