St. Luke's Weekly Epistle
Week of December 23 , 2018
Christmas 2018 at St Luke's
December 21, 5:30 pm:  Blue Christmas Service, Chapel
December 24, 4:30 PM: Family Christmas Service, Sanctuary
December 24, 9:00 PM: Traditional Christmas Service with Choir 
(Caroling begins at 8:45 PM), Sanctuary
December 25, 10:00 AM: Simple Christmas Service, Chapel

I Will Light Candles This Christmas
by Howard Thurman

I will light candles this Christmas
Candles of joy, despite all sadness,
Candles of hope where despair keeps watch.
Candles of courage where fear is ever present,
Candles of peace for tempest-tossed days,
Candles of grace to ease heavy burdens.
Candles of love to inspire all my living,
Candles that will burn all the year long
The office will close at 12 noon on Friday December 21 for the holidays and will reopen at 9 a.m. on January 2.
 Please call 928-778-4499 (option 2) for any pastoral emergencies. 

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Christmas Message 2018

'Love came down at Christmas, because God so loved the world, that he gave, even to the point of risking his own son'.

Click here to see the video or read the text of the presiding bishop's message.
The results are in!
We raised $555!! 
Thank you so much to
All of you for supporting
The Youth's mission trip!
A special thanks for our great
Bakers who made delicious and
Beautiful goodies!
Christmas Flowers
The beautiful poinsettias that grace our altars were donated by parishioners to honor their loved ones and in thanksgiving for blessings. 

Click here to see the names of those remembered.  
Thank you for your support of St. Luke's Outreach programs.
The last quarter of the year has proven to be an exceptionally productive and busy part of the year.  Without the support of everyone in St. Luke's congregation these wonderful blessings would not have taken place.  Thank you for your help!
Be sure and stop by the Outreach table in the Gathering Hall to pick up a flyer that celebrates all that you do.  We are blessed and a very generous congregation.  Thank you!

The Outreach Commission wishes you a very Blessed Christmas.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on 
Sunday, January 20,
 at 11:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall. 
                                              Please plan to attend this important meeting
Thank You!  Thank You!

The Funeral Reception Committee would like to thank everyone who bought cookbooks and raffle tickets. Your support was overwhelming.   We also would like to thank all of those who helped make this cookbook possible. It was amazing the amount of time and work that went into it--from gathering recipes to the finished product.  Finally our thank you's  and appreciation go out to Berry's Pie Pantry  and The Red Lobster Restaurant f or their generous donations. Please remember to dine at these establishments when you are out and about, to show our appreciation.  CONGRATULATIONS  to our lucky raffle winners!
Basket of kitchen items--Keehna Sture
One whole pie from Berry's--Wini Larson
One whole pie from Berry's--Mary Hallford
Red Lobster gift cards--Barbara Baker-Rosenberg 
The Revs Susan Armer and Richard Lassiter invite you-all into a discussion about a persons' journey from getting old through death and beyond.  This discussion will begin on Wednesday January 9, 2019 at 11:00 AM in St. Lukes' library and continue every Wednesday until the group feels it is time to stop. 
To help in our  discussions, we will be using the book authored by Parker L. Palmer, titled ON the BRINK of EVERYTHING.  A copy of this great book can be purchased at the local bookstores or online at sites such as  The church will help you with its cost if needed.
Update on 2019 Stewardship Campaign
As of December 20, 2018,193 pledges have been received for a total of
$506,268.24.  Thank you for your generosity!

If you have not yet submitted your pledge for 2019, you may do so by picking up a pledge card in the Gathering Hall this weekend and return to office during the week, submit it via email using this confidential email address:, or by using the form '2019 Pledge Card' on the front page of our website
... I was in prison and you visited me. 
Matthew 25:36
We received the following from the Reverend Kim Crecca: 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Thank you for your dedication to sending cards to the ladies of Perryville. I heard from several this past weekend that had received Christmas cards and they were so excited! The happiness that something as simple as a card can bring to one person is really made evident by this program. I pray that you are as blessed by your ministry as the ladies are to receive your cards.
I Was In Prison And You Visited Me
By The Rt. Rev. Kirk S. Smith, Bishop of Arizona
Bishop smith clerical lo res
I began this Advent season with a visit to the women's prison at Perryville. This was my second trip to worship with these women. There are about 4,000 inmates there, although my contacts have been with just one unit of about 400.  Worshiping with this group of ladies has been one of the highlights of my time as bishop. They come from all backgrounds, races, and ages, but they all wear the same orange colored uniforms. There are some who look quite tough, but many others who could pass as members of the Altar Guild! When I first went a couple of years ago, I was struck by the intensity of their prayer. The Prayers of the People time in the liturgy always includes tears, hugs, and sometimes shouts of pain. Our two deacons have over the years arranged for the baptism of many of the women and that's one reason I was asked back--to confirm 14 of them! To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that a bishop of Arizona has confirmed women in prison.

You can read the full article on the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona Website, Communications tab then Bishop's E-pistle. You may also click here.
On Sunday  December 9, four St Luke's members of the Native American Ministry CommitteeMonte and Pat Anderson, Lynne Wells, Sherri Frances and pooch Amy drove 4 hours each way up to the Hopi Mesas/Hopiland--As reported by Sherri Frances: 

We were escorted  by our Hopi friend, Fil Kewanyama, to deliver Christmas Gifts to approximately 50 children and their parents---the gifts were generously appreciated---We had a long day of
rewarding delight --- Attended a Christmas Parade and Art Fair, Met some lovely
Native peoples and had much joy interacting with them----

Welcome to the Good Book Club! We invite you to explore Christ's redeeming love by reading Paul's Letter to the Romans each day throughout the season of Epiphany 2019. Join with tens of thousands of Episcopalians to learn about life in the early church and central principles of our Christian faith. The Good Book Club offers an opportunity to dive deeply into scripture and create a daily practice of engagement with God's Word. It's easy to join the Good Book Club:
Just open your Bible and start! To support you in your journey, there will be links to resources in next week's epistle.  

Click here to listen to Bishop Curry's invitation to the GOOD BOOK CLUB - Romans.
Grief Support Group
The new grief support group that met for the first time last week will meet weekly on Fridays from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in the Meditation Room (just off the Parish Hall) It will be continuing on subsequent Fridays, incl uding  December 28.

Discipleship & Transition
Walking the Way of Jesus

12th Annual Lay Leadership Weekend
February 1-3, 2019
Chapel Rock Camp & Conference Center - Prescott
Junior Wardens ▪Senior Wardens ▪Clerks  Treasurers ▪Vestries ▪Bishop's Committees
This year's Lay Leadership Weekend offers the opportunity for those in leadership
roles to spend time with both Bishop Kirk Smith and Bishop-Elect Jennifer Reddall
and the Diocesan staff. We look forward to enhancing the important roles Lay
Leaders have in developing disciples in their congregations.
Adult Formation Opportunities

Book of Job Bible Study  has finished.
  There will be no further Bible Study in December.

Book Study - On the Brink of Everything will begin on January 9
Wednesdays, 11 a. m. in the Library

Romans Bible Study  will begin on January 9
Wednesdays, 5 p.m. in the Conference Room 

Visit our website!
Be sure to visit our website,, every so often! There is a great section at the bottom of the Home page entitled "News & Updates" that contains information on recent events at St. Luke's along with some wonderful photos. 
Did you know we offer online giving?
St. Luke's offers secure online giving through Faithstreet. You may use this for a one-time gift or a recurring gift. Or, would you like to give with your bank account? You can set that up, too! To check it out, visit and click on the green icon, as pictured above, that says Give Online!
We acknowledge...
According to Resolution #2016-3, of the 56th Diocesan Convention:
We acknowledge the living culture of the Yavapai people, the traditional custodians of the land we stand on, and pay tribute to the role they play in the life of this region.
Food Donation Program
Many thanks to all of you for your continued support each week of the weekly food donation program which benefits three area food banksThe counting of the food takes place each Monday and then is divided up for the three food banks.

For the week of December 16:   80 food items were collected

This week's shopping list: 
Canned beef, canned vegetables, tomato sauce, canned beans
Weekly Attendance & Giving
12/15 - 12/16 -  Attendance - 283
Pledge - $5,566   Plate - $633
Honoring Special Dates
December 23:  Sarah Meyer
December 26: Carol Hassinger
December 27: James Callan, Terry Lequesne
December 28: Denise Muller, Rich Staudt
December 29: Michael Barber, Lori Brooks

December 24: Gary & Luann Herbert
December 26: Jim & Susan Schubert
December 28: Jeffery & Martha Bernatz
Our Prayer lists
For those in need: A.J., Adelaide, Albert, Amanda, Andrea, Angela, Angeles, Ashley, Baby Nolan, Barb, Barbara, Bea, Bee, Betsy, Bill, Bob, Brandon, Brian, Brittany, Bruce, Carol, Carol H., Carolyn, Cathy, Chalys, Charlotte, Cheryl, Christopher, Chuck, Claire, Connor, Courtney, Daniel, Dave, David, Dawn Ellen, Ellie, Debbie, Derrick, Dianne, Don, Donald, Donna, Dorothy, Dott, Dyla, Ed, Enrique, Ernie, Evelyn, Francis, Fred, Gary, Gavin, Gaye, Geoff, George, Gerry, Gina, Gislela, Greg, Gregg & family, Gus, Hank,. Hal & Karen, Harris, Harry, Heidi, Ian, Ileen, Jack H., Jack K., Jade, Jean, Jeanne, Jeri, Jerry, Joe, Joel, John, Josh, Judith, Judy, Julie Ann, Julieann, Julia & Blake, June, Karin, Kathleen & Philip, Kay, Keena, Keith, Ken, Kimball, Kira, Kyle, Kristi, Lea, Les G., Lisa, Lynn, Madelon, Margo, Marian, Marilyn, Mark, Martha, Mary, Matt, Max, Maxine, Megan, Melissa, Micaela, Michael, Michaela, Mike, Miriam, Nancy, Nolan (baby), Pam, Patricia, Paul, Paula, Penny, Percy, Peter, Reed, Renita, Ricardo, Rich, Richard, Rick, Rob, Ron, Rosey, Ruth, Sabrina, Salem, Sean, Sally, Shea, Sheri, Shirley, Skip, Steven, Sue, Sue & Wally, Susan, Susan S., Susan R., Suzette, Tammy, Terri, Teresa, Timothy, Tina, Todd, Tom, Tom P., Tom & Moni, Trey, Tricia, Vicki, Vanessa, Walt, Warren, Wayne, William, Zachary, Zelma

For those in our Armed Forces: Echo, Brian

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer:  Diocese of Kivu (Rwanda)
In Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  St James the Apostle (Tempe)
In the St. Luke's Outreach Cycle of Prayer: United Blood services, Blood Drive, Angel Tree

For the Yavapai-Apache Nation
For Bishop Zak and Amagoro Junior Academy
For our companion Diocese in Navajoland
Scripture Readings
Fourth Sunday of Advent
Click  here for readings!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018 
(There will not be a Healing & Eucharist service on Dec. 26.)
St Stephen, Deacon & Martyr
Psalm 31
Jeremiah 26:1-9, 12-15
Matthew 23:34-39
Worship Ministers for December 22 & 23 , 2018

5:30 p.m. Service
 Celebrant & Preacher: The Rev. Denise Muller
Chalice Minister: Trampus Tribbey
Greeters:Betty & Dan Phillips
Welcome Table: Doug & Pat Ogburn
8:00 a.m. Service
Celebrant: The Rev. Pierre-Henry Buisson
Preacher:  The Rev. Denise Muller
Chalice Minister: Tom Ghan
Ushers: Sylvia McIntosh & Cynthia Moreno
Welcome Table: Bill Bisig

10:00 a.m. Service
Celebrant The Rev. Pierre-Henry Buisson
Preacher:  The Rev. Denise Muller
Sub-Deacon:  Sharon Tootle
Chalice Minister: Beth Shaw
Chalice Minister: Keehna Sture
Altar Minister: Charles Covert
Reader 1: Doris Schoeben
Reader 2: Doris Highland
Prayers: Zibbie Wolter
Verger:  Larry Neece
Greeters: Larry & Eileen Griffin
Welcome Table: Genell Lee & Brenda Schwartz
Ushers: Ken & Peggy Wagner
Asst. Ushers: Jack Parker & Larry Whearley
Oblationers: Jim & Susan Schubert

Altar Guild Team: Nancy Reynolds, Barbara Baker-Rosenberg, Brenda Holden, Betty Gass,
Doris Schoeben, Barbara Brubaker, Tigger Gilliam

Host Coffee Hour!!
Special thanks to those who host coffee hour after the 10 a.m. service. This is an important part of the fellowship of St. Luke's Church. 

December 23: 
No Host

Please note that coffee hour on December 23 will take place in the Gathering Hall due to the Parish Hall being fully set-up for the Don't Spend Christmas Alone dinner!

Would you like to give Altar Flowers?
The 2019 flower chart is
posted in the Narthex.
Altar flowers are given in thanksgiving for our many blessings or a special event, in memory of a loved one, or to the glory of God. They are an offering that enrich our worship space. You may sign-up on the Altar Flowers poster on the bulletin board in the Gathering Hall.  The suggested donation is $55.00. This is a change due to increased cost. (however, any donation is accepted). If you would like to have a person or event named here, please notify the office.
No flowers during Advent

Community Groups & Happenings at St. Luke's
Daughters of the
British Empire (DBE)
DBE meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at St. Luke's in the Conference Room with the exception of the summer months.

Visit for more info or contact Diane Reddy.

Girl Scouts Troop 79

Troop 79 meets on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall. For more information on the troop, click here to email the troop leader, Donna Dotzler.

Boy Scouts Troop 10
Troop 10 meets on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall. For more information on the troop, click  click here  to email the troop leader.

Prescott Chamber Orchestra
The Prescott Chamber Orchestra holds its weekly rehearsals and concerts at St. Luke's. Visit for more information and tickets.

Prescott Chorale
The Prescott Chorale holds its weekly rehearsals on Tuesday evenings and concerts at St. Luke's. Dennis Houser, our Music Director, is the Director.
Visit for tickets and more information.
In the Community
Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity

For general information on Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity and for information for this event, visit For Family Selection Criteria brochure, click  here .

Service Schedule
Sunday Services:  
Saturday 5:30 pm Spoken Eucharist
 Sunday 8:00 am  Eucharist with hymns
Sunday 10:00 am Eucharist with Choir

First Sunday of the month 9:15 am Family Eucharist

Weekday Services:
  • Wednesday 10 am           Healing Service with Communion
  • Thursday 9:00 am            Morning Prayer 
  • 2nd & 4th Friday 9 am     Centering Prayer
Parish Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. & 1 to 4 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Church Website
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Our calendar is available at the Calendar section.
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