News and Events - October 15, 2020 Issue

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JOYful Information
48 W. Market Street, Jonestown
The JOY pantry wants to make Thanksgiving boxes for every family this year. We are in need of the following items:
                 Stuffing mix                              
                 Boxed or canned potatoes
                 Corn or mixed vegetables       
                 Canned fruit
                 Cake mix + frosting 
(We have plenty of sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and canned pumpkin) 

Financial donations will be used to purchase turkeys and ham slices for the smaller households.

Your prayers for our ministry are appreciated as well.

Linda Wood, Volunteer Director 
Church Office

Church Secretary, Barbara Koons, is in the office 
weekdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.  

If you need any assistance at a time when she is not in, please 
call or email her at 717-265-4637 or
Thank you.  Be safe and God bless
Every day brings new beginnings and new opportunities. God's love inspires us to engage in acts of love towards our neighbors, children, and creation. Live out the Love of God and act every day towards a world worthy of God's blessings.
Look for actions in each week's "News & Events"
so you can live out God's love . 
October 15, 2020
Pray for the forgiveness of your sins.
I Timothy 1:15
"The saying is sure and worthy of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners - of whom I am the foremost.."

October 15, 2020
Members and friends of Penn Central Conference

" Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise. Give thanks to him, bless his name." 
-Psalm 100: 4
In August, the Rev. Martha Spong virtually joined our Adult Sunday School Class at St. Paul's in Mechanicsburg, in the reading of her newest book titled "The Words of Her Mouth: Psalms for the Struggle". Rev. Spong is a contributor and editor of this collection of devotionals from 10 women who discover what the psalms say to us today. At the end of the month, we each chose one or two verses that spoke to us and I chose this verse. At the time of this writing, it has been 8 months since I have worshiped in our Sanctuary. I miss gazing at the rugged wooden cross above the altar, the choirs, hearing the sermon among the presence of other believers and so much more. Yet, I realized, that in what every way I continue to worship, whether on my sun porch with my laptop or with my mother in her computer room, I enter worship with thanksgiving and praise. Always!
It is my pleasure to start my term as Moderator of the Penn Central Conference. Our most recent meeting was held this past Saturday, and we covered a great deal of business! On behalf of your Board of Directors, I will share just a few highlights: 
  • We welcomed 7 new members to the conference board: Bruce Weaver, Dwight Hein (Vice Moderator), Barbara Albert, Tom Downing, George Evans, Janis Taylor, and Rayna Cooper. 
  • The Clergy Compensation Guidelines for 2021 were discussed and it was recommended that, due to financial impact of COVID-19 on our local churches, the recommended 2% increase in salaries be provided ONLY if churches can do so. 
  • Heather Kimmel, UCC General Counsel, provided a presentation on board engagement including details on Good Governance, Responsibilities of a Governing Board, and the Legal Duties of Individual Board Members. 
  • Dr. Carrie Call provided a detailed review of the Strategic Plan and the board is pleased with the progress made by the task force.
  • The Treasurer's Report was provided, and the conference continues to operate with an $80,000 deficit, although September giving has been ahead of giving during the same month last year. In addition, expenses are down.
  • The board was provided an extensive update related to Hartman Center: 
    • Hartman Center is now for sale and the asking price for the 154 acres is roughly $1.9 million. The Conference hired High Associates as our realtor and you may visit High Associates Website for additional details related to the sale:
    • The closing down of Hartman Center is underway. Various items have been distributed to entities that can use them. Further, materials from the Nature Nook will go to various state parks and the Prisoner of War paintings from Michaux Lodge have gone to the Cumberland County Historical Society for their POW display. 
    • John Freed continues to provide onsite support and downsizing work. Collette *** is the on-site contact from UCCR. No further reservations for anyone (including PCC individuals) will be accepted after December 1st.
    • Finally, we learned of the work that staff have already accomplished exploring the summer camp, day camp, and retreat opportunities with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The board unanimously approved a motion in support of a partnership with ELCA which would result in a rich and robust outdoor ministry program for the Penn Central Conference. 
  •  A committee was formed to review the current Bylaws of the Conference. 
I want to close by expressing gratitude to the amazing work of our conference minister and conference staff during the last few months. They, along with your board, look forward to a year of serving the needs of the Penn Central Conference.

Shirley Keith Knox
Moderator, Board of Directors

Prayer Requests - Greeting Card Outreach - Prayer Chain

Prayer Requests
Nursing Home
Shirley Haldeman G
Beatrice Warlow G
Florance Rhan
Ken & Fay Krumbine G

Family & Friends
Paisley Brame G
Damien Lawrence G
Sarah Serikstad G
Lee Sabatini
Baby Wyatt
Cheryl Long
Dan Arminavage
Kaitlin Lawrence

Tyler Haag G
Mary Young G
Donna Breidegam G
Peggy Tobias G
Mike Bell G
Barbara Stahl G


Jason Galloway, Army - active currently deployed at Walter Reed Hospital

*NOTE:  "G" indicates a greeting card is being sent monthly

Greeting Card Outreach

To make changes to this list, call Barb in the office 717-865-4453.
If you want someone to receive a card for well wishes and/or encouragement, please be sure to include the address.  Cards are sent out monthly to those on the list.  For more information or with any questions, give Barb a call. 

Prayer Chain

This is maintained via email.  If you wish to be in the Prayer Chain Group please advise Barb and include your email address.

Prayers for Penn Central Conference
"Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. "
Ephesians 6:18 (NLT)
This week, we pray for each other as we continue 
to live into God's calling...

Peace UCC, Swartzville
Paradise UCC, Milton
Trinity UCC, Turbotville
Emmanuel UCC, Tusseyville

St. John's UCC 2020 Board

Next Board Meeting November 10th, 6:30 pm
                Tim Schaeffer, President                      Chuck Koch, Vice President
                Paulette Werni, Secretary                     Scott Strauss                                        
Band Together (Strength Training)
Will be starting up soon.  Stay tuned...
Continue practicing Safety regarding  Coronavirus COVID-19

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak.  Here is a link to a website for updated information:

Take care of your health and protect others by doing the following:
  1. Wash your hands frequently.  
  2. Maintain social distancing. 
  3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  4. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. 
  5. Seek medical care early if you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing.  Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance.
Pastoral Care
Rev. Len Knighton is serving as our interim minister.
If you have a family member in the hospital or that would
benefit by a home visit, please contact Rev. Knighton
at (717)304-3007. Also, please free to contact 
Tim Schaeffer at 717-821-6570, with any concerns.

Nar-Anon Meetings
Thursdays at 6:30 pm
Currently meetings are via phone.  
Dial 717-851-7711 and enter access code 715720#

Enjoy the Convenience of Electronic Giving
It is encouraging to see both new and familiar faces at our worship services. Throughout the year, many of you already support the congregation with your time, talent and financial contributions but greater participation is always welcome. We encourage you to look into our electronic giving program. It takes just a few minutes to set up a recurring giving plan. Contact the church office for more details or pick up an authorization form today.

Chancel Choir Practice is still suspended; 
next practice to be determined  

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Bell Choir Practice - 5:15 pm Wednesday

What is call-em-all?
In an effort to keep you more informed about what is happening at St. John's UCC, like special services, or winter closings or other special happenings etc. the church is going to begin using a phone dialing system to contact all our members. The new phone dialing system will also be used for Sunday morning cancellations due to weather related issues in addition to radio and television announcements.
How does it work?
You will receive a phone message recorded by either the Pastor of the Church or the Board President informing you of what is happening at the church. This is not a "robo" call but rather a direct call using the church phone number 717-865-4453 and will show up as coming from St. John's UCC. You will have the option at the end of the call to "opt out" if you no longer want to be contacted by the church. The system will leave a voice mail message if you do not answer and works with both land lines as well as cell phones.
                We serve all of God's people by sharing the love of Christ
                  and ministering to our community