news & updates for the week of July 26, 2020

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A Message from Mo. Sarah+
Our hearts are heavy this week as we have been forced to close St. John's Preschool until further notice due to the impacts of the coronavirus on enrollment and the diocesan limitations on ministry activities during the pandemic.

Sadly, this means our longtime Preschool Director, Tracy Painter, and nine teachers will be furloughed, and 65+ students and families will not enjoy the developmental benefits of and excellent preschool
education, a loving and gifted community of educators, and the faith-formation this ministry provides. As we are all hurting, I invite us to pull together and take care of our preschool and church community as best we can.

Adding insult to injury, as church employees our preschool staff members are not eligible to receive state unemployment insurance. Out of love and concern for them during this time of job loss, and in thanksgiving for all they have done for our preschool families and our parish, I invite you to please give as you are able so we may send them into furlough with a financial gift to express our appreciation and gratitude for their service.

Please pray for our Preschool staff, children, and families as they face this difficult loss. We certainly plan to re-open, God-willing, as soon as public health allows, but at this time we cannot begin to predict when that will be.

In the meantime, please watch our Weekly News for announcement of a "drive-by parade" in our church parking lot to share our love and appreciation for Tracy and all our teachers, and to say "farewell" for now.

This comes with Love (and sadness),
Mo. Sarah+
Caring for Our Preschool Staff Through Furlough
See my weekly column for details about our temporary preschool closure.

Unfortunately, church employees are not eligible for unemployment insurance so our Preschool staff has no financial cushion to fall back on as they face unemployment.

Please consider a contribution to our Furlough Fund to help them through this difficult time.

to the Furlough Fund
for our Preschool Staff

Unless you are preaching or singing, you must wear a mask at all times when you are in the Church buildings. Our Church Office is still operating remotely at this time, and the only people in the buildings should be staff (occasionally), those doing building and grounds maintenance, and those contributing to worship (musicians, tech assistance, Altar Guild, or Flower Guild.)

New information about the coronavirus indicates that the virus appears to be airborne and we don’t know how long it may linger in the air. When possible, it would be best to minimize your time in the building so virus germs will not be left inadvertently.

Also, everyone needs to sign in and out on the sheets provided – even if you enter for a short period of time. Asymptomatic people who later test positive need to be able to do contact tracing. If you don’t have your own pen to use, please sanitize the pen on the entry table with alcohol before and after use.

Thanks for keeping everyone HEALTHY & SAFE!
Special Sunday Worship This Sunday with our Bishops

This Sunday July 26, at 10 am there will be a special Sunday Worship service, during which the Rt. Rev. Sam Rodman and the Rt. Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple will celebrate the lives and legacies of Rep. John Lewis and the Rev. C.T. Vivian , two civil rights icons who both passed away this last weekend. Join us as we lift up these remarkable people and reaffirm our own commitment to the work of racial equity and justice. The service will premiere on the  diocesan Facebook page  at 10a.m. and will also be available on  Twitter  and  Vimeo . If you can't join us at 10a.m., you can enjoy this service at any time on any of these channels.
Join Mawethu for Weekly Bible Study - Wednesdays @ Noon on Zoom

Click below to learn more about this weekly opportunity to read, reflect, and pray with the scriptures we'll read in worship each Sunday. Led by Mawethu Ncaca, St. John's Curate.

Single Women's Social Hour

Soloists are usually thought of as those who sing solo, but what about those who live solo? Rather than adopt society's unremarkable labels--"divorced," "widowed," "unmarried," or just plain "single"--why not think like a soloist, freely traveling through life, sampling music of the universe along the way?  Some of St. John's "soloist" ladies are planning to gather Saturday, July 25 at 5:30 pm for a Zoom Social Hour+ to meet, greet, and share "Coping with Covid" stories and pictures.

If you're an interested soloist female, please contact Helen Holt hwholt09@gmail.com and she will add your name to the Zoom invitation list. Have your favorite beverage in hand, and I hope to "see" you soon!
 Godly Play & Facebook Live stories continue weekly. Bingo coming up on Aug 2. Click title above for more information.
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August 2nd
All members of St. John's are invited to join in a game of virtual bingo on August 2nd from 4:30-5:15PM.  Zoom link . You can print a bingo card  here
Becoming a Beloved Community NOW
Racial justice, healing leaders and practitioners across The Episcopal Church will gather to build community, craft strategy, and equip each other for action during a series of online gathering. Click here to find out more and to register!
Praying for all School Leaders, Teachers, & Staff
Please join St. John's staff in prayer for those who teach, learn, and work in schools during this difficult time of planning for the fall. If you work in a school, please contact Sarah Bentley Allred children@stjohnswf.com so we can pray for you by name.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration for our worship Zoom meeting is necessary to help prevent unwanted interruptions "Zoom-bombers." Once you register once, you should not need to register again on future Sundays.

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Giving Online

If you receive a stimulus check & don't need it for yourself, consider giving it to our COVID-19 relief fund or as a special gift to St. John's to cover pledges for those who may not be able to give.

Children & families in our community need our help.

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