St. Luke's Weekly Epistle
Week of December 15
Advent lll - TIMELINES
We are told that we are created from the dust of the earth and to dust we shall return.  (Gen 2:7, Ecc 3:20)
Amazingly, Cosmology also suggests that we are made of stardust.  All the atoms in our bodies were created in the crucible of stars.  When stars explode at the end of their life cycle, they blow all the atoms in the "Periodic Table" into interstellar space, which eventually formed our Sun and Solar System and everything on our Planet.  So, we are literally formed from stardust. Not just dust, but Stardust. (Carl Sagan - Cosmos)  We know only our own history first hand.  We live in our own moment of time and we cannot know the future until it arrives upon us. Even when we make choices that affect our future, there are still uncertainties as to the outcome until that future moment actually arrives in our timeline.  You and I are blessed to have parallel moments in time to share, as we travel toward eternity along the timeline our Creator has given to each of us. When our physical bodies cease to be alive and we pass into eternity, the atoms from which we are made, return to the universe to be recycled again in whatever form to follow.  Our soul returns to the presence of God to await the great promise of His creation... (Ecc 12:7)   "Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall all, be changed.  For this mortal must put on immortality."   (1 Cor 15: 51-53)  Thanks be to God for His goodness, for us to have shared these special moments together, in His time.  Anonymous
Citations from King James Version
Note: In the Brahms Requiem from the Martin Luther translation of the bible. At the last trump, the German term used is "Posaune" which is actually the last Trombone.
  Advent Intentions by St. Luke's Youth
Advent III - JOY
You will be at ease,
Your smile a sign of Joy.
There's everything in the world
To enjoy!                    by Danielle M.
  Christmas Flowers
   Remember loved ones, memorials and thanksgivings at this most 
   festive time of the yea r throug h the gift  of flowers. Click Here  for 
   Christmas Flowers form to print and complete  Forms, on green paper,  are     also available in the Gathering Hall. Please return your completed  slip to       the office no later than Monday, December 17.  You may also  put it in the       offering plate or email the parish office at  with the 
   following    info:   your name,  thanksgiving/memorial, and/or other
  information to be  included.   Be sure to mark your check or donation with      " Christmas flowers" .
Don't Spend Christmas Alone 
The DSCA dinner will be held December 25, from 11 a.m. to 2 pm in the Parish Hall. 
Let's make sure everyone is able to enjoy fellowship this Christmas. You can help us by inviting anyone in your neighborhood who lives alone.
Contemplative Advent Eucharist Service
Sunday: December 15 at 5:30 pm
This is a new, contemplative  service with the chanting of hymns designed for the season of Advent. The service will take place in the meditation room. The room will be censed with incense before the service.
Morning Prayer, Monday -  Friday, 9:00 am

Dwell intentionally with God each day.

Jesus teaches us to come before God with humble hearts, boldly offering our thanksgivings and concerns to God or simply listening for God's voice in our lives and in the world. Whether in thought, word or deed, when we pray we invite and dwell in God's loving presence.  Join us for corporate Morning Prayer weekdays in the Chapel during Advent.

Stewardship Update
  A big thank you for all of the 159 families and individuals  who have returned their Pledge Card.  To date we have  received $452,975 in pledges.  Please help the Vestry to  work on the 2020 budget by returning YOUR pledge card  as soon as possible.  Pledges can be made online by clicking  here
Ringers of St. Luke's and High Desert Ringers, both directed by Jim Klein, will be playing Christmas handbell music at Spring Hill Suites Hotel from 5:30-8:30 pm this Friday for the Acker Musical Showcase.  Ringers of St. Luke's will perform from 5:30-7:00 and the High Desert Ringers (a new community handbell choir) will ring from 7:00-8:30.  Spring Hill Suites provides goodies for audience and ringers alike.  There is also comfortable seating to enjoy the music. We invite you to come and listen to the variety , Christmas music both secular and sacred,  

St. Luke's would like to thank MARY QUEEN for her time and dedication to our Weekly Epistle.  

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on 
Sunday, January 26,
 at 11:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall. 
   Please plan to attend this important meeting

Thank you for all of your generosity to this year's  
Angel Tree  program. Now it's time to wrap!  Are you interested in helping wrap all of the goodies?   There will a gift-wrapping party December 14th at 10 am in the gathering hall. Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you sponsored a child or not. Please bring your own scissors and any wrapping supplies you are able to donate. Music, snacks, and lots of Christmas cheer will be provided.  Can't make it? We are also accepting donations of wrapping paper, tape, and tags. Items can be brought to the Angel Tree.
Questions? Call Lauren (734) 771-2397 or
Congratulations to  Debra Creighton for being the winner 
of the Quilt Raffle!  
Carol Sweeden's quilt is a  masterpiece!  
Over $750 were donated to "Don't Spend Christmas Alone."
A big thanks to all who contributed.  
Y our generosity never ceases to amaze!

Christmas Craft Party 
 For the whole family!  
Saturday December 14th at 2:00 pm   
Join us for an afternoon of fun creating ornaments! 
We will then decorate the Tree 
and  listen to the Christmas story. 
Santa will share hot cocoa and goodies with us
Annual Christmas Bake Sale
December 14 &  December 15 after services  
our wonderful bakers will strike again:
Pies, cookies, breads, chocolates, you name it!
All proceeds will benefit our Youth Mission Trip
to Las Vegas, NV in June 2020.
If you ordered Garmisch Nut Stollen or Deacon's Mustard:
Mustard is in the big kitchen refrigerator and
Garmisch Nut Stollen is in big kitchen freezer. Everything needs to be
picked up this weekend to make way for
Don't Spend Christmas Alone supplies.
If you have not paid already, please see Deacon Kimball.
Christian Formation
Sunday -    11:30 am (after service): TAEHS 
Wednesday -     4 pm: Days of Awe and Wonder, Conference Room
     5 pm: Bible Study, Revelations, Conference Room (December 18)
    Thursday -     5:30 pm: EfM, Conference Room
Do you know we offer online giving?
St. Luke's offers secure online giving through Realm. You may use this for a one-time gift or a recurring gift. To make a gift click the following link.  Online donation.
We acknowledge...
According to Resolution #2016-3, of the 56th Diocesan Convention:
We acknowledge the living culture of the Yavapai people, the traditional custodians of the land we stand on, and pay tribute to the role they play in the life of this region.
Weekly Attendance & Giving
December 7 & 8          Attendance: 259     Pledge: $6,465         Plate:  $688
Honoring Special Dates
   December 16     Dick Crowther, Joan Lane
   December 17     Angela Russ
   December 18     Judy Wallach, Beth Newton, Margaret Towne
   December 20     Shane Denison, Ken Delmastro
   December 21     Barbara Leonard, Ron Baker
   December 17     Francois & Deborah Maurice
   December 18     Ron & Ruth Baker
Our Prayer Lists
For those in need:  A.J., Adelaide, Albert, Alina & Audrina, Alison, Andrea, Angela, April & Raffy, Ashley, Baby Nolan, Barb, Barbara, Bea, Beth, Betsy, Bill, Bob, Brandon, Brenda, Brian, Brittany, Bruce, Calvin, Carol, Carolyn, Cathy, Chalys, Charlotte, Cherie, Cheryl, Christine, Christopher, Cindy & family, Claire, Clare, Clay & Muriel, Colleen, Connor, Courtney, Craig & Victoria, Daniel, Dave, Dawn Elaine, Ellen, Ellie, Elizabeth & Don, Debbie, Derrick, Dianne, Don, Donald, Donna, Dorothy, Dott, Doug and Pat, Dyla, Ed, Enrique, Ernie, Eve, Evelyn, Farrell families, Fran and Mike, Francis, Gary, Gavin, Gaye, Geoff, George, Gerry, Gil & Joanie, Gina, Gisela, Glory, Greg, Gregg & family, Gus, Hank,. Hal & Karen, Harris, Harry, Heidi, Herb & Louise,Ian, Ileen, Jack, Jack H., Jack K., Jade, Jason, Jeanne, Jeff, Jennifer, Jeri, Jerry, Joan, Joe, Joel, John, Josh, Joy, Judy, Julie Ann, Julieann, Julia & Blake, June, Karen & baby, Karin, Kathleen & Philip, Kay, Keena, Keith, Ken, Kimball, Kira, Kristi, Lane, Larry & Mary,  Lea, Lee, Les G., Lynn, Madelon, Margo, Maria & family, Marian, Mark, Martha, Mary, Marty,  Matt, Max, Maxine, Megan, Melania, Melissa, Micaela, Michael, Michaela, Mike,  Mike & Fran, Miriam, Nancy, Nolan (baby), Oce & Lorna, Olivia,  Pam, Patricia, Patty, Paul, Paula, Penny, Percy, Pete, Peter, Phil, Quentin, Reed, Renita, Ricardo, Rich, Richard, Rick, Rosey,, Ruth, Sabrina, Salem, Sean, Sally, Shannon, Shea, Sheri, Shirley, Skip, Stephen, Steven, Sue, Sue & Wally, Susan, Susan S., Susan R., Suzette, Susie, Sylvia, Tammy, Ted, Terri, Teresa, Timothy, Tina, T.J. & Lane, Toby, Todd, Tom, Tom P., Tom & Moni, Trey, Tricia, Vicki, Vanessa, Walt, Will, William, Zachary, Zelma
For those in our Armed Forces: Echo, Brian, Dante', Florian, Lopez
In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer:  Sokoto (Nigeria), El Salvador (Central America)
In Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  Church of the Nativity in Scottsdale
In the St. Luke's Outreach Cycle of Prayer:  Vitalant Blood Drive, The Abundant Life Crusade Ministry, Kenya, Meals on Wheels
For the Yavapai-Apache Nation
For Bishop Zak and Amagoro Junior Academy
For our companion Diocese in Navajoland

Scripture Readings
Third Sunday of Advent
Click  here for readings!

Isaiah 45: 5-8, 18-25
Psalm 85 (verses 8-13)
Luke 7:18-23   
Worship Ministers for December 14 - 15

 5:30 p.m. Service 
Celebrant & Preacher:  The Rev. Denise Muller
Chalice Minister: please volunteer
Greeters:  Dan & Betty Phillips  

 8:00 a.m. Service
Celebrant:  The Rev. Pierre-Henry Buisson
Preacher:  The Rev. Denise Muller
Chalice Minister:  Rich Staudt
Ushers: Jim & Pam Damm

10:00 a.m. Service
Celebrant:  The Rev. Pierre-Henry Buisson
Preacher: The Rev. Denise Muller
Assisting Priest: The Rev. Bob Wills
Sub-Deacon: Charles Covert
Chalice Minister:  Bill Christy
Chalice Minister: Liz Kennedy 
Altar Minister:  Nancy Reynolds
Reader 1: Zibbie Wolter
  Reader 2: George Chesney
Prayers: Larry Neece
Verger:  Barbara Sayle
Welcome Table: Jean Ehlers & Eva Klein
Greeters: Dick & Dianne Crowther
Ushers: Geoffery & Brenda Holder
Asst. Ushers: Mary Berkheiser & Becky Hansen

5:30 p.m. Service
Celebrant & Preacher:  The Rev. Pierre-Henry Buisson
Reader:  Linda Guy
Cantor:  Gordon Snider
Altar Guild Team: Elsie Tyree, Pat Eaton, Sylvia McIntosh, Pat Ogburn, 
Jane Peacock, Betsy Denison

Host Coffee Hour!!
Special thanks to those who host coffee hour after the 10 a.m. service.
We do ask that you clean up at the conclusion of the coffee hour.

Sign-up sheet for coffee hour can be found on the red-skirted tables in the Gathering Hall.

This is an important part of the fellowship of St. Luke's Church.

December 15 Host: 

Would you like to give Altar Flowers?
The 2019 flower chart is 
posted in the Narthex.

Altar flowers are given in thanksgiving for our many blessings or a special event, in memory of a loved one, or to the glory of God. They are an offering that enrich our worship space. You may sign-up on the Altar Flowers poster in the narthex.  The suggested donation is $55.00. This is a change due to increased cost (however, any donation is accepted). If you would like to have a person or event named here, please notify the office.
Flowers: No flowers during Advent
Community Groups 
Daughters of the
British Empire (DBE)
DBE meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 1:30 pm at St. Luke's in the Conference Room, with the exception of the summer months.
Visit for more info or contact   Diane Reddy.

Girl Scouts Troop 79

Troop 79 meets on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 pm in the Parish Hall. For more information on the troop, click here to email the troop leader, Donna Dotzler.

Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity
For general information on Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity, click  hereFor 2019 home ownership informational meeting dates, click  here . For Family Selection Criteria brochure, click  here . (Meets off campus)

Prescott Chorale
The Prescott Chorale holds its weekly rehearsals on Tuesday evenings and concerts at St. Luke's. Dennis Houser, our Music Director, is the Director.
Visit for tickets and more information.
Boy Scouts Troop 10

Troop 10 meets on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm in the Parish Hall. For more information on the troop,  click here to email the troop leader.

Service Schedule
Sunday Services:  
Saturday 5:30 pm Spoken Eucharist
 Sunday 8:00 am Eucharist with hymns
Sunday 10:00 am Eucharist with Choir
Sunday 5:30 pm Contemplative Eucharist

Weekday Services:
  • Wednesday 10 am              Healing Service with Communion
  • Monday-Friday 9:00 am     Morning Prayer 
Parish Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. & 1 to 4 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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Our calendar is available at the Calendar section.
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