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Scriptures for this Sunday, January 29th

Micah 6:1-8 • Psalm 37:1-11 • 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

Matthew 5:1-12

APS Baby Bottle Fundraiser

There are still baby bottles available at the Main Entrance to collect donations for Akron Pregnancy Services. 

Take a bottle, fill it with spare change, cash, or checks and return them to St. Luke’s by Sunday, February 5th.

Giving Statements for 2022 will be available by the Welcome Board in the Main Entrance beginning this Sunday, January 15th.

Help the church avoid postage by picking up your statement by this Sunday, January 29th.

Any remaining statements will be mailed on January 30, 2023.


Sunday, February 12th, St. Luke’s will host our annual Souper Bowl party and Chili Cook-Off.

Before the ‘big game’, please bring a can or a case of canned soup as an offering to the Copley Outreach Center. 

The event, including tasting and judging for the Chili Cook-Off, will begin at 4:00 PM in The Harbor

Stage 4 Sponsor-A Bag

Sponsor-A-Bag is an on-going opportunity for individuals to support Stage 4 Ministry with the making and delivery of our Comfort Bags.

Sponsor-A-Bag was introduced to the community at-large in an article in the West Side Leader. (CLICK HERE to read the article)

Individuals have been invited to make a General Donation or a Sponsor-A-Bag donation through St. Luke's website. Those that chose to make a minimum donation of $35, and label it as a Sponsor-A-Bag donation, will have the opportunity to have their name included on the gift tag on the Comfort Bags.

This is just one way we hope to support our Comfort Bag ministry throughout 2023.

Dinner & "The Chosen"

Beginning in February, Gary and Chris Neffenger will host a viewing of “The Chosen” series in the Café at St. Luke's. 

On the first and third Saturday of each month at 6:00 PM, there will be a dinner followed by an episode of the series “The Chosen”.  It all begins with Episode One of Season One on Saturday, February 4th.  

See Gary or Chris Neffenger for more information.

Creative Journaling

You are invited to be a part of a Creative Journaling Group beginning in February at Linda Tompkin's Glory Barn in Copley (just miles from St. Luke's).

The group will meet the second and fourth Monday evenings of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

No previous art training or experience is necessary to be part of this group. Drawing skills are not required.

Linda has many self-helps for your use in her studio including the stencils and stamps she used in creating her own journal pages.

Linda will be sharing various techniques she has used through her years of journaling. Each evening will focus on a different technique. Combining art with the written Word is a wonderful and rewarding way of connecting to self and the Lord.

Let Linda Tompkin know if you are interested by emailing her at

Or call her at 330-697-6220.

The Glory Barn is located at 4780 Medina Rd. in Copley.

Bent But Not Broken

Many of you know Fr. Aaron Eime and his family as missionaries in Israel who St. Luke's has supported for many years.

You may not know that two of their chlidren, Atarah and Tirzah, have been diagnosed with scoliosis, and have been undergoing treatment for the last two years.

Recently, routine x-rays taken to examine the degree of curves and see how the Pilates and chiropractic sessions have been working. In Atarah’s case there was no change whatsoever, her scoliosis has not improved nor declined but all the hard work has only maintained her moderate curvature position. Unfortunately, in Tirzah’s case despite all the hard work of bi-weekly Pilates sessions, regular trips to the chiropractor, and a daily exercise routine, things have only gotten worse, most noticeably in the past 6 months. Something else is causing the rapid progression of Tirzah’s curves, and the diagnosis is Marfan Syndrome. 

The Eimes have initiated a Go Fund Me account, “Help get Tirzah straightened out!”, to help cover the costs of the treatment and travel to specialist in London. Tirzah is booked in to start on February 6th at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic. Aaron will accompany Michelle, Atarah, and Tirzah to London get them settled in and then return to Jerusalem

They would appreciate prayers and sharing the Go Fund Me link with anyone you think may be interested in helping their family.

Here is the Go Fund Me link:

St. Pauly Textile Ministry

We are excited to share with you the impact the Clothing Shed made over the past year...

32,129 pounds of clothing were donated to our shed in 2022

This was enough to clothe approximately 5,900 people around the world.

Based on the volume of clothing, St. Luke's received $1285.

Thank you to everyone at St. Luke's and in the community for supporting the clothing shed program.

Come join us in "Bob's Cafe" after the service this Sunday for a time of fun, fellowship, and delicious food.

Sunday's MENU:

Variety of Soups

Garden Salad, Fruit Salad


All donations cover the cost of food. Extra proceeds will go to our outreach ministries.

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