St. Louis Catholic School Newsletter
AUGUST 14, 2020
Orientation Dates
Back to School Forms Due August 28th
Power School Demographic Update
The demographics, emergency contact and media release sections must be completed for each student (enrolled in-person or virtually) in Power School. Instructions are attached. Questions? Please contact Ms. Lagos,
Virginia Health Forms & Immunization Records
The following students (enrolled in-person and virtually) must submit their completed Virginia Health Form and Immunization Records. Questions? Please contact Mrs. Doherty,
  • All Kindergarten and new 1st-8th Grade students must submit their completed health form and immunization records
  • All 7th Grade students must submit proof of the receiving the Tdap booster
Constant Contact Update Form
Please fill out this form only if you need to CHANGE the email address(es) to which the school sends the weekly newsletter as well as other timely announcements. If you are currently receiving Constant Contact emails to the correct address(es), there is no need to fill out this form.
2020-21 Class Directory Form
For the 2020-21 academic year, St. Louis School will not be printing a family directory. In order to share family contact information in a timely manner, each teacher will share a homeroom directory electronically with parents. Your participation in this class directory is optional. All family contact information is pulled from Power School, and you may indicate on the form which information to share, or to opt out completely. Please make sure your contact information in Power School is correct and consistent for all of your children.
St. Louis School 2020-21 Handbook
All parents and middle school students are required to sign and return the Elementary/Middle School Handbook Agreement Form stating they have read the rules and regulations outlined in this handbook, and they agree to abide by those rules. Handbook Agreement Forms may be submitted on your child's orientation day.
Welcome to New Staff Members
Please welcome all of our new staff to the St. Louis family. We are blessed to have a such strong, qualified staff eager to collaborate with one another and work with our families. Please pray for all of our teachers as they prepare for the new school year!
A $150 per family COVID fee will be assessed to all families to assist with the extra digital software, computer hardware and technology upgrades to enable distance learning as well as additional health and safety tools necessary to meet CDC requirements for a safe return to the school building. Fees are payable directly to the school in August or will be added to your first FACTS monthly tuition bill.
Blue and White Instructional Days
"Blue" and "White" days are noted on the school calendar up until Christmas break. The color of the day indicates which group of students is expected to attend school for in-person instruction on that day; students on the team color not listed will attend virtually that day. For example, September 8 is a "White" day. Students on the White team will attend in-person while students on the Blue team will attend virtually. Students enrolled 5 days in-person or on a fixed 2- or 3-day schedule are not placed on a Blue or White team and should plan to attend in-person on their respective days.
(Note: To simply view the Hybrid Schedule alone on the school calendar, make sure only the "Hybrid Schedule" box is checked under the calendar grid.)