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AUGUST 28, 2020
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New for 2020-21
Kidmail: Kidmail between school families will be suspended for the 2020-21 school year. Official forms or communications for the school office are the only form of "mail" that will be accepted.

Lost & Found: The Lost & Found bin will be suspended for the 2020-21 school year. Please be sure to clearly label all of your child's belongings (uniforms, backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc.) with their first initial, last name. Any unidentifiable personal belongings left at the end of the day will be disposed of.

Student Use of Office Phone: Students will not be able to use the office phone to call home for forgotten items during the 2020-21 school year. If the need to reach the parent is an emergency situation, the school nurse or administration will contact the parent.

Drop Box: In the event a parent must drop off or pick up items in the school office, a drop box will be placed outside the main entrance during school hours to eliminate the need for parents to enter the school building. Parents will be notified if there are items to be picked up, and likewise, parents are asked to call the school office when they have dropped off items.

Used Uniform Drop-off: The school office will not collect used uniform donations during the 2020-21 school year. Please contact the PTO to make arrangements to donate your used uniforms directly to them.

Lunches: The CDC recommends to reduce/minimize the amount of back and forth of items between home and school wherever possible. Brown bag lunches with all disposables is highly recommended and encouraged. However, students who wish to bring lunch in a cloth or fabric lunch box that is insulated will be allowed. Please make sure your child's name is clearly marked on any lunch box. Any items left at the end of the day will be thrown out.

Kindergarten Nap Mats: Nap mats will not be used in Kindergarten this year. If you already purchased a nap mat at a used uniform sale, and it is still in its original packaging, please contact the PTO regarding returns and reimbursement.
CYO Spiritwear is Available for Purchase:  Though we don’t know yet what, if any, CYO sports can take place this year, we are offering CYO spiritwear to all St. Louis families. All purchases are entirely optional, but children can wear any of the CYO spiritwear t-shirts for gym, in place of the regulation gray t-shirts. Please note that the spiritwear that is designated for “track” is appropriate for all students whether they run track or not. We are also offering hoodies and sweatpants this summer but they CANNOT be worn in place of authorized fleeces, sweatshirts or sweatpants that are part of the school uniform.  
All orders can be placed on line at The deadline for ordering is midnight, Sunday, September 6th and then we hope to be able to distribute orders approximately 2 weeks later.  
In previous years, we’ve done another set of orders in the late fall but if there is no CYO season this year, we may not do another set of orders. So please know that this might be the only time to order this year. If you have any questions, please contact Judy Conti at
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