Affection for St. Martin's runs deep & wide
Click on the picture above to hear beautiful stories about why St. Martin's matters, and why giving to our parish
spreads the love of God beyond our reach as individuals.
To give to St. Martin's, click the button below:
Let's continue to show our love for Harvest Hope
Have you heard about our outreach efforts with Harvest Hope during this time of sheltering-in-place while also caring for our neighbor?
Please use the buttons below to make either monetary or grocery gifts to Harvest Hope.
Masks for DJJ & the homeless
We are collecting 200 sewn, reusable masks for our housing-insecure friends in Columbia and the young people at the Department of Juvenile Justice.
To donate, please sew as many masks as you are able and drop them off in the mail slot at the church office. Thank you!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray that you are all well and that you are weathering the current situation in the knowledge that you are loved by your God and your church.

Around the country today is a day where people are asked to participate in Giving Tuesday. I know many of you support non-profits and many of you have plans to give. I ask that you consider a gift to St. Martin's.

St. Martin's is a special place. You can hear stories told by parishioners of just how special it is in the video at the top of this edition of our newsletter, or on our Facebook Page and YouTube channel. I encourage you to take a look.

In the past few months we, like the rest of the world, have had to pivot, changing how we worship, how we gather together, how we do mission, and how we stay connected. I know I am biased, but I think we have done a pretty good job. In the midst of this change a certain fact about us remains true. St. Martin's is a donor-supported community. With no on-site worship, there is no on-site giving. In light of this, I encourage you to think about giving St. Martins a financial gift.

I pray that soon we will be able to gather together again. As states gradually open up, I encourage you to be safe and to take care. I also urge you to love each other, make phone calls, send notes, drive by someone's house and honk and wave -- in short, do things to stay connected. The church is more than a building, it is a community. Your gifts and your efforts help keep our community alive.

In Christ,
Click on the Day by Day image to view the video about how to download the Day by Day podcast. You can also fill out THIS FORM to request that a booklet be mailed to you. For safety reasons, we are unable to have parishioners come by the office to pick up copies.

Should you be in need of pastoral care , please use the dedicated extension,
(Ext. 201) when you call the parish office, 803.787.0392.
While scrolling Instagram at the end of the day, be sure to follow @smifsc for ComplinefromHome postings, Monday through Friday, featuring different parishioner's art work. We hope these are soothing posts to help you rest. This week's art is being provided by different children in the parish. You don't want to miss these sweet bedtime drawings.
  • Middle-schoolers: Courtney hopes you will join her for a Middle School Zoom Lunch on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. Fix your sandwich and Zoom into the gathering.

  • Sr. High students: Your Zoom Lunch will be at noon on Fridays.This has changed. No more breakfast meetings.

  • Click HERE to join either group at the time listed above.

Questions? Email Courtney .
We know parenting and home-schooling is A LOT. If you find yourself in need of support, consider Triple P parenting tips. I f you need to purchase the larger package -- some of the Triple P info is fee-based -- but cannot afford it currently, contact Courtney Baker, our minister of children and youth.
Thank you in advance for keeping your pledge current during this time of uncertainty. You may pay your pledge in these ways:

  • Use this link to keep your pledge up-to-date by going online. You will need your bank routing number, which is the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks, on the left side. You will also need your account number, which is the next set of numbers beside the routing number at the bottom of your check. This online link is safe and secure. 
  • You may also mail your checks to the Parish Office at 5220 Clemson Ave., Columbia, SC 29206.
5220 Clemson Avenue
Columbia, SC 29206
803.787.0392 |