Staying Connected as a Faith Community
Thursday, January 28, 2021
THIS Sunday January 31st 11:00-12:30

The Zoom link will be sent out again on Sunday morning. You should have received a mailing of the 2020 Annual Report. Please contant Sandy if you are in need of a copy.

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Topic: St. Mary's Annual Meeting
Time: Jan 31, 2021 11:00 AM

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Meeting ID: 820 7255 2754
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1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 820 7255 2754
Passcode: 222272

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Remember you can attend a Zoom meeting on many devices including a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone or you can dial in on a cell phone or landline. If you would like to 'practice' Zoom before hand, contact Rev. Ann and she would be happy to walk you through it.
January Building Update

CLICK HERE to read the letter that was sent by mail on Tuesday to the entire parish from the vestry.
New Worship Opportunity in February!

We will begin premiring a Sunday morning service which includes Spiritual Communion from the sanctuary next Sunday, February 7th at 7:30AM. While it is available at 7:30am please feel free to view in at any point in the day.

St. Mary's Manchester is our YouTube channel; all services will be posted here


To subscribe and view do the following:

  • Type into your internet browser or click link
  • In the search bar across the top type, exactly as it is written, St. Mary’s Manchester and click the search button
  • St. Mary’s YouTube Channel has a circular image of the church on the left-hand side. 
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Candlemas Service this Sunday

On Candlemas we bless and light candles and ask God to send us out as Christ’s light in the world today. This feast day commemorates the presentation of Jesus and the purification of Mary in the Jerusalem Temple forty days after Jesus' birth, in accordance with the requirements of Jewish law. Even though we are not physically together we will celebrate by blessing and lighting candles. Please bring a candle to Zoom worship.
Coffee Hour
Our Zoom Coffee/Fellowship preceeds the 10AM service every week. Use the Sunday Service Link below to join anytime between 9:30 and 10:00am

Sunday, Januray 31st 10AM

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***NEW Schedule***


Join fellow parishioners:

Monday: Karen A
Wednesday: Andrea
Friday: Sharon

This short service from The Book of Common Prayer can be found in the BCP on page 127 or you may access the prayer book online at

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Meeting ID: 856 0827 5573
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To dial by telephone call +1 929 205 6099 
CLICK HERE to view last Sunday's service which included a special retirement prayer for our friend Mary C.
Diving into Lent: Save the Dates

Ash Wednesday February 17th
We will share worship on Ash Wednesday, as we have done in years past, with Emanuel and Concordia Lutheran churches. There will be a Zoom service at 7pm which will feature a variety of musical offerings.

Lenten Worship
Wednesdays during Lent we are offering a worship service reflecting the Way of the Cross, with music and lay preachers from all three churches offering homilies. This will take place on Zoom at 7pm.

Special Lenten Bible Study
Concordia and St. Mary’s will have a Lenten Bible Study, via Zoom, twice each week, led by Pastor Marschhausen. First on Sundays, immediately after morning Zoom worship … and then again … the same topic and discussion on Wednesdays, at Noon, via Zoom

Our Bible focus will St. Mark’s Passion & Resurrection Accounts, Mark chapters 14-16

Everyone will receive texts, notes & commentary – plus Zoom link
If you would like the study material ahead of time, please email Pastor Marschhausen at

Here is the Schedule:

Sunday, Feb. 21, 11:00 AM and Wednesday, February 24, Noon – Mark 14:1-31
Intro to Mark and The Plot Against Jesus through the Upper Room

Sunday, Feb. 28, 11:00 AM and Wednesday, March 3, Noon – Mark 14:32-72
Gethsemane, Jesus’ Arrest and Trial Before the Council

Sunday, March 7, 11:00 AM and Wednesday, March 10, Noon – Mark 15:1-20
Jesus’ Trial Before Pilate

Sunday, March 14, 11:00 AM and Wednesday, March 17, Noon – Mark 21-47
Jesus’ Crucifixion and Death

Sunday, March 21, 11:00 AM and Wednesday, March 24, Noon – Mark 16
Mark’s Resurrection Account(s)

Sunday, March 28 – Palm/Passion Sunday, 11:00 AM [No Wednesday]
A Conversation on the “Triduum” … or…
How Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & The Easter Vigil Prepare Us for Next Sunday!
 And Jesus said to them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people.”– Mark 1:17
Are you ready for a new kind of wellness routine in 2021? Jesus calls all of us to follow him and become fishers of people. It’s a new kind of exercise with eternal benefits where we become Christ’s hands, feet, eyes, and heart in this world. Get ready for a real workout Jesus-style!
‘The Year of My Wellbeing’
“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.”–Isaiah 40:31a
The Covid-19 pandemic has endured far longer than anyone imagined, and it has left us feeling stressed, weary, fearful, frustrated, angry, isolated, and dislocated. Many are simply depleted.

Even in normal times, being a good steward of our personal health takes time, vigilance, commitment and discipline. The pandemic’s protracted disruption has made it especially hard to take care of ourselves at the very time we need it most.
Because it will take months for the Coronavirus vaccine to be widely available, and even longer for “normal” to return, it may be wise for God’s people to designate 2021 “The Year of My Wellbeing” and focus on our health.

Our spiritual, mental, emotional wellbeing are interconnected. Working on any one of them will improve the rest. Working on all of them will best help you maintain equilibrium as we live into this new future.

Here are some tips for crafting a wellbeing strategy. Some may seem pretty basic, but many of us forget even the most obvious ideas.
·        Ask God for help.
·        Don’t go it alone! Work with friends for mutual support.
·        Tend to your spirit through Scripture study, devotionals, worship, most importantly, prayer!
·        Make quality time with loved ones.
·        Do something just for you.
·        Stuck? Talk to a counselor.
·        Exercise regularly.
·        Eat healthfully.
·        Practice stress-reduction techniques.

The pandemic will end, rest assured. When it does, we will all be greatly relieved. In the meantime, making 2021 “The Year of My Wellbeing” will help you stay strong.
–Rob Blezard
Copyright © 2021, Rev. Robert Blezard. Pastor Blezard serves as pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Aberdeen, MD, and works as content editor for He blogs at
Covid-19 Vaccine Information

State of Connecticut
CLICK HERE to access the website with current vaccine information

CT's Vaccine Administration Managment System (VAMS)
CLICK HERE to enter to create a profile and obtain a vaccination appointment

Uconn Health Center
CLICK HERE to visit the website (click schedule appointment right hand corner)

Hartford Healthcare
CLICK HERE to visit the website (click schedule now on lower left hand side)

Yale New Haven Health
CLICK HERE to visit website (scroll down to schedule your appointment button)

CLICK HERE to visit website. They soon will be offering COVID-19 Vaccine to 1B: Only people ages 75+ are eligible to receive the vaccine at a retail pharmacy

10 Ways You May Be Destroying the Church
"When churches struggle or begin to die, it’s easy to point fingers at leadership. If only the sermons were more engaging, or the music was different,".... To read the full article CLICK HERE

5 Sacred Lessons Only Grief Can Teach You 
by Katie T. Kennedy Contributing Writer to Crosswalk. CLICK HERE for the article

The regular practice of meditation can not only bring you closer to God and improve your faith and prayer life, it also improves overall wellness and health, scientists affirm. Lower blood pressure, greater emotional intelligence, a longer attention span and less anxiety are only some of the benefits, says healthline.
CLICK HERE to read the article

What’s the state of health for your body? Your relationships? Your feelings? Your surroundings? Other areas? The Wellness Toolkits from the National Institutes of Health can help you find out, CLICK HERE.
Let's Take a Winter Walk! 

Let's get moving this winter...Email Ann to find a time to share a Winter Walk:
Ann's Zoom Coffee Shop on Fridays 1-2pm

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Virtual Prayers of the People
Please take a moment to lift these names up in your prayers. Contact Rev. Ann if you would like to add a loved one.
Mary Rolfe
Lynette Wilson
Beth Lavalette
Jenn Reguin
Donny Ballsieper
Margaret Burke
Bernie VonHone
Matt Briggs
Dawn Murphy
John Wagner
Lea Dubiel
Gary Jensen
Mechelle Olórtegui
Thea Michailides
Carolyn Stone
Deborah Kocsis
Alexander Tovar Olórtegui
Sylvia Rogers
Carlson Rogers
Torshia Anderson
Carlson Rogers, Jr
Llonia Jackson and family
Kelvin Rogers
Michelle Legister
Talitha Coggins
Aleesha Rogers
Walker-Young Family: Carmen, Courtnee, Emory, Morgan and Chelsea, Emrys and Erymi, 
Meg Wagner
Karen Armogida
Sharon and Cornelius
Jack Cianfaglione 
Dick Falcone
Linda and Michael
Kiki Eglinton
Dean Fedorchak
Summer M.
Arlyne Alexander
Ruth Clement
Dotti Canon
Eleanor Hunte 
Jean Cabana
Kathy Anderson
Bob Reault (pronounced “row”)
Jeanette Waytashak
Murial Ritchie
Michelle Darrell
Gloria Edwards
Paul Pedersen
Fred Winzler
Gail Wolcott
For comfort for their families and for all who mourn especially:
Cabana family, Norman, Denise
Reault Family (pronounced “row”)
LouAnn, Ellie and family
George, Darrell family
Pedersen family
Mark Winzler
Wolcott family, Jesse and Jamie
Thanksgiving for:
For our parish leadership
Darriun Bedell, Kuwait