from the SHC 2015 Chairperson, Georgia Burke:

Sweet Home Chicago 2015 was a huge success!  Thank you to all of you who came out to eat, drink, bid, dance and laugh.  (And to those of you who bid from the comfort of your living room couches!) Stay tuned for the numbers as our team is still importing all of the purchases. 

Congratulations to all of the winning bidders of our fabulous live auction items, to Stephanie Alvarez for being the lucky winner of the Golden Ticket, and to Myrna Swanson and her prediction prowess in our Heads / Tails Game!

Did you get to see the Fund-a-Cause Video by SJS 8th Grader Zach Anderson?  Check it out here!  The 8th Graders learned about creating Fundraising Videos in Computer Class and all submitted a short to the SHC Fund-a-Cause Video contest. It was difficult to select a winner since they all were so impressive!

Mobile bidding was slow to start, but really took off as the Auction Close Time approached!  It also helped that bidders from the Bidding for Good Community were also in on the action.  About 15% of our Online and Silent Auction revenue came from people that were not from St. Josaphat!

In addition to the delicious food provided by Four Corners (i.e. Crossing, Trellis, etc.) and beverages, and the funds we raised for our beloved St. Josaphat, many thought the highlight of the evening was Amy Allen's rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, followed by a Flash Mob of SJS Moms!

Those with a sweet tooth enjoyed finishing their evening with a cup of coffee and by decorating their own red velvet cupcake, while those who were more inclined to keep the party going headed to the official after-party at Highline.

This event could not have happened without the amazing group of volunteers who gave their time and talent.  If you see them, please thank them!  Here they are:

Auction Chair: Christine Frech
Live Auction: Lesley Gunderson & Ashley Medio 
Finance: Donna Sims
Systems: Vera Wiltrout,
Marketing & Communications: Karen Gerstner & Heather Dunkel
Food & Beverage Holly Rust & Margie Smith
Student Portraits:  Deb Fairfield, Tina Smat, Laura Bazan
Signups: Debbie Dennis & Wendy McGill
Class Projects: Jennifer MIlls-Klatt & Dana Duboyce
Raffles & Games: Sara Roberts & Krystal Sodaitis
Wine Week: Denise Lucas
Unity Aware Liaison: Michelle Stoessel
Volunteer Coordinator Chrissy Scott
Teacher Liaisons: Ms. Bruce & Ms. McDermott

General Volunteers who chipped in EVERYWHERE!

Paula Affolter, Amy Allen, Kim Almiro, Stephanie Alvarez, Dawn Baskin, Tracy Biskner, Katie Byrne, Amy Cascarano, Mark and Ewa Devereux, Caryn DelPreto, Perla De La Torre, Sheila Donoghue, Bridget Corum-Dougherty, Josh and Debra Doyle, Elizabeth Duryea, Sarah Ehrhardt, Teri Emerson, Kristi French, Mary Gallo, Roberto and Lily Garza, Jim and Sara Gramata, Mary Hermanek, Dodie Horenkamp, Jessica Janicki, Bill and Vicki Johnson, Katie Trotter Kargol, Sam Karow and Bethany Doerfler, Kristie Kederis, Joe and Linda Keller, Brian and Ana Kelly, Diana Kerrigan, Patrick and Lisa Koehl, Stephany Lane, Cheryl LeeVan, Sarah Lickus, Tracy Lux, Gina Lynch, Cary Lyne, Michele Marsella, Anina McCarron, Aileen McAnally, Bridget McCarthy, Diana McCartney, Val McKinney, Jennifer Miller, George Nolan, Renee O'Donnell, Meredith O'Neil, Laura O'Neill, Kate O'Malley, Elizabeth Opie, Jeff O'Shaughnessy and Beth McGuire O'Shaughnessy, Kathy Peagram, Lisa Recinella, Helaine Renz, Jennifer Saviski, Megan Sendlak, John Shelbourne, Faye Shillair, Mike Sims, Kelly Smith, Maggie Snyder, Lisa Steele, Sally Sward, Suzanne Toon, Sarah Jane Valter-Clishman, Jen Velarde, Maureen Verweil, Pattie Ward, Tina McCarthy, Kate York, Andi Zinser.

And: Our Sign Up hosts for volunteering the time after the event to keep the fun times happening! St. Josaphat Teachers for working the event and hosting signups for students! Parish Office, Josh Almeida and Jon Gunderlach for tirelessly working on marketing materials and auction items!


Thank you one and all!

Sweet Home Chicago
Fund-a-Cause helps fund special projects that don't receive the attention they deserve. Learn more here and to see a special video made by St. Josaphat Eighth Graders!

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Pick up dates & times are:
Saturday, Feb. 7
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm
Sunday, Feb. 8 
9 am - 1 pm 

Tuesday, Feb. 10 
8 am- 9 am & 2:30-6 pm 

Wednesday, Feb. 11 
8 am- 9 am & 2:30-6 pm

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