St. Mark Worship
Join us for worship this Sunday, May 30, for
Holy Trinity Sunday.
We switch to our summer schedule this weekend!

Worship with us in person or virtually!
Registration is no longer required to join us in person!
We ask is that you continue to wear a mask and social distance while in the building. You're also invited to join us for fellowship following the service!

We will be live streaming the 9:30am service on Facebook and it will be posted to YouTube later in the day.

Guest musician this week:
Rachel Kurtz!!
Rachel Kurtz has been touring and singing for almost 20 years. She speaks frankly about love, God, parenting, heartbreak and her infectious laugh is peppered throughout her concerts. Her songs are rife with emotion and can make you get up and dance. Whether she is singing in a bar or church, her voice can cut through the noise and gives the listener a place to rest. Raising awareness for world hunger, hurricane relief, and multi-cultural reconciliation, Kurtz’s powerhouse voice and heartfelt performances have been electrifying crowds in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, New Orleans’ Superdome, Texas’ Alamo Dome, and hundreds of other concert venues from coast to coast. We can't wait to welcome her to St. Mark - in person this time!
St. Mark Giving
To support our weekly Plan for Ministry, $5,490 is needed each week.
---May 10th through May 16th giving totaled: $5,487

To support our Plan for Ministry thus far, $109,820 is needed
---Our year to date giving is: $109,501

Thank you for your continued support of the St. Mark ministries!
Ministry Opportunities
Baptismal Blankets Needed!
We are running low on our baptismal blankets that we give out at baptisms and we have a lot of baptisms coming up! If you like to knit, please consider making a plain white blanket to give to the next family that has their child baptized here at St. Mark.
Our next Have You Thought About...
End of Life Planning - June 7th
This is a tough topic, but one that everyone needs to have. Come be a part of the discussion and learn about what steps we should take when it comes to aging, finances, medical care, and funeral preparations. Our guests will include: Bob Solheim -Co Director of Little Hospice in Edina, MN, Rick Mueller -Funeral Director at Mueller Funeral Homes and Katie Pivec -Transactional Attorney. If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Mollie.

We’ll meet in person and we ask that you sign up in advance Zoom is still an option, but please sign up as well and just put in the comments that you will join us via zoom.
Pie with the People Post Pandemic!
Come back and get reacquainted with one another as we learn who we can be post pandemic!
Limited to 12 spots for each time:
June 8, 13, 15, 16 and 21st.

Pie is provided, we are just excited to get the chance to see you!
Vacation Bible School 2021 is August 9-13th from 5:30-8pm

We will once again be partnering with Living Waters Lutheran Church and can't wait to share the theme with you soon! More information will be coming soon!
Our lives are made up of small, daily decisions that eventually shape our character. Jesus highlights this principle in Luke 16:10, “Whoever is faithful in little things will be faithful in large ones.” 
We are inviting each of you to participate in monthly experiment that will engage and encourage you to look at stewardship in a whole new way.

Your next stewardship experiment is ready to be picked up! For June, you are being asked to Treat someone else! “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…” We encourage you to ask God to help you notice someone who is physically or emotionally hungry, or thirsty and treat them. Take some time to reflect on this experience and don’t forget to record it!
If you haven't picked up the last few months of experiments, they are available at church
COVID Phase 3.5
Thank you for your continue grace and patience as we navigate the newest lifting of restrictions from the CDC. A letter was sent out earlier this week, but here is a recap of the main points
  • We are asking that those who worship with us in person, continue to mask and observe social distancing. We are making this request for three reasons:
  • 1) We do not want to (and we are actually not able to), distinguish between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. If everyone wears a mask, there is no finger pointing or wondering. 
  • 2) There are those among us who are vulnerable. We can best protect them by wearing masks. It’s our responsibility to love our neighbors. 
  • 3) We have young members of our congregation. If parents who worship online see that some are wearing masks and some are not, they may conclude that it is not yet safe to bring their unvaccinated children to in person worship. 
  • We are increasing our in person capacity to 50% (142)
  • Reservations are no longer needed for worship
  • We will begin taking Holy Communion together in worship. Prefilled cups can be picked up as you enter the sanctuary.
  • We invite you to fellowship hour in the fellowship hall after the services. Similar to restaurants, you can take your mask off once seated. 
  • We will continue to livestream our services.
We thank you again for your continued patience as we start this next phase. Please ask questions if you have them. Ask for clarification if you need it. Email or call if you think we are off base. But also, please understand that we are simply doing our best to keep everyone safe, and as things develop and change we will do what we can to keep you informed. Please contact anyone on the covid team or council if you have questions.

Adult Golf and Social Hour
[Couples and Singles]

Sunday afternoons starting at 4:00 PM, May 16th thru mid September, at Majestic Oaks Golf Course. Golfers of all abilities are welcome for 9 Holes of non-competitive golf, social hour(s)/dinner. The social hour will immediately follow golf, either outside near the 10th tee and/or in the Restaurant/Bar. You will receive an email at the beginning of each week asking whether you will be golfing and/or socializing on the following Sunday.
Tee times will be made accordingly based on who replies by Wednesday.
$16/person green fees with riding carts for those who need them

Contact: Jon Tennessen—651-780-7368 or email
This week we are praying for:

-Ruth Strubel as she heals from a fall.
-Verna Wood as she awaits results.
-Kelly, the Wilkinson's daughter-in-law, as she starts chemo this week
-Joanne Hanson's sister, Wendy Brown who is going through chemo treatments.
-Sandy Borchert
-Sue Frieburg
-Paula Forester's cousin's Sandie and Mark.
-Mashell Olsen, Sheri Hanson's friend who was recently diagnosed with a metastatic tumor.
-Shannon Cleary, Cheryl Collard's family friend
-Larry Riel - healing from a fall
-Leslie Pracht
-Dave Wilkenson, as he heals from recent knee surgery
-Karen Willy’s sister-in-law, Jeanette, with her new diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
-Paul Thomascak and family, as he goes through chemo treatments.

If you'd like to be added to the prayer chain, please contact Jenny at
Lawn Mowers and Grounds Maintenance
We would like to thank Michael Jefferson for mowing the lawn this week! Floyd Saunders, you are up this week.
St. Mark is looking for more people to join the finance team! They meet once a month and are a vital part to keeping our congregation going! No experience is necessary, they are just looking for people who'd like to get more involved with the congregation. Email Jenny ( if you are interested or have more questions.
Worship Volunteers Are Needed!
As we move forward with in-person worship, we are still in need of lectors, reading of the prayers and ushers. Please sign up if you are interested!
Another area that we could use some help with is a Worship Host. What's that you ask? It is someone, besides Pastor Mollie or Jenny, that makes sure all of our greeters, ushers, lectors, and reader of the prayers are in worship that morning. It's an area that is greatly appreciated and needed for each Sunday morning. If you are interested, send Jenny in the office an email. Thank you!
Worship Attendance
Average Online Worship Attendance: 208
May 16: 129
May 9: 153
May 2: 155
April 25: 194

Total number includes online and in person
St. Mark Giving

To support our 2021 Plan For Ministry, our year to date offering should be: $109,820

Year to Date Giving: $109,501
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