St. Margaret's Notebook
May 21, 2020

Minds to think. Hearts to love. Hands to serve.

I used to think that pilgrimage was looking for God “out there.” These days, I’m finding the truth that God really is everywhere, and pilgrimage is really about finding God in the places I never thought to look. On daily walks down Cedar Street, in the rain and sunshine that pour down, in the bark of the trees around St. Margaret’s, in the long shadows that stretch across the walls. I know there is temptation in these days to burst out of our tombs and rejoin the world, yet when I am pulled that way, I realize my own selfishness. Rather, if God is everywhere, then maybe there is an invitation to experience that Presence in myself and in my home, and look at it more like a pilgrimage than a prison sentence. Maybe we can look at this next leg of the journey as a revealing of God to us in the most ordinary and sedentary of pilgrimages. 


Please call me (706-761-0115) if you need prayers or a word of comfort.
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL: Our class will meet via ZOOM just after the recognition of the St. Margaret's graduate celebration/recognition. I'll send a link and password for the meeting Saturday. We will continue with our discussion of the readings appointed for the day. Here is a link to the readings.

Here is a link to a lesson plan based on the appointed gospel, John 17:1-11.

*You will receive a link to join the webinar in your registration confirmation email.

Each webinar is free.
May 26, 2020
June 2, 2020
God’s people throughout history have experienced many moments of darkness, plague, and isolation. The Church through the ages has many lessons to pass on to us living through this time of uncertainty. St. Margaret’s is pleased to offer We’ve Been Here Before: A Conversation. Father Jeff and Joshua Waits will be live streaming to the St. Margaret’s OPEN Facebook each Wednesday at 6:30pm. They will be discussing a variety of times when believers were separated from each other and not able to worship in their customary way. Everyone is encouraged to participate, engage with readings, ask questions, and join the conversation. Opportunities will be given for each of us to experience different spiritual practices
that were developed during periods of social and physical distancing.
05/27 - Early Church
06/10 - Monasticism and Desert Fathers/Mothers
06/17 - Plagues throughout time
06/24 - Trials and Schism
All information will be made available on both the Open and Closed Facebook pages.
St. Margaret's services at church have been suspended but we offer the following Online Services & Group Meetings.
WEEK OF MAY 21 - 28, 2020
Thursday, May 21 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
11:00am Ladies Bible Study (via Gotomeeting. Email Pam Griffin at who will send you link to join group)
12noon Noonday Prayer
6:00pm Evening Prayer
8:00pm Compline

Friday, May 22 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer (sung by Dock) ( Bulletin for Morning Prayer w/Dock )
12noon Noonday Prayer
6:00pm Evening Prayer
8:00pm Compline

Saturday, May 23 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer (led by Brenda Hattaway)
12noon Noonday Prayer (Marcy Brewer)
6:00pm Evening Prayer
8:00pm Compline

Sunday, May 24
9:00am Holy Eucharist ( St. Margaret's Facebook page ) and Uploaded to YouTube
5:30pm EYC (via Zoom Meeting)
8:00pm Compline ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )

Monday, May 25 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
12noon Noonday Prayer
6:00pm Evening Prayer
6:00pm Education for Ministry (EFM - via Zoom)
8:00pm Compline

Tuesday, May 26 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
12noon Noonday Prayer
6:00pm Evening Prayer
8:00pm Compline

Wednesday, May 27 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
12noon Noonday Prayer
1:00pm Centering Prayer (via Zoom. Email Pauline Rodwell at
who will send you link to join group)
8:00pm Compline

Thursday, May 28 on St. Margaret’s Facebook Page ( St. Margaret's Facebook page )
8:30am Morning Prayer
11:00am Ladies Bible Study (via Gotomeeting. Email Pam Griffin at who will send you link to join group)
12noon Noonday Prayer
8:00pm Compline 

Ladies' Bible Class
The Ladies Bible Study is reading "Angels of the Bible" by Kate Moorehead. This is a beautiful, easy-to-read book about angels and other heavenly visitors. As a bonus, there are several art features throughout the book. The book is available at Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and at If you would like to participate in our class, order your book soon due to uncertain delivery times. Our classes are held on Go-To-Meeting on Thursdays at 11:00. You will need to send your email address to to get on the list to get the link to the class. All ladies are welcome.
Bible Challenge
May 20 - June 2, 2020
A prayerful request from the treasurer. 

Greetings St Margaret’s. I hope you are sheltering in place and are healthy both physically and spiritually. I would like to prayerfully request, if you are able, to continue maintaining your pledge or to increase your giving to either St. Margaret’s Community Outreach, to our general operating budget, or to both. If you know that you are not going to be able to maintain your pledge, please let Julie know so we can make adjustments. 

As I am sure you have heard, unemployment claims are at an all time high and St. Margaret’s Community Outreach has been tasked by the Community Foundation of West Georgia of helping with housing. While some foundation funding has been provided, additional dollars are desperately needed. Thanks for your consideration. 


Craig Williard
Three ways for you to give to St. Margaret's.

Bill Pay
Contact your bank and let them know that you would like to set up a recurring payment to St. Margaret's Episcopal Church. You will need to provide them with the amount, our address, and the date(s) in which you would like these payments made. A check will be automatically drafted to St. Margaret's from your bank.
Cash or personal check
​Please make checks payable to St. Margaret's Episcopal Church and send to: 
606 Newnan Street, Carrollton, GA 30117. 
Online Giving - Our newest way to give
You can give online now using our simple, secure giving system. Go to our website,  and click on the Giving tab on the tool bar (or  click here  ). Once you click on the donation button just follow the instructions.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and willingness to support the ministries of St. Margaret's especially during this COVID-19 pandemic time. We need your gifts more than ever.
April 21, 2020 Vestry Minutes Click here
March 31, 2020 Vestry Minutes Click Here
March 17, 2020 Called Vestry Minutes Click Here
March 10, 2020 Vestry Minutes Click here
St. Margaret's 2019 Annual Report Click on link to view report

Prayer List
Ann, Judy, Bob, Mary, Katrina, LaMont, Ron, Ceci, Alison, John, Elizabeth, Mark, Peggy, Jeff, Judith, Conrad, Dryden, Barry, Carolyn, Fran, Jody, Pat, Trey, Karen, Parker, Tinha, Mitch, Joey, Erica, Cathy, Ralph, Emmery
21-May Missy Sullivan, Nelia McCarthy, Brenda Laffoday, Sherman Hannah
23-May Michelle Lewis
24-May Michelle Patrick, Julie Gordon
27-May Helen Roberts
28-May Griffin Duffie, Lauren Conley, Michael Conley
30-May Mimsie Lanier, Fiona Naughton

21-May Duane & Mary Hooper
22-May Guyton & Mary Alice Cochran
23-May Ron & Irene Berard
23-May Taylor & Catherine Gordon
24-May Jim & Michelle Patrick
27-May Myles & Brianna Maxwell
29-May Craig & Julie Williard
30-May Don & Fran Chalfont

June Birthdays
01-Jun Rosanne Godsey, Brett Adams
03-Jun Brianna Maxwell, Jeff Jackson
05-Jun Judy Reed, Cheyanne Williams
06-Jun Patrick Malloy, Lucy Hughes Parrish
07-Jun Blake Adams, Debbie Ballard
08-Jun Haley Hart, Pam Howell
09-Jun Lillie Cary, Kitty Cleghorn
10-Jun Jami Bower, Sally Jones, Alizon Garmon
12-Jun April Duffie, Elise Brewer
13-Jun Lacey Robinson
14-Jun Catherine Gordon, Margaret Louttit, Juan Forero
15-Jun Reese Roenigk
16-Jun Tamara Reed
18-Jun Sam Goodson, Catherine Minor
19-Jun Julie Cain, Duane Hooper
20-Jun Scout Malloy
21-Jun Charlie Minor, Elaine Miller
22-Jun Chris Key
24-Jun Jenny Poindexter
25-Jun Tom Fortner, Deloris Covel, Bill Shook
26-Jun Pam Hall, Bryna Bobick, Henry Owen, Zoe Malloy
27-Jun Andra Morris
28-Jun Meg Perkins, Joe Robinson
29-Jun Trey Bernhardt, Lorien Goodale
30-Jun Jerry Robinson, Carolyn Shook, Jane Smith

June Anniversaries
02-Jun Gilbert & Sandra Huey
03-Jun Jerry & Alice Robinson
07-Jun Ronnie & Pam Howell
10-Jun John & Bunny Godard
Neal & Jan Uhlich
14-Jun Tobin & Mary Hart
15-Jun Ralph & Susan Fleck
16-Jun Hugh & Christina Russell
28-Jun David & Nicole Long
St. Margaret’s Vestry 2020
Front: Ryan Roenigk, Margaret Louttit, Marcy Brewer (Sr. Warden), Brenda Hattaway, Jeana Langford, Randy Denmon, Catherine Gordon
Back: Juan Carlos Forero, Father Jeff, and Ryan Weber
2020 - 2021 Vestry

Marcy Brewer - Sr. Warden
Randy Denmon - Jr. Warden
Margaret Louttit
Ryan Weber
Catherine Gordon
Jeana Langford
Juan Carlos Forero
Brenda Hattaway
Ryan Roenigk

Commission Liaisons
Worship - Jeana Langford
Adult Formation - Ryan Weber, Brenda Hattaway
Youth - Ryan Roenigk
Children - Margaret Louttit, Juan Forero
Building and Grounds - Randy Denmon, Ryan Weber
Communications - Brenda Hattaway
Hospitality - Catherine Gordon
Outreach - Marcy Brewer
Pastoral Care - Margaret Louttit, Randy Denmon
Parish Life - Jeana Langford
Stewardship / Finance - Ryan Roenigk, Ryan Weber
Episcopal Evangelism - Juan Forero, Catherine Gordon

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St. Margaret's Staff

Rector - The Rev. Jeff Jackson - - 706-761-0115

Parish Administrator - Julie Foreman - - 770-328-8331

Outreach Director - Meghan Bennett - - 770-656-3505

Youth Director - Debra Titkemeier - - 561-558-7575

Organist / Choirmaster - Dock Anderson - - 404-543-6620