We can't be together for Children's Chapel right now, so
St. Mary's thought we would bring Children's Chapel
to your home!
This Sunday, the Gospel reading is about the blind man at the Pool of Siloam. If you have a copy of the Spark Story Bible at home, you can read along with Patsy on pages 432-435. Also, you can read the NRSV Bible version on page 32 of your Shepherd's Guide (download here), in addition to finding additional questions and activities.

And as you guys remember, we start off Children's Chapel with Ms. Amelia saying, "God is good!" And you respond, "All the time!" And Ms. Amelia says, "All the time!" And you say back, "God is good!" And that is true today and tomorrow and every day as we go forward!

Additional Resources:
Hopefully, you've received the St. Mary's Family Worship Packet in the mail already! If not, it's on its way! In it you'll find, the Sunday Papers, Alleluia's, and a Children's Chapel worship service. But if you'd like to print out more of each to color at home, you can download and print them below:
Click the link below to participate in this Sunday's
Children's Chapel!