St. Margaret's Notebook
April 2, 2020

Minds to think. Hearts to love. Hands to serve.

Dear Beloved St. Margaret’s,

Holy Week and Easter are not completely cancelled, but they will be different this year! For those who might not be accustomed to worship during Holy Week, this is the last week of Lent where we walk with Jesus from his triumphant entry to Jerusalem to the Cross on Golgotha before his resurrection on Easter. Every year, we have several liturgies which beautifully put us front and center to all that happens. These are amongst our most special services, and this year, we are invited to experience them in a new way from the comfort of our homes. In fact, we need these services now more than ever, as they help teach us the never-ending cycle of life where we experience love, lose love, and find that love anew. Holy Week prepares us not only for Easter, but how to cope with the crises of life. Below are several ways that you can participate as individuals and as families during this unique time.

All services will be live-streamed from the Saint Margaret Facebook page and will be uploaded to YouTube immediately after. The Easter service will be pre-recorded and uploaded on Sunday morning. We will send out the bulletins for all these services as well.

Palm Sunday, April 5, 9:00 a.m. 
This week, you should receive a mailing from us that includes a couple of palm fronds and a palm cross (we apologize if not everyone gets a palm cross; we ordered these palms long before the pandemic). There are directions on how to make a palm cross with the fronds if you would like to do that.
If you would like to make your own palms out of paper, or if you have any in your yard, we encourage you to use those as well.
The liturgy will start with the Blessing of the Palms, and I will ask you to raise your palms to be blessed at that time.
As is customary, there will not be a sermon at this service, instead I will leave extended silence after we hear the Passion Gospel.

Maundy Thursday, April 9, 7:00 p.m.
Items to gather before the service: a large bowl, a pitcher of warm water, towels
Before the service, set up an altar in your home, a place where you can put items that remind you of God’s presence.
After the sermon, I will invite you to wash the feet of those in your home, as Jesus did his disciples in a stunning act of humility and love. We will sing several hymns to give you enough time to do this.
For those who are by themselves, we invite you to wash your own feet during this time as a sign of love to yourselves.
If you have pets, you can wash them (if they’ll allow you) or you can feed them an extra favorite treat as a sign of Christ’s love to them.
If feet make you uncomfortable, then wash your own hands or the hands of a loved one.
At the Stripping of the Altar, we will remove all the items from the Sanctuary as we typically do to symbolize the abandonment of Jesus at his arrest. We invite you to participate in removing the items on your own home altar as well.
During the Stripping of the Altar, we invite you to turn down the lights of wherever you are and keep them lower than usual for the remainder of the evening.

Stations of the Cross, April 10, 12:00 noon
Items to gather before the service: Stations of the Cross images (14), a favorite cross
We will be emailing you 14 images of the Stations of the Cross for you to print and place around your house or yard if you wish, or you can just watch.
If you have a cross at home, you can take it around to each station with you.
In the livestream, we will show each of the stations and will read them aloud for you.
If you don’t wish to watch the livestream, you can do the service by yourself or with your family by using the bulletin and the stations we email out to you.

Good Friday, April 10, 7:00 p.m.
Items to gather before the service: A wooden cross of any size
We encourage you to keep the lights low during this service.
After the Solemn Collects in the service, I will invite you to bring out a wooden cross to adore as we pray.

Easter Sunday, April 12, 9:00 a.m.
Items to gather before the service: Candle(s), noisemakers, flowers
This service will start with the Easter Vigil liturgy. If you’ve never done this service, it is a beautiful bridge from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.
We encourage you to make the room as dark as you can before the service, and light candles around the room.
After the Renewal of Baptismal Vows, I will invite you to turn the lights on, blow out your candles, and make some noise as we announce the Great Alleluia of Easter.
Decorate your home altar with flowers, crosses, icons, pictures of loved ones, or any other items that remind you of God’s presence. Also, use the Thanksgiving chain that our Youth are encouraging us to make during this time to decorate your home altar.

Our Bishop has encouraged us that whatever day we do get to worship together again as a community, no matter what Sunday of the calendar it is, that it will be an Easter liturgy. So we will have Easter again the next time we all meet!

I hope all of these ways will deepen your experience of Holy Week and Easter this year despite the circumstances, and perhaps will introduce you to something new. If you have any questions, please let me know!


Please call me (706-761-0115) if you need prayers or a word of comfort. 
St. Margaret's services at church have been suspended until May 24 but we offer the following Online Services & Group Meetings.

Thursday, April 2 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
6:00pm Evening Prayer
8:00pm Compline 

Friday, April 3 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer (sung by Dock) ( Bulletin for Morning Prayer w/Dock )
12noon Noonday Prayer (Marcy Brewer)
6:00pm Evening Prayer (volunteer needed)
8:00pm Compline (volunteer needed)

Saturday, April 4 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer (led by Brenda Hattaway)
12noon Noonday Prayer (Marcy Brewer)
6:00pm Evening Prayer (volunteer needed)
8:00pm Compline (volunteer needed)

Sunday, April 5 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page
9:00am Holy Eucharist (uploaded to YouTube afterwards) ( Palm Sunday Bulletin )
5:30pm EYC (via Zoom Meeting)
8:00pm Compline 

Monday, April 6 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
12noon Noonday Prayer
6:00pm Evening Prayer
6:00pm Education for Ministry (EFM - via Zoom)
8:00pm Compline

Tuesday, April 7 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
10:00am Staff Meeting (via Zoom)
12noon Noonday Prayer
6:00pm Evening Prayer
8:00pm Compline

Wednesday, April 8 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
12noon Noonday Prayer
4:30pm Kids Lenten Series
6:15pm Lenten Series - Way of the Cross led by Joshua Waits (St. Margaret's
Facebook page and via Z oom Meeting.
8:00pm Compline

Thursday, April 9, on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
11:00am Ladies Bible Study (via Zoom)
12noon Noonday Prayer
7:00pm Maundy Thursday service uploaded to YouTube afterwards

A prayerful request from the treasurer. 

Greetings St Margaret’s. I hope you are sheltering in place and are healthy both physically and spiritually. I would like to prayerfully request, if you are able, to continue maintaining your pledge or to increase your giving to either St. Margaret’s Community Outreach, to our general operating budget, or to both. If you know that you are not going to be able to maintain your pledge, please let Julie know so we can make adjustments. 

As I am sure you have heard, unemployment claims are at an all time high and St. Margaret’s Community Outreach has been tasked by the Community Foundation of West Georgia of helping with housing. While some foundation funding has been provided, additional dollars are desperately needed. Thanks for your consideration. 


Craig Williard
A few members have asked about contributions to the church. 
We have three ways for you to give.

Bill Pay
Contact your bank and let them know that you would like to set up a recurring payment to St. Margaret's Episcopal Church. You will need to provide them with the amount, our address, and the date(s) in which you would like these payments made. A check will be automatically drafted to St. Margaret's from your bank.
Cash or personal check
Please make checks payable to St. Margaret's Episcopal Church and send to: 
606 Newnan Street, Carrollton, GA 30117. 
Online Giving - Our newest way to give
You can give online now using our simple, secure giving system. Go to our website,  and click on the Giving tab on the tool bar (or  click here  ). Once you click on the donation button just follow the instructions.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and willingness to support the ministries of St. Margaret's especially during this COVID-19 pandemic time. We need your gifts more than ever.
Brotherhood of St. Andrew
 will meet on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. via Zoom Meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 290 474 578
Password: 784859
The Prayer Shawl Ministry will not meet again until September. 

We will  NOT  meet this Sunday since we are following the social distancing guidelines of our church and government. This does not mean we will not continue our discussion, if only with ourselves, and study of the readings appointed for the day.

Here are the resources for our study at home program for this week. We will take Easter off and resume the next week. 

Here is a link to the readings appointed for Palm Sunday. We will not have a class 

Here is a link to a discussion of the readings.

Lenten Disciplines
Need some reading to enhance your Lenten discipline? Check out the many Lenten meditations available from St. Margaret’s library. We have brought a few down and placed them in the tract rack in the Gallery. There are still some others in the Church Seasons section of the library, located upstairs in the Callahan Center. You may borrow them for the duration of Lent and Easter. (Please return them so that others can enjoy them next Lent.) If you need help in locating anything, ask Pam Griffin for assistance.
Lent is also the season for that wonderful program, Lent Madness, located at Based on March Madness of the college basketball world, it is a light-hearted but wonderful way to learn about saints of yesteryear and today. Every weekday during Lent, you can read about two saints and vote for your favorite. (Only one vote per person per day!) You can download your bracket and fill it in each day or, if you really want to have some fun, you can fill out your bracket completely now and see how you are at guessing the final outcome. We will be keeping up with the daily winners on the large bracket in the Parish Hall (please do not fill this one in yourself!). This is a fun activity to do with your family. Want to learn more? Go to the website NOTE: Our library has a shelf of books on saints. These books will enhance your knowledge on some of the saints you read about in Lent Madness.

Want more ideas for Lent? Try Each day you can read abot something you can do to help others. You are given a challenge and three levels to complete the challenge. (The challenge for today, February 27, is to do a simple task that no one else likes to do. You may wash the dishes, even if it isn’t your day; take out the garbage, clean the toilet, or do some other job no one in the family likes to do; or, offer to do some gardening for someone who struggles to do it or help declutter a room.) Some challenges will be more difficult, involving talking to or assisting strangers, but always there will be three levels from which to choose. Try it – you might like it
Bible Challenge
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Back: Juan Carlos Forero, Father Jeff, and Ryan Weber
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Hospitality - Catherine Gordon
Outreach - Marcy Brewer
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Parish Life - Jeana Langford
Stewardship / Finance - Ryan Roenigk, Ryan Weber
Episcopal Evangelism - Juan Forero, Catherine Gordon

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