May 2023 Issue
St. John's would like to welcome
Assistant Pastor, Justin Swingholm,
as our guest speaker on April 30, 2023.
Upcoming Guest Speakers

May 7: Supervisory Pastor Bob Sim
May 14: Assistant Pastor Morris Coleman
May 21: Assistant Pastor Joel Jackson
May 28: Assistant Pastor Morris Coleman
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The Upper Room
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"God is Still Speaking"
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But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Nursing Home:
Beatrice Warlow
Florence Rhan
Shirley Haldeman
Betty Hower
Dennis Wood
Rochelle Stickler
Mary Young
Barbara Stahl
Tyler Haag
Joan Cousins
Deb Snavely
John Snavely

Kevin White, Lt. Col.
Lee Moyer, Navy
Paul, Air Force, Germany
Ben, helicopter pilot

Family & Friends:
Emily, Logan, and Linda's aunt and uncle, safe travels
Colin, Melanie's Uncle, cancer
Nicole, niece of Band Together member, recovering from surgery
Former President, Jimmy Carter
Judy, Band Together member, spinal health issues
Paul's father, broken arm
From this point forward, prayer requests will remain for one month, after which they will be removed. If you wish to renew your request, please contact the secretary
Thank you for your giving
It is encouraging to see both new and familiar faces at our worship services. Throughout the year, many of you already support the congregation with your time, talent and financial contributions but greater participation is always welcome. We encourage you to look into our electronic giving program. It takes just a few minutes to set up a recurring giving plan. Contact the church office for more details or pick up an authorization form today.
Enjoy the Convenience of Electronic Giving
Danielle and Charles Koch 05/07
Daniel Arnold 05/01
Colin Krause 05/01
Donald Werni 05/07
Breanna Olesh 05/10
Aurora Strouphar 05/12
Ashley Ryan 05/13
Pamela Garman 05/14
Thomas Baal 05/16
David Werni 05/18
Amber Schaeffer 05/19
Leilani Cox 05/25
Sara Crimmel Miller 05/25
Ashley Roth 05/30
Robert Ream 05/31
If you need a ride to Sunday Morning Worship Services, please call the Church Secretary 717-865-4453 no later than 10:00 am on the Thursday before to arrange transportation. Thank you.

Volunteers needed to help with transportation for those who need it in order to get to worship. Church Office 717-865-4453
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To post on St. John's Facebook page, email or text photos and messages to the secretary Julie,
Grow Your Church!
Share what's happening!
Bring friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors. Call church members. Invite a stranger. Mail a card.
JOY Pantry

The Jonestown Outreach Pantry continues to provide food, household items, and personal care items to the less fortunate in our local communities. We partnered with the Caring Cupboard in Palmyra. This allows us to provide milk, fresh produce, and frozen meat to our clients. Thank you for believing in our ministry and supporting us financially so we can provide a space where we can care for our neighbors.
-Linda Wood, Volunteer

Financial donations are always welcome and can be mailed to: JOY Pantry, P.O. Box 121 Jonestown, PA 17038
Please feel free to share concerns or ideas with your church board
St. John's Board Members

Paul Deiter
Tom Baal 
Donna LeGay
Sally Bachman
Sue Boltz
A note from your
Board President:
This month of May is a month of celebration and remembrance within our church. On May 7th, we will celebrate the Holy Baptism within the service. On May 14th will be Mothers’ Day. And on May 28th is Pentecost and Memorial Day.

I think it is important to understand what baptism means to us as a church within the United Church of Christ. Through water at baptism, God embraces you — no matter who you are — and brings you into Christ’s Church. You become vital, not only to St John’s, but to the wider Church. You share in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. The church also promises to love, support, and care for you throughout your whole life. Baptized, you now participate fully in the life of the St John’s and God’s realm. 

 "Baptism is faith in action"

The following Sunday is Mothers Day. The modern holiday was first celebrated in 1907, when Anna Jarvis held the first Mother's Day service of worship at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Andrew's Methodist Church now holds the International Mother's Day Shrine

Her campaign to make Mother's Day a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis died. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother's Day, held on the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honor mothers.  

“To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world.”

Fifty days after Easter Sunday is Pentecost. On May 28th, we will commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and other disciples following the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus Christ, as it marks the beginning of the Christian church’s mission to the world.  

“We do not need to wait for the Holy Spirit to come: he came
on the day of  Pentecost. He has never left the church.”

May 28th is also Memorial Day weekend as we remember those who have fallen to the service of our country. Originally known as Decoration Day, (my grandmother always called it that), originated after the Civil War, when springtime flowers were placed on the graves of those who died in service, 

“Never in the field of human conflict was so
much owed by so many to so few.”

So this month, as a congregation, let us celebrate those to be baptized as they join the folds of the church, as we honor mothers all over the world, celebrate the beginning of the Christian Church, and remember those who have fallen in the service of our country.  

Tom Baal
Board President

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