St. Martin's celebrates its graduating seniors!
May always ushers in a bittersweet season.
Students celebrating; parents and grandparents remembering.
New adventures on the horizon.
In years past, these rites of passage were a lot to hold within our hearts. Add in a global pandemic, and you have a season of farewells, celebrations and emotions unlike any other as school officials and families have had to rearrange
the way these long-anticipated occasions are marked.

The same has been true for us at St. Martin's.

We weren't able to gather in one physical space for Youth Sunday this year, but we did gather in spirit this past Sunday with an online sermon delivered by A.C. Flora Senior Wallace Truluck. We also were able to recognize senior acolytes and choristers online with a blessing of crosses.
In addition, each senior received a hand-carved walking stick -- a steadying guide for the next steps in their journeys,
and a reminder that St. Martin's is always there for them.

Today, we note, too, these graduates and provide a written copy of Wallace's sermon -- just in case you missed it.
Congratulations, seniors! You are loved!
Abigail "Abby" Ruth Benson
Daughter of:
Valerie Pruett &
Sue Benson.
Graduating from:
The Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics.
Will attend:
The University of South Carolina.
Hannah Grace Frierson
Daughter of:
Candace & Glenn Frierson.
Graduating from:
Richland Northeast High School.
Will attend:
Coastal Carolina University. 
William Nettles
Green Jr.
Son of:
Amy and Nettles Green & grandson of
Judy and Bob Ellis.
Graduating from: Hammond School.
Will attend:
Wofford College.
Isabel Owen Stanley
Daughter of:
Chip and Meg Stanley.
Graduating from:
Ben Lippen High School.
Will attend:
Clemson University. 
Elizabeth Pennington Thomas
Daughter of:
Penny Thomas and the late Bill Thomas
Graduating from:
A.C. Flora High School.
Will attend:
Clemson University. 
Wallace Bruce Truluck
Son of:
Courtney and Bruce Truluck and grandson of Nancy and Richard Truluck.
Graduating from:
A.C. Flora High School.
Will attend:
Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
A word from Mitch

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
School is out for the summer!!!! Or nearly. At some schools, children are doing final exams; others have moved to socially distanced graduations. In the mornings, as I drive to St. Martin's, I have seen college and high school athletes working out (physically distanced, of course) on the Crayton Middle School football field. In my own house, I have watched Noah continue to train in the hope that he will get to race, and Lydia begin her own cross country practice. 

Distanced learning has had its ups and downs. As a parent a few months ago, I would repeatedly ask my children to put down their "devices" (iPads, phones, computers), and now these devices are their link to teachers, classrooms, friends, and grandparents. It's funny how in just a few short months the messages can change. I now have to ask, "What are you doing with that device?" before asking for it to be put down because my child could very well be in school. It has been an adjustment for everyone.
I have thought and prayed a lot over what the children are missing. I have mourned for both our seniors and our kindergartners. Time with friends, a hug from a favorite teacher or coach are expressions of love that have been lost, and, as Christians, we believe 1st John when it says, "God is love."
While I have mourned, I have also been inspired. Yesterday, I watched a child on an old bicycle ride down the street, fishing pole under one arm, and a tackle box slung over his shoulder. He was off to the neighborhood pond. When I saw this I smiled inwardly and outwardly. It was a pure expression of youth, a pure expression of childhood fun and adventure.

I have mourned things lost this year, but I have also celebrated things found. I pray as our world begins to re-open, as we begin to adjust to "new normals," that some of the good things that we have found will not be lost again to the hustle and bustle.

In Christ,
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Do you have a graduate in your family? Please send the student's name, parents or grandparents names, the school he or she is graduating from, and next steps planned by the student to We will print this list in Thursday's (May 28) E-Messenger. Must be received by 5 p.m. May 27 to be included.
Zoom lunches for youth continue this week

Middle School students: Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

High School students:
Friday at Noon.
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