2019-2020 Annual Fund Campaign
We each can make a difference in the lives of our students both now and in the future by advancing the mission of strong Catholic faith formation and academic excellence at St. Louis. Through our annual fund drive, your gifts of financial support, service and prayer help to maintain the fiscal health of the school for the future and provide our students with needed upgrades that keep us current in security, facility and technology.
We are excited to launch this year’s campaign as we grow our outdoor play spaces. We aim to incorporate new equipment that allows our students to exercise both their mind and body! Your donation will be used to help keep our playground ADA compliant in order to better serve all God’s children. We want to update the current space with creative, fun and imaginative pieces that encourage students to explore other parts of their brain while encouraging gross motor development. Additional funds will go toward chromebook purchases and tuition assistance.
Your gift today will help us achieve our goal to provide an innovative
and inclusive play space for all of our students.
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Future Play Elements...
Below are examples of play elements we would like to incorporate into our play spaces. These pieces encourage creative play as well as physical play for all ages.
Unity Dome With so many play experiences, the Unity Dome brings everyone together. The Unity Dome provides fun from all angles – In, On and Around. Children with disabilities can play, too. Those in wheelchairs will be able to use the rings to pull themselves along, while a child with some lower body mobility can use the rings to provide stability as they walk around the perimeter.

Quattro Seesaw Ideal for building strength & coordination, and encourages cooperative play. Unique spring design prevents “bottoming out” for safer play.
Stump Jump Promotes imaginative play, dexterity, agility, strength and confidence.

Butterfly Climbers Gives children a fun and safe place to practice their balance and coordination skills. Hand-eye coordination improves as they use the handholds in the butterfly wings. Encourages children to socialize and negotiate to pass one another. 
Playhouse Offers a variety of physical, sensory and social activities that will keep kids engaged. Ground level activities provide access to children of all abilities. Window and door panels create a play house. Whimsy Wheel and Art activity panels develop motor skills. 
Credit: Playworld (R) Commercial Playground Equipment Manufacturer
St. Louis Catholic School is a 501(c)(3) organization.