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Weekend of November 2 &3, 2019

Tapestries: The Communion of Saints by John Nava, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles

Dear Saints of St. Mary's,

Today is the feast of All Saints Day, celebrated by the church every year from the early fourth century. This weekend our community will gather in worship remembering that we are a part of this communion of saints, past, present and future. We will remember those we love but see no longer, those who have died and were buried from our church in the past year and we will reclaim our own blessedness and sainthood, begun in our baptism. We will do the important ministry of baptizing two new saints, Ryker James at the 5 p.m. Saturday service and Monroe Jean at the 9 a.m. service.  

There is so much happening in the life of our parish at this moment: we are beginning this month of giving thanks, making our financial pledges for the coming year, saying farewell to Gabe as he heads into a new ministry, and dealing with the renovation of the historic church which has been complicated by weather damage. This is all taking place, with many people serving and leading, through transitions and challenges, as well as our regular ministries. 

I want to thank our community for continuing to show up for one another in love and encourage you, especially in these next few months to continue.  You may not realize what a precious gift you offer when you come for worship and fellowship at St. Mary's. That's right, you are a precious gift to others. When you come to be a part of this mystical body, you make a difference to others. Imagine that you may unknowingly offer the kind smile that reassures a guest or someone who is struggling, or doubting. Think of a time when you may have been the one doubting, or stressed by life's inevitable challenges and changes and someone here reminded you of God's abundant grace and love. Being together matters.  You matter. 

As you prepare to worship this weekend, I invite you to think of those saints in your life, those special few who have strengthened your faith and connected you to God. And then think of how God may be using you to strengthen others in this mystical body of Christ. 


Rector's Update: Historic Church Renovation & Upcoming Worship
Having obtained sufficient grants and gifts to complete phase two of our renovation, and soliciting construction bids for over a year, our Historic Church Renewal Team authorized the process of replacing and repairing the roof and exterior of the church.  After many leaks and patches, this was the first replacement of the original roof in 175 years.

The experienced roofer and architect assured us that the roof membrane in place during the renovation would be waterproof. They also assured that we would be able to continue to worship inside throughout the process. On October 16th, however, a massive Nor' Easter blasted the region and we suffered damage to the property including water intrusion in the historic church. The Historic Church Renewal Team, under the steady and faithful leadership of Junior Warden, Paul Westrom, have been working daily to address the issues of remediating the moisture as well as assessing damage with insurance companies, builders, the architect and restoration specialists.  

Water has damaged the paint on the ceiling as well as leaking in many places throughout the sanctuary and sacristy. The moisture has gotten behind at least one section of the north wall. Contractors and experts will be removing a part of the interior north wall. This will mean that we will not be able to worship in the historic church until further notice. This is particularly disappointing to me after making a commitment to worship in the historic church through November and at Christmas. I realize the sacrifices of so many people who had changed their favorite time or place of worship in order to be together as one community. We had a good plan, strong attendance and now we have had to adjust. 

The most important thing we can do is to continue to come together for worship, mutual support and ministry. This is a time to invest in the relationships we share in Christ, while we support the leaders who are working on the building. Beloved as our historic church is, our church is really not a building, but a body. 

Though this whole situation is unsettling, I am daily reminded that we also have reason to be grateful. We have a strong team of lay leaders and professionals who are working together and making informed, wise decisions. We have a second beautiful worship space, St. George's Chapel, a luxury many churches do not have. We have shown that we are flexible and can adjust to transitions and unplanned circumstances with equanimity. We have insurance, both earthly and divine. We know God is with us every step of the way.

We also give thanks to Freedom Restoration for drying out the church as much as possible and discounting our bill by half.  We give thanks to Polo Cleaners for dry cleaning the altar hangings and other tapestries at no charge. These were both great gifts. 

Paul Westrom, Jr. Warden, is available to answer any of your questions. I hope you will reach out to him to learn what is happening, but more importantly to thank him for his service and commitment to this church. He is a gift. 


Our Upcoming Harvest Weekend...

Sunday, November 17, we will worship at 9 a.m. (if you didn't come at 5 on Saturday) and we will be doing our Harvest Weekend clean up - leaf raking, tidying up, washing windows, and tucking our buildings and grounds in for winter.  We will need your help on Sunday. 

We also ask you to make your pledge for 2020 by November 17th at the latest. Please don't wait to send in your pledges. Pray, plan to give, and send in those pledge cards. Our vestry will be focused on planning ministry for the year ahead and your generosity will make a difference.  

All pledges will be blessed at Harvest Weekend worship services. We trust God will work through our gifts.

Arrivederci, Gabe!
On Saturday, November 15th, we will be saying, "Arrivederci, Gabe" as he leaves us for his new position in San Francisco.  Our Italian Harvest Dinner will offer us the opportunity for toasts, salutations, and gifts to send Gabe on his way. If you would like to leave him a personal note or card, a basket will be in the back of the Chapel on  November 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th for those.  If you would like to make a monetary contribution to his farewell gift, please put it in an envelope with " Gabe's Farewell Gift" on it and put it in the offering plate or leave it with the Parish Administrator, Karen LaRoche (office hours -- Tuesday - Thursday from 9-3).  The last day to contribute either a personal note or a monetary gift is Thursday, November 13th. If you have questions, please contact Murry Edwards at .  

-W O R S H I P-
Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness... - Psalm 96
Preparing for Worship This Weekend

T his Weekend's Collect 
A lmighty and merciful God, it is only by your gift that your faithful people offer you true and laudable service: Grant that we may run without stumbling to obtain your heavenly promises; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. AMEN

Access the readings (track 2) HERE

Past sermons can be listened to HERE

Liturgical Ministry Assignments:

 Saturday 5PM
Lector & Intercessor: Joanne Gracia
LEM: Bob Vergnani
Greeters: Jean & Andre Wilson/ Levesque

 Sunday 9AM
Crucifer: Steve Downing
Acolytes: Rayna Lombardo, Andrew Silveria
Lectors: Trish Culver, David Spengler
Intercessor: Lauren Lema
LEM: Claire Hebert
Greeter: Lauren Lema, Christine Winslow
Preacher: The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick

Rita Verespy, Jon Juhase

Hospitality/Coffee Hour
Harry & Mattie Gustafson

Wine & Cheese Host (6pm Saturday)
Carole Nicodemus

Altar Guild
Joanne Gracia, Jennie Nestlerode

We joyfully welcome Ryker James Arsenault and Monroe Jean Hathaway into the household of God this weekend in Holy Baptism. 
If you are seeking Holy Baptism for yourself or a child, the next available dates are January 11 & 12. Please email to plan and prepare. 

Use the work of your hands to help us feast at God's table!
Communion Bread Baking Workshop
Saturday, November 9th at 9AM in the Parish House kitchen
You're invited as Joan Macomber and Cindy Jilling will walk us through the process of making and storing altar bread in hopes of growing this very important ministry.

-W E L L - B E I N G-
Growing into the full stature of Christ... - Ephesians 4

January - June, 2020
This series, vital to our well-being, invites our members and the wider community into a film-based dialog on race and faith. This is program offered by the Episcopal Church is an important step on the Way of Love.

Pray about how matters of race impact your own faith and step onto Sacred Ground for the well-being of yourself and the world...
Discover more about Sacred Ground HERE and the Way of Love HERE
To express interest, ask questions, or take part, contact Lynn Carlson-Leblanc

Stewardship season is here! This year's theme is "Shining Our Light"
You'll receive print and email resources for this year's campaign very soon. As always, we will celebrate with a Harvest Dinner taking place on Saturday November 16th after the 5PM Service. Please sign up for the dinner below:

Sign up HERE
for the Harvest Dinner

Our bishop will be visiting St. Mary's on February 23rd and will offer the rites of Confirmation, Reception, and Re-Affirmation for those who wish.
To express interest & learn about preparation, contact The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick

Classes for adults and kids continue this weekend:

10:20 coffee hour bell alerts us for class
10:30 Acts of the Apostles Bible Study with Karen: Adult Ed Room, upstairs
Previous & Upcoming passages for study:
From last week's class:  21:22-23  &  Acts 9:1-22
For this week: Deuteronomy  Acts 9:23-31 &  Galatians Chapter 1

This week's 10:30 Children's class, "God Created Human Beings" 
downstairs in the children's ministry room with Gabe Giella & Caitlin Duffy

Free Financial Peace Course!
November 20th, 6:45- 930
An evening of fellowship, financial wellness strategies, and dinner.
Financial expert Michelle Freitas will host the evening with a live-stream version of the full course by Dave Ramsey. You won't want to miss this!
To sign up for the session click HERE

This series on Episcopal beliefs is led by The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick and covers a variety of topics for newcomers and long-time members.
The next classes are Wed. 11/13, 7-8:30pm or Sat. 11/16, 10-11:30
Topic: The Church's Structure & Governance and the Communion of Saints


This weekend! Teens will gather in the kitchen to assemble dessert kits for the MLK center during the Sunday school hour. 

-S E R V I C E-
Let the greatest among you be the servant... - Matthew 23

Donations this month for the MLK Center
Our current donation focus for the MLK Center is on breakfast cereals. 

We are also collecting canned pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, and graham crackers crusts to assemble dessert kits for MLK guests. 
Donation baskets are in the entry to the church and parish house. 
Your generosity blesses many people.

Thanksgiving Choral Evensong for Episcopal Charities
with Bishop Knisely November 23rd. 
For more information, or to sing up to attend, click HERE



Trunk or Treat was a night of creativity and fun among members and guests alike. Thanks to members of Invite, Welcome, Connect who planned and Cindy Killavey, our storyteller. Scroll through, zoom in, and enjoy the photos!

Trunk or Treat was a night of creativity and fun among members and guests alike. Thanks to members of Invite, Welcome, Connect who planned and Cindy Killavey, our storyteller. Scroll through, zoom in, and enjoy the photos!

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