St. Margaret's Notebook
March 20, 2020

Minds to think. Hearts to love. Hands to serve.
March 11, 2020

“[You] who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, abides under the shadow of the Almighty. [You] shall say to the Lord, ‘You are my refuge and my stronghold, my God in whom I put my trust.’…You shall not be afraid of any terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day; of the plague that stalks in the darkness, nor of the sickness that lays waste at mid-day.” - Psalm 91:1-2, 5-6

Dear Beloved St. Margaret’s,

Yesterday, the Diocese of Atlanta received a directive from Bishop Rob Wright concerning safe practices to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 (click link to see it). After discussion with the Vestry and Staff, here are the ways that this directive will affect our common life together for the time being.

  1. As people of deep prayer, we will add prayers for those who are sick and those who care for the sick, including medical staff and all who are working diligently to prevent and find a vaccine for COVID-19. We will also pray for those who have died as a result of the virus, and those who are oppressed by fear and those who will be affected financially because of this virus.
  2. The Altar Guild will sanitize all the areas that many people may touch, including the door handles, railings, pews, Processional Cross, tapers, Gospel Book, Eucharistic vessels, hymnals, and prayer books.
  3. At the Peace, we will wave, elbow bump, or give the “I love you” sign to each other. We will also continue to verbally share the Peace by saying things like “Peace be with you!” 
  4. Birthday and anniversary blessings, and blessings at the communion rail will be done with the sign of the cross and not the typical cross on the forehead. 
  5. During the Offertory, the alms basins (offering plates) will be placed on a table in front of the steps and parishioners are encouraged to come forward and put their offering in the basins. An acolyte wearing gloves will come and retrieve the plates and bring them to the altar to be blessed. The alms basin for Children’s Church will not be used until further notice. 
  6. The chalice will remain on the altar, and we will continue to have a small amount of wine present at the Eucharist to be consecrated, but we will not partake of it. After the service, the Altar Guild will pour it outside on the ground, as they do with any leftover sacrament. The congregation will receive the Sacrament in one kind only - the Body of Christ, in which we believe Christ is fully present, even without the Blood. Eucharistic Ministers will stand with me at the altar, but they will stand with the acolytes during the distribution. 
  7. If available, hand-sanitizer will be provided for all to use before Communion, and all in the Altar Party will receive hand-sanitizer there. Donations of hand-sanitizer are welcome. 
  8. Live-streaming of the service will be provided through the St. Margaret’s Facebook page for those who wish to view it from home.
  9. Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) will temporarily refrain from taking communion to homebound or hospitalized parishioners until further notice. If someone is in need of Communion at home, especially in emergency cases, I will take it to them. 
  10. Lay Readers should bone up on their comfort of leading Morning Prayer. If, for some reason, I cannot preside over the Eucharist, the back-up plan is for our Lay Readers to officiate the service as Morning Prayer. If any Lay Readers need further directions on how to do this, please let me know. 
  11. Wednesday Night Supper, meetings, and all other gatherings will continue as normal unless we are directed otherwise by the Bishop or local officials. Pertinent directives above apply to these gatherings as well (washing hands, refrain from contact, etc.). We will monitor day-by-day and if something needs to be cancelled or postponed, we will notify everyone.
  12. If other institutions like schools close at some point, the need for food will increase, as many children receive meals at school. One way you can help is to keep our food pantry stocked. Extra donations to the pantry would be welcome. Also, this may affect those who work paycheck to paycheck, and more financial assistance may be needed, so extra financial donations to Outreach would be welcome. 

Some will think all of this is overkill. Others will be grateful for the precautions. Public health crises like these can be an annoyance, but can also be a way to bring us together in a way that allows us to be present and caring for one another. Be brave, be patient, be flexible, and most of all, be a blessing to each other. God is with us always and so we shall not fear. 

If anyone has any need, concern, or questions, please contact me at 706-761-0115. 

Peace be with you,

(If you would like to receive a weekly text like this from me, text me at 706-761-0115 with your name and "add me.”)
This is the link to our Hunger Walk team page for sign ups and donations 
Lenten Disciplines
Need some reading to enhance your Lenten discipline? Check out the many Lenten meditations available from St. Margaret’s library. We have brought a few down and placed them in the tract rack in the Gallery. There are still some others in the Church Seasons section of the library, located upstairs in the Callahan Center. You may borrow them for the duration of Lent and Easter. (Please return them so that others can enjoy them next Lent.) If you need help in locating anything, ask Pam Griffin for assistance.
Lent is also the season for that wonderful program, Lent Madness, located at Based on March Madness of the college basketball world, it is a light-hearted but wonderful way to learn about saints of yesteryear and today. Every weekday during Lent, you can read about two saints and vote for your favorite. (Only one vote per person per day!) You can download your bracket and fill it in each day or, if you really want to have some fun, you can fill out your bracket completely now and see how you are at guessing the final outcome. We will be keeping up with the daily winners on the large bracket in the Parish Hall (please do not fill this one in yourself!). This is a fun activity to do with your family. Want to learn more? Go to the website NOTE: Our library has a shelf of books on saints. These books will enhance your knowledge on some of the saints you read about in Lent Madness.

Want more ideas for Lent? Try Each day you can read abot something you can do to help others. You are given a challenge and three levels to complete the challenge. (The challenge for today, February 27, is to do a simple task that no one else likes to do. You may wash the dishes, even if it isn’t your day; take out the garbage, clean the toilet, or do some other job no one in the family likes to do; or, offer to do some gardening for someone who struggles to do it or help declutter a room.) Some challenges will be more difficult, involving talking to or assisting strangers, but always there will be three levels from which to choose. Try it – you might like it! 

Do you have a favorite website you use during Lent? Let us know and maybe we can put it in next week’s newsletter.
Bible Challenge
March 10-17, 2020
Adult Sunday School

Callahan Center: We will continue our discussion of the readings appointed for the day. Here is a link to the readings.

Here is a link to a lesson plan based on the appointed gospel John 4:5-42.

Parish Hall : Spiritual Goals and Practices for the New Year.
Episcopal 101 - Sunday's at 6:00pm in the Callahan Center
March 15: What is God calling us to do?
Please join us for a special day on the GreenBelt as Keep Carroll Beautiful celebrates the Great American Cleanup! Mark your calendars for March 21, 2020, at 8:30 am to noon.

  • 8:30 am – supply pickup at East Carrollton Park Pavilion 
  • 9:00 am-noon – cleanup time!
  • 12:00-12:30 pm – drop off at East Carrollton Park Pavilion
  • to sign up call 678-321-4816 or email
If you are an existing Adopt-A-Trail volunteer – please schedule your trail visit for March 21!
Monday Yoga, 5:30 p.m.; EFM, 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday Morning Prayer, 8:30 a.m.; Eucharist, 12:15
Wednesday Supper, 5:30 p.m.; Choir Practice (9:00 am Choir @ 5:00pm; 11am Choir @
6:15pm; Lenten Series, 6:15 p.m.
Thursday  Ladies Bible Study, 11:00 a.m.; Yoga, 5:30 p.m.

Episcopal 101 - Sunday, March 1, 6:00 p.m.

March 14 Brotherhood of St. Andrew, 9:00 a.m.
March 22 Evensong, 4:00 p.m. CANCELED

Atten: Acolytes, Lay Readers, Ushers, Children Church Leaders, and Greeters

The new schedule for Feb 2 - May 3 is now available on line

If you are unable to serve on your scheduled Sunday, please arrange a swap and notify the church office.
Prayer List
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14-Mar Sierra Coggins
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23-Mar Oliver McLendon
28-Mar Zooey Bush, Hugh Russell
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31-Mar Bob Swanson

05-Mar  Gary & Marsha Solomon
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Sherman & Sandy Wilson Hannah
22-Mar Peter & Many Maierhofer
24-Mar Sam & Ann Price
St. Margaret’s Vestry 2020
Front: Ryan Roenigk, Margaret Louttit, Marcy Brewer (Sr. Warden), Brenda Hattaway, Jeana Langford, Randy Denmon, Catherine Gordon
Back: Juan Carlos Forero, Father Jeff, and Ryan Weber
2020 - 2021 Vestry

Marcy Brewer - Sr. Warden
Randy Denmon - Jr. Warden
Margaret Louttit
Ryan Weber
Catherine Gordon
Jeana Langford
Juan Carlos Forero
Brenda Hattaway
Ryan Roenigk

Commission Liaisons
Worship - Jeana Langford
Adult Formation - Ryan Weber, Brenda Hattaway
Youth - Ryan Roenigk
Children - Margaret Louttit, Juan Forero
Building and Grounds - Randy Denmon, Ryan Weber
Communications - Brenda Hattaway
Hospitality - Catherine Gordon
Outreach - Marcy Brewer
Pastoral Care - Margaret Louttit, Randy Denmon
Parish Life - Jeana Langford
Stewardship / Finance - Ryan Roenigk, Ryan Weber
Episcopal Evangelism - Juan Forero, Catherine Gordon
February Vestry Minutes Click here
St. Margaret's 2019 Annual Report Click on link to view report


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