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Catylist Research powers commercial real estate listing and research technology for 70+ REALTOR® associations, hundreds of economic development communities, and thousands of commercial real estate brokerages and professionals across North America. The system features current for-sale and lease availabilities as well as integrated marketing and communication tools.

You can expect reliable commercial data from across the nation! Catylist's research team tracks and verifies every commercial building in the market.

Subscribers and non-subscribers can submit commercial listings to Catylist. As a non-subscriber, your listings will be seen by Catylist subscribers nationwide. Or, become a Catylist subscriber and:

  • Gain access to a suite of marketing tools, including broadcast email, flyers, brochures, and presentation-ready reports. 
  • Receive nationwide market exposure through Commercial Exchange, which attracts investors, developers, and tenants nationally.

To learn more about St. Louis Commercial Data Systems, contact Dawn Seabaugh, Director of Commercial Services, via email or at 314-590-2390.
Catylist is brought to the St. Louis market by St. Louis Commercial Data Systems, a subsidiary of St. Louis REALTORS®
February 2021 Commercial Market Insights
Below is a link to the latest commercial real estate market trends and insights from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

NAR offers many other helpful resources on their website available to the Commercial REALTOR®.
2021 Commercial Division Installation Recap
On Thursday, February 25, 2021, St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® recognized their 2021 Leadership Team during a collaborative installation and networking ceremony.

2021 Commercial Division President Patrice TenBroek offered a short report on future plans for 2021, while Brandon Smart, Spencer Talbott, and Jaymes Dearing were welcomed as newly inducted members of the board. Following the installation ceremony, attendees enjoyed virtual networking while sipping on complimentary whiskey or wine.
The Board of Directors extends a sincere “thank you” to everyone for attending. A virtual environment is not ideal for networking, but your participation made the event a success!

Click here to watch a recorded session of the 2021 Installation. For a listing of all 2021 Board of Directors members, visit our website.
Patrice TenBroek
Commercial Division President
CRE Question of the Month
With the evolving impact of the pandemic on commercial real estate, the National Association of REALTORS® would like to hear from you about what's happening in your market. Are you seeing conversions of hotels or motels into multifamily housing Please email your response here.
NAR Commercial Economic Forecast
On March 10, 2021, the National Association of REALTORS® will hold its virtual Real Estate Forecast Summit: Commercial Update, which will provide an outlook on the changing commercial real estate market. Commercial discussion topics include:
  • Calvin Schnure: Commercial real estate and REITs: How do we distinguish the permanent shocks vs. transitory shocks from the pandemic?
  • Lawrence Yun: Economic Recovery Guaranteed but will Commercial Real Estate follow?
  • Gay Cororaton: Opportunities in Multifamily and Office Commercial Real Estate
  • Brandon Hardin: A Healthier Retail and Better Industrial
DATE: March 10, 2021
TIME: 1 - 2 p.m.
PLACE: LIVE webinar
COST: No charge!
New Benefit Just for You!
Many agents are turning to video to show off a commercial property. Although videos are visually impressive and give a new perspective, they still lack the control that people crave.

360° images are the ideal blend of function and beauty.

St. Louis Commercial REALTORS® now offers 360° cameras for commercial division members to use FREE OF CHARGE. We'll also create a slideshow tour of the images and share a URL and embed code with you for the virtual tour or video field of your preferred system. Hosting is also FREE OF CHARGE! Note: Benefit limited to commercial properties only.

Reserve a time to use our 360° cameras to capture images of your commercial properties today!
Belong to Both Residential and Commercial Divisions?
(Note: March 1 Dues Assessment)
If you belong to both the Residential and Commercial Divisions of St. Louis REALTORS®, there is an extra dues assessment for your dual participation - paid annually.

The $100 assessment was sent out March 1 and is due April 15 for the following:

  • Members who are primary Commercial, who also belong to the Residential Division
  • Members who are primary Residential, who also belong to the Commercial Division

If you have questions regarding residential or commercial billing, please contact the membership department via email or at 314-576-0033.
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March 12 | St. Louis REALTORS® Office Closed
April 22 | Urban Affairs Forum
Questions about the Commercial Division? Contact us at or 314.590.2309.