St. Martin's fathers relishing time with kids
Anna, Gabe
and Marc Cooper
Doughnuts & accents
It is likely unprecedented in our modern age for parents to be the primary social contacts for two teenagers in the years before they head off to college. Yet, Virginia and I find ourselves in this position and despite the normal friction that familiarity brings, we have considered it a blessing. As we approach month number four, I have tried to break the monotony of the pandemic by creating challenges for the kids. One weekend we installed a retaining barrier in our yard. For Father’s Day, we made doughnuts from scratch. One of our ongoing challenges is for Anna and me to get Gabe to talk in a funny accent that his mother accidentally created.
-- Marc Cooper
James, Matthew
and Mike Bellon
Flexibility & golf
What is it like to be a father to a teenager and a pre-teen during this pandemic? A challenge! I had to make the safety, health and well-being of my immediate family a top priority. This affected almost every activity we do -- from shopping for groceries and riding the pump track with friends to teeing it up when we play golf. I think the most growth we have made has been flexibility as we have had to make changes in so many daily activities. 
-- Mike Bellon
Tori, Bill, Trisha, Katie and Kyle Bacon
Dinner & card games
These are crazy times in our country, but for me as a father, the pandemic has been a great experience. Before the pandemic, we as a family were going in all sorts of directions at all times of the day. The positives for me during the pandemic are being able to sit down with my entire family every evening and enjoy a dinner together. After dinner, we play cards, talk, watch a movie together, etc. I can't tell you the last time this happened. We also get to have our church service together from our own couch. This pandemic has brought us closer as a family and helped us prioritize things in our lives.
-- Bill Bacon

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I hope your weekend went well. I felt blessed to enjoy Father's Day with some time in the pool. It also felt great to be able to speak to family on the phone. It's not the summer any of us anticipated, but I continue to feel uplifted by some of the extra time I have had with family that I have not ever had before. Sure, would I love to be open fulltime with full summer programming and services? Absolutely!!! With that being said, the little things -- like hanging out with the kids and taking bike rides with Denise -- are things I am determined not to take for granted.

This week St. Martin's will continue to work with both our vestry and our reopening committee on ways we can safely regather. At the same time, we continue to monitor COVID cases in our community. I pray that we will begin to see a decline soon, and with that prayer, I remind people please to do your part to slow COVID's spread. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and please avoid large indoor gatherings. I continue to pray for your health and well-being. I know that all of us doing our part plays a small part in our community being able to return to whatever our "new normal" will be.

In Christ,

Should you be in need of pastoral care , please use the dedicated extension,
(Ext. 201) when you call the parish office, 803.787.0392.
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