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March 20, 2020
Dear St. Mark Families,
As our first week of Distance Learning comes to a close, I understand this is uncharted territory we have embarked on together. We expected some bumps along the way, but I hope that you have found our faculty and staff to be responsive to your feedback. Our teachers would certainly rather be face-to-face with their students, and have explored new and innovative ways to utilize technology in order to do so. We appreciate your patience in this process; as it's new to all of us. As we gear up for week 2, we will continue to streamline and fine tune our practices in an effort to provide a continuity of learning for all students in a way that is manageable for families.

Please click here for an update on the Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools response to the COVID-19 pandemic from Dr. Steven Cheeseman, Superintendent of Schools.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our faculty, staff, parents, and families for coming together in support of one of God's greatest gifts, the children of St. Mark School. I truly believe that if we pray together and have faith, we will come through this unprecedented health crisis together. I pray that everyone stays healthy and safe.

Yours in Christ,
Melissa Warner

If you are a room parent for your child's classroom, kindly forward this and future communications regarding Distance Learning to your parents, ensuring all St. Mark families have the most up to date information.
Modified Office Hours

During the temporary school closure, St. Mark School will be operating on a modified office hours schedule.

Office staff will be available by phone at (203) 375-4291 between the hours of 8:30am-11:00am, Monday thru Friday.

Mrs. Carolyn Mannino and Mrs. Evelyn Lesko are also available via email until 3pm Monday-Friday.
Student Attendance

During Distance Learning, daily student attendance is being recorded by classroom teachers based on task completion.

If your child is sick, please communicate that with Nurse Wendy Frate, Mrs. Mannino, and your child's classroom teacher.
Virtual Help Desk

In order help navigate digital platforms utilized by students and families, the Office of Superintendent of Schools is offering Virtual Help Desk hours to families via Zoom video conferencing.

Help Desk hours for families are 10am-11am every Tuesday and Thursday.

Zoom Help Desk link:
Preschool Families

I hope that you are well and safe. Please know that my thoughts are with you as we all navigate this uncertain time. I miss in a very special way the "Good Mornings!" and hi-fives that I normally share each day with our Little Lions! Our older students are able to understand (to a certain extent) this crisis we are in, but I am sure your little ones just want things to go back to normal. At the same time we are dealing with uncertainty, I am filled with pride in how all of us - teachers, staff, parents, and students have navigated this first week. There are many questions that I cannot answer at this point, but as we complete the end of our first week of Distance Learning, I wanted to explain in more detail what I do know for your preschool children moving forward. As things change, I will provide updates.

During our temporary closure, Mrs. Larracuente and our preschool aides will continue to communicate and share educational links via the Little Lions private Shutterfly message board so that your children have the opportunity to complete many of the same lesson components that they would have in school.  

This means that our teachers are continuing to work to provide the framework for a comprehensive learning experience, with your support. The teachers will also incorporate videos of read alouds, video check-ins, phone check-ins, etc. Mrs. L, Miss Lisa, Mrs. Grant, and Miss Amelia are working very hard to implement Distance Learning at the preschool level and they are committed to continue this intensive work as long as needed.  

Preschool is an important time for learning and growing. Our teachers are experienced in preparing your child for the next level of learning for the 2020-2021 school year. Our Little Lion's school year is far from over and we know that with your help, each of our preschool students will be prepared for their next level of learning. 
K-4 Families

Following the same procedure as last Friday, you will find paper/pencil assignments for week 2 (March 23rd-March 27th) in the hallway outside the main entrance to the school building (the blue St. Mark awning door). Paper/pencil assignments are available for pick up until 8:00pm today, March 20th.

Additionally, the St. Mark blue awning door will be unlocked from 7am-8pm Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd to accommodate pick up/drop off of student work.

Assignments can be found in folders organized by grade level. Each student has his or her own folder. Please leave the folder, drop completed work into the folder, and take assignments for the week.

Kindergarten bags can be found in a box, under the table. Kindergarten work will be provided in a large, clear bag, labeled with students' names.
5- 8 Families

Please be advised that teachers are reviewing submissions of assignments on on Google classroom daily. If any assignments are missing, you will be contacted by the teacher in a timely fashion.

For consistency and to allow for working parents to support their children's learning, daily core classroom assignments (Religion, Math, History, Science, English/Reading) will be due by 9:00am the following day.

In case your student did not receive it, week 1 P.E. assignments can be found here. Please note that the due date for week 1 P.E. assignments has been extended to Sunday, March 22nd at 8:00pm.
K-8 Specials

 Specials assignments are required to be completed and are composed of modified tasks that account for no more than 40 minutes in a week, to provide a little reprieve from the typical school work. 

In an effort to allow students additional time, specials assignments (P.E., Music, Spanish, Innovation/Computers, Art) due dates will be extended to 8:00pm, Sunday, March 22nd.

Week 2 assignments will be due no later than 8:00pm on Sunday, March 29th.

Hard copies of week 2 assignments for grades K-4 for certain specials (Music, P.E.) can be found in a purple folder, clearly marked, on the table outside the main entrance to the school building.

All specials teachers have created Google Classrooms for certain grade levels, 4-8, and in some cases grades 2-8. For a up to date list of Google Classroom codes for students, click here.

Specials teacher can be contacted via email:

Lucy Gonzalez, Spanish
Josie Huben, Innovation/Computers
Priscilla Mahar, Art
Jen Trahan, Music
Lauren McCone
Please visit our school website regularly at . Important school updates including copies of notices, newsletters, HSA links, and school calendars can all be accessed on the website.

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