News and Events - April 10, 2019 Issue

We serve all of God's people by sharing the love of Christ and ministering to our community.

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Sixth Sunday of Lent
 Palm Sunday
April 14, 2019

9:30 AM - Bible Study                     1 0:30 AM - Worship

Serving Two Masters
Interim Pastor: Rev. Len Knighton
Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29
Luke 19:28-40
Musical Selections 
Fling Wide the Gates  
Redemption Song    
Fanfare for The King
Robert J. Hughes
       Chancel Choir -
Ain't No Rock Gonna Gonna Shout for Me
 April Passion Offering - JOY Pantry
Worship Volunteers

Danielle Koch
SPARK Pam Garman
Cindy Myers
Head Usher
Mike Gipe
Carl & Barbara Deavon
Paulette Werni
Linda Wood
Sound System
Greg Innes

April 14th Palm Sunday
On April 14th St. John's UCC will be welcoming 
New Members into our church family.    
April 18th Maundy Thursday
A Tenebrae Service
Chancel Choir will present the cantata
"Hope in the Shadows"  
Women of Worship
On Monday, April 22nd, WOW members (and anyone who would like to help us) are meeting at 10:00 AM and 6:30 PM to put baskets together for the Basket Blast .
5th Annual
WOW Basket Blast
 Saturday, May 4
Doors open at 5:30 PM  
Ticket drawing starts at 7:00 PM  
 There are baskets in the vestibule for donations of individual items to be used to create baskets:
Paper Products & Cleaning Supplies, 
Puzzles & Puzzle Books,
Snacks & Candy, and Pet Items

If interested in donating a basket or other items, please contact any WOW member.  
Pastoral Care
Rev. Len Knighton is serving as our interim minister.
If you have a family member in the hospital or that would
benefit by a home visit, please contact Rev. Knighton
at (717)304-3007. Also, please free to contact 
Wendy Lingle at (717)319-5951, with any concerns.
Gift Cards Available
BG cards are available from Carl or Sally Bachman.
Gift cards available from Relay for Life Team: 
  Please see Cindy Myers for Giant cards
and Sharon Salter for Weis cards     
Attention Amazon Shoppers
If you shop on Amazon, please use as the web site when you do your shopping. This is a small way you can help your church. Even your family members and friends can participate. At the top of the menu, search for St. John's United Church of Christ Jonestown. Once you select that charity anything you buy, the church will receive a portion of what you've spent.  There is no difference in pricing or selections when using the web site. Thank you for supporting St. John's.
Enjoy the Convenience of Electronic Giving
It is encouraging to see both new and familiar faces at our worship services. Throughout the year, many of you already support the congregation with your time, talent and financial contributions but greater participation is always welcome. We encourage you to look into our electronic giving program. It takes just a few minutes to set up a recurring giving plan. Contact the church office for more details or pick up an authorization form today.
                We serve all of God's people by sharing the love of Christ
                  and ministering to our community