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April 4, 2016

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Iowa Testing Begins Continues This Week
              Students in grades Kindergarten through 8 th grade will continue the standardized Iowa Test this week..  Students will test in the mornings for the next few days..  Kindergarten test days are:  April 6. First and Second Grade test days are:  6 and 7. Second graders will also take the CogAT on April 12 & 13.  Third to Eighth Graders will test on:  April 6, 7, 12.  Sixth graders will also take the CogAT on April 7, 12, 13.
              The Iowa tests measure achievement in all of the subject areas.  The CogAT -Cognitive Ability Test measures student ability levels - verbal and non-verbal.
Please Help Your Child Do Well
              We want every child to perform at his/her best level during the testing times.  Parents can help by:  encouraging your child to work hard and do the best they can on the test, having your child at school on time - students running late are stressed, making sure your child has a good breakfast - hungry students lose concentration, making sure your child has adequate sleep the night before the test.
T esting - Do Not Disturb
              We will try to minimize external distractions that might cause a child to lose focus during testing.  We will turn off the bells, we will minimize movement around the building during testing, and we will not allow a student arriving after testing has started to enter the classroom.  The student will come to the office until the testing time is complete.
PTC Registration Winner and Free Dress
              Congratulations to Judge and Kristen Edwards - winners of the PTC free registration door prize.  Students may have a casual dress day on Friday, April 8th, if their parents signed in at the PTC Meeting.  Congratulations to Mrs. Klein's 4 th grade class for winning the ice cream party for the highest percentage of parents at the meeting.
Registration in Process
              Registration is open and ready - we have enrolled 20 new students and 70 of our current students.  We ask you to complete that process right away.  Good decisions about staffing, facilities, and textbooks can only be made with good registration numbers.
              Our target for registration this year will be 235 students.  Please help us by completing the re-enrollment process ASAP!
Tennis, Baseball and Softball
              All of our Apache teams play out of town this week.  The baseball and softball teams will play home games again next week.  The tennis team will complete their season with the AIAL Tournament in San Antonio next week.
Congratulations Track Teams
              Our Apache teams had a "golden weekend" at Antonian High School last Friday and Saturday.  The teams competed in the large school division with schools that had more than double our enrollment.  This is how they finished:  Girls B Team - 1 st Place; Boys B Team - 1 st Place; Girls A Team - 1 st Place; Boys A Team - 3 rd Place. 
              Congratulations to our students and our coaches for this extraordinary achievement!
Thursday Mass
              Our students will attend Mass on Thursday, April 7th.  Students should wear Mass day uniforms.
We invite parents to join us for the Mass at 8:00 a.m.  The readings for the day can be found at:
              The students will be responding to this question:  "In today's first reading we learn of the Apostles' persistence to follow God.  They resolved to obey God rather than men.  The Apostles had a mission, and they were not about to back down.  We have a wonderful role model who is here at SMS who demonstrates this lesson.  Mr. Pahl has been preaching through his actions in so many ways - working long hours to lift others up.  As we celebrate Mr. Pahl's birthday today, tell how he has been a witness to his faith for you."
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
              Our students will gather in church at 3:00 p.m. on Mondays to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  We invite you to join us.  We have scheduled this activity to reinforce the Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis.
Mother Son Dance
              Our parish has scheduled our first Mother Son Dance for Friday, April 22 nd, in the Holy Family Center.  Tickets are available in the office - the cost is $10/couple now and $15/couple at the door.  Additional attendees are $5 per person.
St. Joseph's Feast Day Barbecue
              The annual St. Joseph's Barbeque is set for this Sunday, April 10 th.  Delicious BBQ, raffle prizes and lots of fun - please make plans to attend.
Yearbook Sale
              This year's books will have pictures of all students and lots of pictures of school activities.  You may place your order online at: before April 15 th.  Softcover books are $20 and hardcover books are $25.
Scrip Cards
              Thank you for supporting our school by purchasing Scrip cards.  Thanks especially to those parents who are able to help us with weekend sales at church.
                            The winner of the March drawing is Riva Koch.  The March sponsor of the $100 HEB card giveaway is Kyle Kiehne.  Thank you!
              The April sponsors for the drawing are Fredolin and June Kaderli.  Thank you!
Scrip Card Sponsors for Drawing
              We need sponsors for the monthly Scrip card drawing.  The sponsorship is $100 for any of the months of the year.  Please call the school office if you would like to help with this as an individual or a business.
Sixth Grade Retreat
              Our sixth grade students will travel to Our Lady of the Hills Catholic High School in Kerrville on Friday, April 8 th, for a spiritual retreat.  The retreat will be led by OLH students and faculty, and will also include 6 th graders from Notre Dame School.
Band Solo/Ensemble Contest
              We have many talented musicians in our two bands.  Recently our 5 th grade students and our junior high students participated in a solo and ensemble contest.  See the results here.
Parish Blood Drive
              We have a blood drive coming up on April 24 th - please see details here.
Mr. Pahl's Retirement Celebration
              Sunday was a great day for Mr. Pahl and his family.  It was wonderful to visit with the many former students, current benefactors, and friends who have been a part of the St. Mary's Community throughout these years.
              Thanks to all who attended and/or supported the event.  Special thanks to all who planned and prepared for the event.  God bless you all!
Calendar for 2016.2017 is Available
              Our superintendent has approved our calendar for next school year.  We are now allowed to publish the calendar.  It is attached here.
Last Day of School This Year
              Our last day of school this year is Tuesday, May 31 st.  It is an early release day and it is marked as a bad weather day.  If we had used a bad weather day this semester we would have had to add June 1 st as the last day.  The chances of that are remote right now, so we are fairly confident that the 31 st will be the last day.
              We agree that having a shortened day after the Memorial Day holiday is kind of silly, but we had to count that day as our 180 th day to have the calendar approved by the Archdiocese.

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