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Weekend of November 9th and 10th, 2019


Dear Friends,

The early followers of Jesus were on high alert because they believed the second coming of Jesus would happen very soon. As Jesus predicted, many people and groups began to claim to be Jesus, or his representative,  or  to have some new message that distracted from the Good News of Jesus. Some things never change!

I wonder what it was like for the early followers of Jesus to gradually realize that he was not, in fact, returning soon. On whom or what would they rely? The Christian scriptures are filled with warnings to avoid anyone who claims to speak in Jesus's name and this weekend's letter from Paul does just that. Jesus's return was of great importance. 

I also wonder what it must have been like for those early Christians to have fraudulent people rise up from among them, or from the outside, claiming to have the truth, when they in fact aim to lead others astray and gain power  for themselves. At a certain point, the Christians realize that the Holy Spirit will let us know what is good, what is true, and when we find Jesus and his authentic followers, we will know. They often aren't fancy, or perfect. The places they gather sometimes have scaffolding, they might worship in an old building, or with folding chairs and the best they have at hand. Their experiences of God are all different.  Authentic Christians don't spend so much time talking about complex theology that they forget to serve others. Real communities of Christians aren't looking here or there for other truth tellers because the truth is alive in the person of Jesus, who himself is the invisible head of any true community. 

This weekend's readings focus on why we are really here. St Paul is guiding the church to seek the truth that already lives within it, and Jesus is urging us to live in the present moment, not with our heads in the clouds. 

If you're reading this, I am assuming there is something authentic you've found here at St Mary's. As one preparing to depart from this community, as Paul reminded the church at Thessalonica, you are right. You have found here the presence of Jesus, the desire to learn, and love, and serve, and grow. When the truth is unclear you can come here for counsel, support, prayer, and peace. In sorrow or joy, God is here. I have found all of this to be very true because there is something within us--the Holy Spirit--who tells us that this is true. 

Authentic Christian community really is God's gift to the world and St. Mary's is one of them. It's a free gift for you. It's been an enormous gift to me. You matter to God, and to me, and I look forward to worshiping together this weekend.

In Christ's Love, 

Reflection on Shining Our Light
From Our Senior Warden

In the early morning, predawn hours a fire is lit outside, and from it, the Paschal candle is lit; and from the Paschal candle, our candles are lit.  

So begins the Easter Vigil.

We move into the church in darkness. For the first hour of worship , we listen to the mighty acts of God and his great love as we sit in a darkness that is spotted with the pinpoints of light that we hold.  As dawn breaks, light begins to stream through the Ascension window; the organ hits its deepest bass; the church lights come on; we blow out our candles and proclaim, "Christ is risen! Hallelujah! Good News!  The Lord is Risen!"

This  my favorite service -- the Easter Vigil.  To me it always seems like Christmas Eve in reverse, when we begin in light and move to a candlelit darkness.  But here we move from darkness into light, from winter into spring, from death to resurrection. We move into a new covenant with God and one more chance to get things right with him. 

What an apt image for our stewardship theme:  "Shining our Light."  

Throughout this stewardship season, we have heard of how St. Mary's has given people the chance to come into a new relationship with God and with their fellow humans.  From David Spengler's story of how he wondered how he could have time to serve in ministry to Andrea Kinsley's story of looking for a new place to worship in a new town, to Michael Templeton's hope that he can respond with light to the welcoming light that St. Mary's has shown to him, and finally to Jennifer Vergnani's long time light that has shown through the ministries here. St. Mary's has been a place where people can come and share in God's love and their neighbor's love for them.  

We offer many lights to the world from meaningful worship, to book and Bible studies, to offering ministries that touch bodies, minds, and spirits, and to fellowship and service. All of our ministry shows  people that they are loved and welcomed here by God and by us.

Please join us on Harvest Weekend November 16th and 17th .  Both Saturday and Sunday services will be in the chapel and will include music. The 5:00 service on Saturday will be followed by an I talian Harvest Dinner.  This will be our opportunity to say good-bye to Gabe.  Sunday morning we will be working on cleaning, raking leaves, and preparing our property for winter.  And lastly, be sure to return your pledge card that weekend. 

And yes, that story of the Easter Vigil is from the past.  Now, you can shine your Easter light on Saturday night. Mark your calendars for the 2020 Easter Vigil on April 11.


Arrivederci, Gabe!
On Saturday, November 15th, we will be saying, "Arrivederci, Gabe" as he leaves us for his new position in San Francisco.  Our Italian Harvest Dinner will offer us the opportunity for toasts, salutations, and gifts to send Gabe on his way. If you would like to leave him a personal note or card, a basket will be in the back of the Chapel on  November 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th for those.  If you would like to make a monetary contribution to his farewell gift, please put it in an envelope with " Gabe's Farewell Gift" on it and put it in the offering plate or leave it with the Parish Administrator, Karen LaRoche (office hours -- Tuesday - Thursday from 9-3).  The last day to contribute either a personal note or a monetary gift is Thursday, November 13th. If you have questions, please contact Murry Edwards at .  

-W O R S H I P-
Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness... - Psalm 96
Preparing for Worship This Weekend

T his Weekend's Collect 
 God, whose blessed Son came into the world that he might destroy the works of the devil and make us children of God and heirs of eternal life: Grant that, having this hope, we may purify ourselves as he is pure; that, when he comes again with power and great glory, we may be made like him in his eternal and glorious kingdom; where he lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Access the readings (track 2) HERE

Past sermons can be listened to HERE

Liturgical Ministry Assignments:

 Saturday 5PM
Lector & Intercessor: Jennifer Vergnani
LEM: Carole Nicodemus
Greeters: Lauren Lema

 Sunday 9AM
Crucifer: Steve Bakios
Acolytes: Sheila Benevides, Jenny Nestlerode
Lectors: Michelle Freitas, Christian Myers
Intercessor: Chris Winslow
LEM: Lauren Lema
Greeter: Mary Kay Lundberg. Chris Winslow
Preacher: Gabriel Giella

Ted Bierman, Harry Gustafson

Hospitality/Coffee Hour
Andrea Kinsley, Lynn Carlson Leblanc

Altar Guild
Ann Gizzi, Joanne Gracia, Kari Reardon Ruth Siebens

If you are seeking Holy Baptism for yourself or a child, the next available dates are January 11 & 12. Please email to plan and prepare. 

This Weekend
Communion Bread Baking Workshop
Saturday, November 9th at 9AM in the Parish House kitchen

-W E L L - B E I N G-
Growing into the full stature of Christ... - Ephesians 4

A film-based dialog on race and faith.  January - June, 2020
Pray about how matters of race impact your own faith and step onto Sacred Ground for the well-being of yourself and the world...
Discover more about Sacred Ground HERE and the Way of Love HERE
To express interest, ask questions, or take part, contact Lynn Carlson-Leblanc


Sign up HERE
for the Harvest Dinner

Our bishop will be visiting St. Mary's on February 23rd and will offer the rites of Confirmation, Reception, and Re-Affirmation for those who wish.
To express interest & learn about preparation, contact The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick


Adult Bible Study with Karen: Adult Ed Room, upstairs
From last week's class: Deuteronomy  Acts 9:23-31 &  Galatians Chapter 1
For this week:   Galatians Chapter 5:22-26, 1 Cor 12:4-11, 27-29

Children's class, "God Rested From the Work of Creating"; downstairs
 with Gabe Giella & Tonya Douce

Free Financial Peace Course!
November 20th, 6:45- 9:30
An evening of fellowship, financial wellness strategies, and dinner.
Financial expert Michelle Freitas will host the evening with a live-stream version of the full course by Dave Ramsey. You won't want to miss this!
To sign up for the session click HERE

 Led by The Rev. Jennifer Pedrick this covers a variety of topics for newcomers and long-time members.   Wed. 11/13, 7-8:30pm or Sat. 11/16, 10-11:30
Topic: The Church's Structure & Governance and the Communion of Saints

-S E R V I C E-
Let the greatest among you be the servant... - Matthew 23

Thursday November 14th, 3:30 - 6::00 PM
St. Paul's, Newport
Cooked meatloaves, apple juice, ragu, and fruit.  Extra dessert and fruit appreciated. To take part in this ministry contact Dave Brierley
Thanksgiving Choral Evensong for Episcopal Charities
with Bishop Knisely November 23rd. 
For more information, or to sing up to attend, click HERE   


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