St. Luke's Weekly Epistle

Week of January 7 , 2018

Family Eucharist this Sunday
Family Eucharist will be held on Sunday, January 7, at 9:15 a.m. in the Meditation Room. It is held the first Sunday of the month.
Christmas Flowers were given by: 
Patti Bain in memory of Constance Ghan and Doyle Heinsohn

Barbara Baker-Rosenberg in memory of Jerry who learned to love Christmas

Bruce Burwell in memory of Dolores Burwell

Sylvia and Tom Fuentes in memory of Nancy Fraser, Fred Guzman, and Lou Gennarelli

Gerry Jarvis for Henry & Jean Stevens, Allen & Jeff Stevens and Uldirc & Elaine Jarvis

Hank & Gloria Martin in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Munguia and Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Martin

Diane Mazmanian & Bill Tompkins in loving memory of parents Bezant & Rose Mazmanian, Harold Tomkins and brother David Mazmanian

Bob & Sarah Meyer in thanksgiving for our 10 great-grandchildren

Gene & Cynthia Moreno in memory of Fred & Lupe Moreno and Walter & Nyla Satchwill

Sally Phelps and family in memory of loved ones

Nancy Reynolds

Chalys Stephens in memory of Peter Stephens and Chelsea Stephens

Sara Williman in thanksgiving for all the blessings in my life

The Rev'd and Mrs. Jack Wolter in memory of Robert T. Dickerson,
Elizabeth B. Dickerson, Marvin E. Wolter, Irene O. Wolter, Margaret D. Ellison, and David M. Villancio-Wolter
Feel free to take a poinsettia home this weekend after any of the three services!
Pledge Update
As of January 3, 2018, we have received $472,038 from 195 individuals or families. Thank you!

It's not too late to send your pledge for 2018 either by mail or online!   The 2018 pledge card is available online by clicking here:  2018 Pledge Card  or on our website . Thank you!
Vestry Candidates
For 2018 there will be three open positions on our Vestry due to retiring members.  We are currently looking for individuals willing to run in the election held during our annual meeting in January. To be eligible, the individual needs to be at least 18 years of age and a communicant member in good standing. According to St. Luke's by-laws this would be a communicant member who for the previous year has been faithful in corporate worship and who has been faithful in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God. To view the complete job description and requirements please click here.

We are also looking for our new  Junior Warden, to be elected for a one-year term. One of the traditional responsibilities of the Junior Warden is to oversee the maintenance of the buidlings, and so to work in close relationship with the Chair person of Buidlings and Grounds Commission. To know more about this position you can contact our Curent Juinor Warden Ted Lee, our our former one, Earl Poole.

Please contact Dwight Willman if you have questions and you would be interested in serving.
Save the Date for the Annual Parish Meeting: January 21, 2018, at 11:30 a.m., following the 10 a.m. service, in the Parish Hall.
The Outreach Commission wants to wish EVERYONE a Healthy and Joyful New Year.
See you at the next Outreach meeting January 8, 2018 at 4:00 pm.  The speaker, Elaine Mansoor, will be speaking about Operation Deep Freeze.
  The 2nd St. Luke's Episcopal Church Educational Scholarship  application is now available on St. Luke's website. The name was changed to Educational Scholarship rather than College Scholarship due to the fact it also encompasses trades schools. The qualification to apply has changed to include any accredited school in any state rather than Arizona only.  If you know a student graduating from a quad-city high school direct him or her to St. Luke's website to apply for the Scholarship which is due March 30, 2018 .
In July of 2017 the Outreach Commission voted on and unanimously approved a Vision/Mission Statement and a Commission Operational statement. The Outreach Commission would like to share this with all the parishioners along with the Grant application form on St. Luke's website.

Many of you may be involved in a group/program that helps others and may need a little financial help, direct them to our website to fill out a Grant application for assistance. This is due March 15, 2018.
Vision Statement
Seeking to serve Christ through serving our neighbor.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Outreach Commission of St. Luke's Episcopal Church is to bring parishioners together to help others, especially those in need of food, water, shelter, clothing, and educational opportunities.
Commission Operations
1. Service Opportunities
The Outreach Commission offers service opportunities that every parishioner may engage in through  a variety of approaches, including:
Organizing an overarching, inter-generational project that involves many parishioners in a single  endeavor.
Supporting the outreach interests and passions of individual parishioners.
Acting as a clearing house for community service opportunities, coordinating and channeling  parishioner participation.
Seeking partnerships with other churches and organizations that will multiply the impact of all efforts.
2. Financial Support 
The Outreach Commission provides financial grants to local and global organizations whose work is  consistent with the Commission's mission.
3. Development and Sharing of Knowledge
The Outreach Commission learns about, discusses, and  participates in events related to local and  global issues, especially suffering, poverty, and social injustice, and provides information on these  issues to the parish.
4.  Core Programs 
St. Luke's and its parishioners annually support several "Core Programs" with time, talent, and  treasure, including Granite Creek Hunger Potluck, Habitat for Humanity,  People Who Care,  Prescott Area Shelter Services, Prescott Community Cupboard, Project Aware, and Quixote's Garage.
New "Core Programs" may be added upon request of parishioners and approval of the Outreach  Commission, and notification to the Vestry.
5.  Outreach Miscellaneous Fund
The Outreach Miscellaneous Fund may receive gifts from grants, individual donors, St. Luke's  Endowment Fund, and other sources. The balance of the Miscellaneous Fund carries over from year  to year.
6.  Annual Operating Budget
The Outreach Commission Annual Operating Budget, as provided in a line item in the parish budget, is  used in combination with the Outreach Miscellaneous Fund to provide funding for the Core Programs  identified above. Core Programs receive priority at the beginning of each budget year. The annual  operating funds provided in a line item in the parish budget, does not carry over from year to year.
 7. Grant Requests
Each program seeking funding files a grant request form with the Outreach Commission by March 15,  except for emergency requests.  An emergency is a natural disaster or other event that places persons at risk of being without food  or shelter.
Additional grants are awarded as funding permits.
A simple majority vote determines the awards given.
Funding generally is in the $200 to $2500 range.
Financial commitments are for only one year.
Aloha Men's Club
The Aloha Men's Club will be meeting on Saturday, January 13, at 7:30 a.m. in the Chapel for Eucharist. The group will then convene in the Conference Room for a light breakfast in the Conference Room. All men of the parish are welcome to attend!
Parish Office Closed on Monday, January 15, for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Kitchen Clean-up
The next  kitchen clean-up  day will be on  Thursday, January 25 starting at 8:30 a.m. Meet in the Parish Hall.  Please bring cleaning supplies and gloves! Questions? Contact Sue Boyce at
Photographers Wanted!

Have you taken any photos at a recent church event? The Communication Commission would love to share them on our media outlets! The photos can be of meetings, special events, and anything in between! Cell phone pictures are welcomed. Please email the largest size available photos to or text them to 734-771-2397. Thank you!

St. Luke's Greeters
We have been told numerous times by our visitors that we are a very welcoming church. I believe that one of those reasons is that we have such wonderful greeters at each service who provide a warm smile and a friendly welcome to our visitors. In the 8:00 am Sunday morning service, we have only four couples who are regular Greeters with each one taking one Sunday per month. We are in great need of more people who would be willing to step forward to help us out. If you can offer a smile and a warm hello, please call or email Linda Taylor at 928-379-5936 or
Prescott Area Shelter Services (PASS) - Collection Continues
The wish list for Prescott Area Shelter Services includes things such as: laundry and dish soap, coffee, toilet paper, office supplies and more. Click  here to see complete list. Items can be brought to the Gathering Hall. Thank you for your help!
Visit our website!
Be sure to visit our website,, every so often! There is a great section at the bottom of the Home page entitled "News & Updates" that contains information on recent events at St. Luke's along with some wonderful photos. 
Did you know we offer online giving?
St. Luke's offers secure online giving through Faithstreet. You may use this for a one-time gift or a recurring gift. Or, would you like to give with your bank account? You can set that up, too! To check it out, visit and click on the green icon, as pictured above, that says Give Online!
We acknowledge...
According to Resolution #2016-3, of the 56th Diocesan Convention:
We acknowledge the living culture of the Yavapai people, the traditional custodians of the land we stand on, and pay tribute to role they play in the life of this region.
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Food Donation Program
Many thanks to all of you for your continued support each week of the weekly food donation program which benefits three area food banksThe counting of the food takes place each Monday and then is divided up for the three food banks.

For the week of Dec. 30-31,  250 food items were collected!!

This week's shopping list: 
Canned beef, canned vegetables, tomato sauce,canned beans
Weekly Attendance & Giving
End of Year Data for 2017 will be posted next week.
Honoring Special Dates
January 7:  Jan Casacchia, Brenda Tillery
January 8:  Mary Halford
January 9:  Wayne Hallford, Sandra Hennigan, Lyneal Nick
January 10:  Shannon Kocher, Marty McNaul
January 11:   George Chesney, Joy Cobb, Richard Lassiter, Doug Pask
January 12:  Michael Bradburn-Ruster, Gib McIntosh
January 10:  Al & Mary Temme

Your Prayers are Invited...
...for those in need: A.J., Adelaide, Albert, Amanda, Angela, April + baby & family, Ashley, Barb, Barbara, Bea, Bee, Beth L., Betty, Brandon, Brien, Brittany, Bruce, Carol, Cathy, Chalys, Cheryl, Chris,  Christopher, Chuck, Connor, Daniel,  David, Denise, Dianne, Don, Donald, Dott, Dylan, Ed, Evelyn,  Fred, Gavin, Gaye, Gene, Geoff, Gerry, Ginny, Greg, Gregg & family, Gus, Hank, Harris, Ileen, Jack H., Jamison,  Jean, Jeanne, Jerry, Joe, Joel, Josh, Judith, Judy, Julie Ann, Juliann, Julia & Blake, June, Karin, Kay, Kay & Dennis, Keena, Keith, Ken,  Kimball,  Kristi, Kynleigh, Larry, Lea, Lisa, Lynn, Madelon, Margaret, Margo, Marian, Marilyn, Mark, Martha,  Mary, Marty, Matt, Maxine, Melissa, Michael, Michaela, Michele, Miriam, Pam, Patricia, Paul, Paula, Penny, Percy, Peter,  Preston, Reed, Renita, Rich, Rick, Rosey, Ruth, Sandy, Shea, Sheri,Shirley, Skip, Steve, Steven, Susan,  Suzette, Tammy, Terri, Teresa, Timothy, Tina, Todd, Tom, Tom P., Trey, Tricia, Sue, Sue & Wally, Vicki, Vanessa, Walt, Warren, Zelma
...for those in our Armed Forces (Please send us the names of loved ones actively serving.):
Echo, Brian
...for the Yavapai Nation
...for the Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Diocese of Accra (Ghana)
...for the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  Good Shepherd of the Hills (Cave Creek)
...for our companion Diocese:  Diocese of Navajoland
...for the St. Luke's Outreach Cycle of Prayer: U.S. Vets/Troop Support, United Thank Offering, United Blood Services Blood Drive, Boy Scout Troop #10
Scripture Readings
The First Sunday after Epiphany
Click  here for readings!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
1 Samuel 1:9-11
Psalm 33:12-22
Mark 12:38-44
Weekly Worship Assistants for January 6-7, 2018
5:30 p.m. Service
Celebrant:  Fr Pierre-Henry Buisson
Chalice Minister: Dave & Ruthie Rothgery
Greeters: Tom & Susan Snodgrass
8:00 a.m. Service
Celebrant:  Fr Pierre-Henry Buisson
Chalice Minister: Gib McIntosh
Greeters:  Duncan & Julia Weir
Ushers: Ed & Hedy Sullivan
10:00 a.m. Service
Celebrant:  Fr Pierre-Henry Buisson
Assisting Priest:  Fr Richard Lassiter
Sub-deacon:  Monte Anderson
Chalice Minister:  Charles Covert
Chalice Minister:  Beth Shaw
Altar Minister: Lucy Kemper
Reader 1: Tani Hendrickson
Reader 2:  Lynne Wells
Prayers:  Wini Larson
Verger:  Ernie Howell
Greeters:  Barrie & Claire Clark
Welcome Table:  Brenda Schwartz & Sharon Dawley
Ushers: Bruce & Geni LeQuesne
Asst. Ushers:  Barbara Baker-Rosenberg & Rich Schwartz
Oblationers: Ken & Peggy Wagner
Altar Guild Team:  Elsie Tyree, Pat Eaton, Sylvia McIntosh,
Pat Ogburn, Jane Peacock, Betsy Denison

Host Coffee Hour!!
Special thanks to those who host coffee hour after the 10 a.m. service. This is an important part of the fellowship of St. Luke's Church. If you could take a turn, please sign-up in the Gathering Hall. 

Host on January 7: Pam Williams and 
                                  Mary Queen.

Would you like to give Altar Flowers?
The 2018 flower chart is
now posted in the Gathering Hall!
Altar flowers are given in thanksgiving for our many blessings or a special event, in memory of a loved one, or to the glory of God. They are an offering that enrich our worship space. You may sign-up on the Altar Flowers poster on the bulletin board in the Gathering Hall.  The suggested donation is $45.00 (however, any donation is accepted). If you would like to have a person or event named here, please notify the office.
Altar Flowers on January 7:
   Poinsettias on the altar are available to take home after each service this weekend!
Community Groups & Happenings at St. Luke's
Daughters of the
British Empire (DBE)
DBE meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at St. Luke's in the Conference Room with the exception of the summer months.

Visit for more info or contact Diane Reddy.
Foster Care Info Nights: Foster Adoptive Network
Attend a foster care orientation meeting at St. Luke's in the Parish Hall on the 3rd Thursday of the month, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Next one is Jan. 18. For more info, call AZ Children's Association at 928-443-1991.

Girl Scouts Troop 79

Troop 79, which will begin meeting again after the summer months, meets on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall. For more information on the troop, click here to email the troop leader, Donna Dotzler.

Boy Scouts Troop 10
Troop 10 meets on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall. For more information on the troop, click   here to email the troop leader.

Prescott Chamber Orchestra
The Prescott Chamber Orchestra holds its weekly rehearsals and concerts at St. Luke's. The next concert of the season is January 27 at 2:30 p.m. Visit for more information and tickets.

Prescott Chorale
The Prescott Chorale holds its weekly rehearsals on Tuesday evenings and concerts at St. Luke's. Dennis Houser, our Music Director, is the Director.
The next performance will take place on Saturday April 21 at 3 p.m.
Visit for tickets and more information.
In the Community
Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity

For general information on Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity and for information for this event, visit

Prescott Noon Lions Club
Want to give back and help the less fortunate in our community?
Join the Prescott  Noon Lions Club, the most active Lions Club in 7 Western states. Contact Mike Franklin at  703-887-4837 or for more information on the club and how to come to a meeting as a guest to check us out.
for submissions to the Weekly Epistle is the end of the day Tuesday for the week you would like it to appear.

The preferred method of submission is by email. Thanks for your cooperation!
Service Schedule
Sunday Services:  
Saturday 5:30 pm Spoken Eucharist
 Sunday 8:00 am  Eucharist with hymns
Sunday 10:00 am Eucharist with Choir

Weekday Services:
  • Wednesday 10 am           Healing Service with Communion
  • Thursday 9:00 am            Morning Prayer 
  • 2nd & 4th Friday 9 am     Centering Prayer
Parish Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. & 1 to 4 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Church Website
The Sunday bulletin is available at the Worship bulletins section .
Our calendar is available at the Calendar section.

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