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Weekend of August 31st & September 1st, 2019

Dear Friends, 

Most all of us have been to a wedding or a banquet held in honor of someone special. Jesus paints this familiar picture for us when he uses a parable about seats of honor to show how God's vision for humanity is meant to play out. For me, I immediately though about Paolino, a restaurant in Capri set totally under a grove of lemon trees, and known for it's fabulous long tables and impeccable decoration for large events. The hospitality reflected in every detail delights every person who eats or visits. Paolino has been a VIP restaurant in Italy for years and it becomes more difficult each year to access this beauty and deliciousness. The setting of this restaurant draws in all the senses: the fragrant lemon trees, fresh seafood and pasta, the excitement of sitting with strangers, and often traditional music and dancing. Just looking at the photo of Paolino above, it's easy to imagine the lovely table filled with guests. Who will they be?

A place like Paolino is just a small taste of the lavish goodness that God has for us and wants for us, and gives us access to. God's feast is a feast of love and justice, of equality, and dignity, service and connection. As Christians, we are the hosts at the table of the world and the seating chart is ours to plan, along with the food and the decoration. 

I think the table of the world is set somewhat unevenly. Like at Paolino, where the VIPs may wine and dine while others simply wait and wait, the sense of justice and equity seem further out of our reach. We seem to be mindlessly snacking on news of injustice rather than feasting on the justice of God's vision. 

When we encounter others, we host them with our presence and attention either in person or even in our thoughts. What kind of table to we set for those we meet by chance, or work or study with, or live with? Do we feed others an equal diet of patience, dignity, and respect, or do we dish out unequal measures, hoping to keep only our favorite people at our table?

Jesus is challenging all who will listen to re-set the table of the world allowing full access to all of God's gifts to all of God's people. Each of us can begin this work person by person, until the reservation line dwindles and the table grows. Take your seat this weekend at God's table, where the greatest and the least dine as equals. The more we make this known, the more our table will grow because everyone wants to belong. 

Peace to all who rest from their labors this weekend, and refreshment to all who must work,


-W O R S H I P-
Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness... - Psalm 96
This Weekend's Collect 
L ord of all power and might, the author and giver of all good things: Graft in our hearts the love of your Name; increase in us true religion; nourish us with all goodness; and bring forth in us the fruit of good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever. Amen.

Prepare yourself for worship by accessing the readings (track 2) HERE

Worship Note:
From September 7th - November 24th, Services will be held in the Historic Church

Weekly Ministry Assignments

Outdoors on the bridal path, weather permitting
Wine & cheese reception to follow, first Saturday of each month

Lector & Intercessor: Jennifer Vergnani
LEM: Bob Vergnani
Greeter:  Murry Edwards

In St. George's Chapel inside the Parish House

Crucifer: Steve Bakios
Acolytes: Lauren Lema, Andrew Silveria
Lectors: Christian Myers, Jason Kane
Intercessor: Chris Barker
LEM: Claire Hebert
Greeter: Pauline Davis; David Spengler


David Brierley

Coffee Hour Hosts
Cindy Simmons, Jon Walker

Altar Guild
Joyce Ardito
Jenny Nestlerode

Bring your bags and backpacks to be blessed at both services on the weekend of September 7th and 8th. 

Take these blessings out into the world!  You will be a blessing.

-W E L L - B E I N G-
Growing into the full stature of Christ... - Ephesians 4
Register for any fall programs in person on September 8th or online. 
If you had trouble last week, the settings have been adjusted so you may access the registration.  


Financial professional and St. Mary's member Michelle Freitas will be leading this 9 week series beginning September 9 - Nov 4th, Monday evenings at 6PM

This class will change your relationship with money and give you tools and a mindset for better saving and wiser spending, how to invest, and understanding credit and retirement. Perfect for all ages and great for students and parents dealing with college finances.

Details, sign up, schedule and more can be found  HERE 
You may also register via the registration email to follow or click  HERE

With The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick
The first session, Growing in Grace through the Years: Confirmation, Marriage, Confession & Healing, Ordination, is Wed. 9/18, 7-8:30pm or Sat. 9/21, 10-11:30am

Full fall schedule and sign-up can be found  HERE

We are looking forward to an evening playing MANHUNT with dinner included and the upcoming schedule of service and fellowship opportunities for the fall semester. All youth--teens and tweens are invited

Saturday September 7th:
5PM Worship; 6PM fellowship; SUNSET: Manhunt Game begins
Contact  Michelle Freitas to let us know you'll be coming! 

First Saturday Wine & Cheese - Sept 7th
An initiative of Invite, Welcome, Connect, has been the monthly wine and cheese after church on first Saturdays. In September, Regina Slezak and the Gustafsons are hosting. This is a great opportunity to bring a friend to enjoy festive fellowship

Are you interested in helping to coordinate this easy monthly event?
Contact for more information

-S E R V I C E-
Let the greatest among you be the servant... - Matthew 23

Service Guild Update
The newly formed Service Guild @ St Mary's is continuing to look for ways to deepen our commitment to serving others.  Part of this effort involves strengthening our relationship with the MLK Center in Newport to meet the needs of local families.  As September approaches, MLK would appreciate assistance in helping to provide back to school items for children with a focus on those in Grades K-5.  Teacher lists for students in these grades are available at Staples or see the list below for some suggestions.

We will collect items this weekend and for two additional weekends. You may leave items in the marked baskets in the entry to the parish house. 

Glue Sticks (large and small)           
Crayons (Box of 24)
Water Colors (Washable)
Dry Erase Markers
Hand Sanitizer
Clorox Wipes
Ear buds or headphones

Community Garden Updates and Information 
St. Mary's Community Garden is having a great season!  New gardeners and Searose Montessori School have made our garden a great place to be!  Come check it out.

Community support to local food pantries is well under way.  Donation areas in the church kitchen are well marked in the fridge and counter.  Home garden overflow is welcome!  Please donate!

Community Garden Need
The St. Mary's community garden is in need of a hose reel.  Gently used donation welcome.  Please contact Elise LaParle Garcia  i f you are able to help.  Thank you!  

This Month's Food Donations for the MLK Center
For the month of August, donations of  non-perishable proteins are requested as our focus: canned meats and fish, beans, nut butters, etc. 


A note from Millie Cozzens:

August 27, 2019
Dear Jennifer and All My St. Mary's Friends, 

Thank you for a wonderful party last Sunday in honor of my fifty years on the Altar Guild. Everything was great. The table was beautiful--so many people remarked how nice it looked. As usual, the food was delicious, the flower arrangements were lovely, and the champagne added a nice touch to the celebration. 

Needless to say, the gift card to Newport Restaurant Group will be fun to use. The picture of St. Mary's, taken by Murry's son, has a prominent place in my house. 

A sincere thanks to all who contributed to my party in any way and helped to make it a very memorable day. 

Millie Cozzens

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You can always call or send an email to us if you are not sure. We are aware of the problem and this is part of the technology age in which we live and there is very little that can be done to stop this annoyance, but we should be mindful when opening and replying to emails always. 

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