Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2015!

This Saturday, March 14, twenty-one of our young parishioners will join with those from St. Teresa of Avila and St. Michael's (Old Town) to receive the sacrament of Confirmation at St. Michael's Church with Bishop Perry. We are very proud of our young men and women who have been preparing to take this next step in their faith journey!

We are delighted to share some of the wisdom of our maturing Catholics!

Why did you choose to be confirmed in the Catholic faith?
I chose to be confirmed because I am sealing the faith that I have grown up with. -Julian

I chose to be confirmed in the Catholic faith because it felt right. I felt ready to be an adult in the Catholic Church and I felt like I was called to it.  -Zoe

I chose to be confirmed because I wanted to be closer to Jesus and his teachings.  -Carter

Which gift of the Holy Spirit do you feel you need the most at this point in your life?

Courage because as I get older, I will meet more and more people who are not Christian and may try to bring me away from God. I need courage to stand up for my faith, and I need courage to keep my faith at the center of my life.  -Zach

Wisdom  I think that as an eighth grader going through not only Confirmation, but also waiting for high school letters and getting ready to graduate in a few months, there's a lot of stress. Sometimes when I'm stressed or scared I forget that God is there to help me. I need to use the gift of wisdom to remind me that God is always there for me.  -Lauren

Understanding I probably need understanding the most. I feel like I need that gift because I feel like I need to be able to recognize and appreciate my faith more.  -Lexi

Right Judgement because I need the counsel and right judgement to get into high school and be confirmed.  -Charlie

Wonder and Awe - In a busy world, it can sometimes be difficult to see beauty around you and thank God for it. I think that, for this reason, I would like the gift of wonder and awe in God's creation to grow stronger.  -Macrina

Were you surprised by anything you learned about yourself or your faith during the preparation process?

I was kind of surprised that service was a requirement when you are an adult member of the Catholic Church. I knew that service was one way to show you are a Christian but I didn't know it was your duty to serve others as a member of the Catholic Church.  -Zach

Honestly, I was very surprised when I finally saw the responsibility I had to take on when I was getting ready to be confirmed, but now I know I can handle it.  -Lexi

I was surprised by my interest of the Bible and the history of the Church, I love to learn more about the history.  -Gianna

What advice would you give to the 7th Graders before they embark on their road to confirmation?

I would tell the 7th graders to make sure that they spend a lot of time praying and reflecting on their faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit as preparation. Also, make sure that the service you choose is something you want to do, and don't just stick to the limit of required projects. Finally, choose your saint wisely; this is a very important choice. -Claire

I would tell them to have faith in God, your decisions, and yourself, because then you will really be able to look into yourself and understand God's teachings.  -Carter

As you embark on the road to Confirmation, make it a goal to know God better. After you pray, listen for his presence in others and in everything around you. Thank God for every blessing. When you have a problem, ask God for help. Knowing God better will help you become a true adult in the Church. And remember, you can never stop growing in faith.  -Macrina
Confirmands 2015
Zachary Sebastian Anderson 

Lauren Agnes Bartels 

Jonathan Jean D'Arc Cattan 

Quaid Michael Childers 

Jenna Hope Dreixler 

Macrina Forest 

Carter Blaise Frye 

Victoria Amalberga Kochanski 

George John LoSasso 

Claire Teresa McDermott 

J oseph Francis Modica 

Julian Anthony Mulero 

Alexandra Rose O'Donnell 

Amalia Madonna O'Shaughnessy 

Victoria Patricia Schaddel 

Alexander Smat 

Sahara Lucy Thomas 

Gianna Rose Tomasello 

Zoe Seraphina Treadwell 

Charles Michael Wagner 

Alexis Cecilia Walters 

Lent 2015
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