No: 39/2019
St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church  
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Feast of the Holy Cross of Varak

On Sunday, September 29, Armenian Christians worldwide will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Cross of Varak-an observance unique to the Armenian Church.

In the 7th century, a monk named Totig received a vision of a brilliant cross descending from Mount Varak in historic Armenia, and coming to rest on the monastery at the mountain's foot. Totig raced to where the vision had led him, and there found a miraculous Christian relic: a fragment of the True Cross of Jesus Christ!

How had it gotten there? The relic had been brought to Armenia by St. Hripsime, in the late 3rd century, during her flight to find refuge from the persecutions of pagan Rome. When St. Hripsime was martyred by King Drtad, the hiding place of the cross was forgotten-and the holy relic had languished in its secret place for nearly 300 years, before being found again by the monk Totig.

To commemorate this discovery, the catholicos of the time, St. Nersess the Builder, established a feast day. And the Holy Cross became a relic of great power in Armenia, moving from Varak to Sepastia and finally to Van, where it still could be seen by pilgrims-until the time of the Genocide.

Click here  to read about the Season of the Holy Cross.

Above: The Monastery of Varak (prior to 1915). A relic of the True Cross was discovered on Mount Varak in the 7th century.

Side Entrance Renovation

We are happy to announce that after a long search the Parish Council was able to identify a contractor to complete the long-standing project of renovation of the 42st st. entrance. The project has already started and during this time we would like to ask our parishioners to use the main entrance of the church or the parking lot office entrance. Weather permitting, the estimated time of completion is the end of September.
We appreciate your support and contribution towards this project.
A Celebration of Armenia's Independence Day

The 28th Anniversary of Armenia's Independence Day was celebrated at St. Mary with a special Thanksgiving Prayer Service for the Republic of Armenia on Sunday, September 22. The service took place immediately after Badarak.

The rebirth of the Armenian homeland is one of the most momentous developments in the history of the Armenian people. Armenia's citizens voted for independence from the Soviet Union on September 21, 1991, and the resulting free republic became a member of the United Nations on March 2, 1992.
ACYOA Juniors Fall Cookout

On September 21st, the ACYOA Juniors kicked off the school year with a cookout at the home of the Kalayjian family.  The teens had a great time catching up with each other and playing yard sports.  Zaven Kalayjian served as the grill master, Patricia Yeghissian led the teens in a devotional, and "coaches" Mike Sahakian and Greg Kumkumian ran the kids through some volleyball drills. The gathering was a huge success, with about 20 youth in attendance.  If you know any teens (ages 12-18) who would enjoy being a part of the St Mary ACYOA Juniors please contact Yn Jennifer Karapetyan ynjennifer@gmail.com  or Becky Bagdasarian  RebeccaBagdasarian@yahoo.com  
The 2019 Backgammon Tournament concluded on September 19th with four finalist competing for the title of the “Master of Backgammon”. As a result of a tough competition, Daniel won the prestigious title of the “Master pf Backgammon”. Kolya and Mark won the second and third places respectivel y.
Come and Join us next week for the Armenian Fall Food Festival
Fall Food Festival Schedule of Workshops 2019

St. Mary's Annual Fall Food Festival will take place on October 3-6. The event is organized by the St. Mary Parish Council and Women's Guild who have spearheaded a number of workshops bringing together community members in preparation of the Food Fair. Please, join us and support the church. 

Workshop's Date and Time

Yalanchi (Wrap) - Friday, September 27, 5:00pm
Meat Cutting - Saturday September 28, 10:00am
Eggplant: Saturday, September 28, 1:00 pm
Eggplant/Sauce - Monday, September 30, 10:00am
Khadayeef - Monday, September 30, 5:00pm
Green Beans - Tuesday, October 1, 10:00am
Hummus - Tuesday, October 1, 4:00pm
Hall set up - Tuesday, October 1, 7:00pm

Please click on the button below to view the online sign up sheet.
Armenia’s Prime Minister at St. Vartan Cathedral

The Republic of Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was the honored guest at a Town Hall meeting on the evening of Tuesday, September 24, at the Diocesan Center in New York. Mr. Pashinyan was in the city for the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
Diocesan Primate Bishop Daniel Findikyan greeted Mr. Pashinyan and his entourage on the plaza of St. Vartan Cathedral. With the Primate were Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, the Diocesan Legate and Ecumenical Director, and Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan, the Vicar of the cathedral, along with other clergy.
Following a brief prayer in the sanctuary, the dignitaries entered Haik and Alice Kavookjian Auditorium, where an audience in excess of 700 people rose to deliver a warm welcome. In introducing Mr. Pashinyan, the Primate said: “More than any other figure, he represents the ‘new day’ that our homeland is experiencing—a new day that has awakened such excitement in the diaspora, and among people throughout the world."
Mr. Pashinyan proceeded to field questions from the audience on all manner of subjects, including Armenia’s economic outlook and his government’s anti-corruption measures. The event was sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia to the U.S. and Armenia’s Permanent Mission to the U.N.
Click on the links to  read more  and  view photos .

New Choices Video

In the latest episode of the Diocese’s video series Choices, Fr. Tateos Abdalian considers the Biblical book of Psalms and its remarkable author, David: the shepherd boy who was anointed king.
In a tumultuous public career spanning the heights of glory and the depths of sorrow, David’s inner life was his one constant influence: the spiritual thread that tied together all his manifold contradictions. The book of Psalms is the diary of David’s prayers, exposing his painful awareness of his neediness, his humility before God’s grandeur, and above all, his overflowing love and gratitude towards his Creator.
Listen to his words, and learn more, by clicking the link to watch “ Shepherd’s Prayer.”
SEPTEMBER 29, 2019
Morning Service 
10:00 AM

Holy Badarak 
10:30 AM

Rev. Fr. Hovsep Karapetyan

Mrs. Anna Seferian and Mrs. Nora Shafakian
Parish Council Members on Duty  
Mr. Onnik Sivaslian, Dr. Ara Avedisian and Mr. Eric Ashbahian

 Mrs. Edita Kalayjian

Mrs. Karine Muradyan

Bible Reading 
Proverbs 3:18-26, Isaiah 65:22-25, Galatians 6:14-18, Matthew 24:30-36

For the Soul of:
Galoost Keshishian (40 day)

Requested by:
Vahe, Andre and Aris Keshishian (Sons).
Katrin, Maggie and Arpi Keshishian (Daughter in laws).
Patrick, Alen, Shant, Abel and Aren Keshishian (Grand children)

Hospitality Table Hosted by:
Keshishian family in memory of Galoost Keshishian

To request a Hokehankist/Requiem Service 
Please contact the Church Office
by 12:00 Noon on Thursday
202-363-1923 or 
Click here  to see the hokehankist form
Every Tuesday
Bible Study

September 29
Feast of Holy Cross of Vara k

September 29
100 Years and 100 Fact presentation by Nareg Seferian

October 1
A Movie screening Silk Stockings(1957)
by: Rouben Mamoulian

October 6
ACYOA Juniors Monthly Teen Meeting  

October 3 – 6
Fall Food Festival

October 11-13
ACYOA Juniors Fall Sports Weekend    

October 11
Tribute GOMIDAS celebrating his 150th birthday
concert by Şahan Arzruni at French embassy at 7:30pm
Details will follow

October 27
Book presentation by Matthew Karanian : The Armenian Highland: Western Armenia and the First Armenian Republic Of 1918

October 27
Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross

November 21
Presentation of the Holy Mother-of-God to the Temple

November 23
Knights and Daughters of Vartan Fall Christmas Bazaar

December 9
Feast of the Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary

December 31
New year Gala 2020

January 13-22, 2020
Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
Vulnerable Students Receive Dental Care Through FAR

For the second year, children of Armenia’s Parakar Special School—which serves 150 children with various disabilities—received free dental care thanks to a partnership of the Fund for Armenian Relief, the Yerevan Rotary Club, and the Armenian American Dental Association’s mobile clinic.
Dr. Klara Kulumjyan and two colleagues from the mobile clinic examined the children and will provide follow-up care. “Most often, the problems we see involve cavities and issues related to the lack of routine dental care,” she said.
According to school nurse Shoghakat Hasratyan, many of the children come from families that can’t afford dental services. She commended the dentists for spending time with each child to explain how to care for their teeth and how to brush properly. FAR’s partnership with the Parakar School is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Batmasian family of Florida.

30 Եւ ապա երկնքի վրայ մարդու Որդու նշանը պիտի երեւայ, ու այդ ժամանակ երկրի բոլոր ազգերը լացուկոծ պիտի անեն եւ պիտի տեսնեն մարդու Որդուն, որ գալիս է երկնքի ամպերի վրայով՝ զօրութեամբ եւ բազում փառքով: 31 Եւ նա պիտի ուղարկի իր հրեշտակներին մեծ շեփորով, ու պիտի հաւաքեն նրա ընտրեալներին չորս կողմերից՝ երկնքի ծագերից մինչեւ միւս ծագերը: 32 Թզենո՛ւց սովորեցէք առակը. որովհետեւ երբ նրա ոստերը կակղեն, եւ տերեւը ցցուի, կիմանաք, որ ամառը մօտ է: 33 Նոյնպէս եւ դուք, երբ այս բոլորը տեսնէք, իմացէ՛ք, թէ մօտ է նա՝ դռների առաջ: 34 Ճշմարիտ եմ ասում ձեզ, որ այս սերունդը չպիտի անցնի, մինչեւ որ այս ամէնը կատարուի: 35 Երկինք եւ երկիր պիտի անցնեն, բայց իմ խօսքերը չպիտի անցնեն: 36 Բայց այդ օրուայ եւ ժամուայ մասին ոչ ոք չգիտէ. ո՛չ երկնքի հրեշտակները եւ ո՛չ էլ Որդին, այլ՝ միայն Հայրը:
Մատթեոսի 24.30-36

30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. 32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: 33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. 34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. 35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. 36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
Matthew 24.30-36
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