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Thursday, March 11, 2021
Daylight Savings Begins on Sunday March 14th: Don't forget to Spring Ahead an hour
Your Photos needed for Holy Week!
Submissions due by Thursday, March 18

Presentation on "service and servanthood" for the Maundy Thursday service. Where have you seen the hands and feet of Christ in our local community? Try going out on a mission with your camera to discover servants ministering to others. Your digital photos may be submitted to Stephanie Kershner at

Good Friday presentation on the cross of Christ. Send your digital photos of crosses from your homes, around the community, in the church for this presentation to Ann Lovejoy Johnson at
Mission Statement Exploration
As years pass and the church evolves it is important for a parish to take time and reflect on it's mission in the world. One way the vestry is doing this is to rediscover our mission statement and possibly add a vision statement to let those in the community know what they can find here at St. Mary's. Note, a vision statement elaborates on a short mission statement and describes who we want to become.  Please take a moment to share your thoughts below as we begin this process...
Does this mission statement describe St. Mary's to you: Rooted in Christ, Serving our Neighbor
Would you be interested in working with others to draft a vision statement for St. Mary's?
Lenten Outreach Initiatives
*All 3 collections will take place NOW through March 28th*
You may drop off donations on the office porch
Undie Sunday
We are seeking new: socks, underwear, bras, undershirts for all ages and in all sizes.
Wall Out Hunger
We are seeking: non-perishable food, toiletries, personal care items, feminine hygiene products, cleaning products & paper goods

Gift Cards
Those who would like to donate to our partner school, Bennet Academy can purchase $25 gift cards to either Stop & Shop or Walmart and drop them at the office.
Palm Pick-up & Donation Drop-off
Saturday, March 27th

Our joint lenten churches will be recording a "Blessing of the Palms" which can be viewed at 11Am on our Facebook page. Between 12-3pm all are welcome to stop by the Memorial Garden and pick up a blessed palm for Sunday's service and drop-off any final donations you have for either Undie Sunday or Wall Out Hunger. Please get all gift card donations to the office by the 26th. This is a contactless event with a basket of palms and a table to leave donations. To make it quick and easy we suggest parking on Church Street.
St. Mary's Lenten Ponderings:
From Sunday, March 7th: Bloody Sunday Anniversary

“56 years later and we're still fighting some of the same battles. This anniversary, the stories from Scripture for today - the 10 Commandments and Jesus displaying his anger in the temple - and the George Floyd trial beginning tomorrow is giving me....well, pause. “ (Rebekah Hatch)

May we hear God calling us to put our love into action. That is the work of God’s mission and God’s justice.

For The First Time In 56 Years, A 'Bloody Sunday' Without John Lewis
That landmark civil rights march in 1965 led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act later that same year. But, Sanders said, the work of civil rights activists is not done.
"One of the realities that I've had to face is that every time that it appears that Black people in the United States make a little advancement or a little progress, there's a powerful backlash," he said...Many activists who were alive to witness the passing of the Voting Rights Act also lived to see it gutted. Just this year, 33 states have taken action on over 160 proposals that restrict voter access, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. CLICK HERE to read the full article from NPR
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New Book Study Begins in April

St. Mary’s parishioner and gifted lay preacher Mary Covello will lead a six week book discussion on Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s book, Love Is the Way: Holding onto Hope in Troubled Times. Meetings will be held on Zoom on six Sundays at 1 pm beginning on April 11. Interested in taking part in this series? Just email Mary at
GHIAA helps to eliminate Welfare Liens in CT

After a hard-fought legislative campaign that was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, GHIAA received word that Gov. Lamont signed H.B. 6516 into law on March 4, 2021, effectively putting a long-overdue end to welfare liens in Connecticut. Renee Blake, a leader in this campaign has a lien against her home for state assistance received over forty years ago. When Renee went to appeal the lien two years ago, a representative told her that the liens were final; “it is what it is” was the exact response. 

The passing of H.B. 6516 means that Renee is now able to sell her home and use the equity to retire to Georgia with family. “We can’t control some things,” said Renee, “but we can control how we react. I’m overwhelmed that my story helped end this thing. God has a plan.”

For Rev. Joshua Pawelek, Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Society: East and GHIAA leader, working on this campaign was a response to his call to ministry. “My call has never been only about serving a congregation within the walls of its building,” said Rev. Pawelek, “I am called to live out the values of my faith in the public square by working in solidarity with people most impacted by oppression.”
For Isee Greenwood, repealing welfare liens is bittersweet. After working hard to purchase a home and make consistent payments, Isee encountered financial difficulty. Her lender was willing to work with her to renegotiate her mortgage, but preventing this was a welfare lien. Isee watched her home go into foreclosure and all of her belongings put on auction. Not only did the state NOT recoup any of the money for the lien from the foreclosure, but also Isee and her children ended up homeless.

GHIAA thanks all of our brave leaders, congregations, Sarah White of CT Fair Housing, House Representative Matt Ritter, Representative Toni Walker, and numerous others who helped make this win possible!

CLICK HERE to listen to the NBC CT report on the GHIAA press conference

Watch the video below to inform yourself on what welfare liens are and how they systemically hold people in poverty

CT's Vaccine Age-based Eligibility Chart

March 1, 2021: Expands to age group 55 to 64 and educators
March 22, 2021: Expands to age group 45 to 54
April 12, 2021: Expands to age group 35 to 44
May 3, 2021: Expands to age group 16 to 34

State of Connecticut
CLICK HERE to access the website with current vaccine information

CT's Vaccine Administration Managment System (VAMS)
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Connecticut’s Vaccine Appointment Assist Line
UCONN Health Center
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Hartford Healthcare
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Yale New Haven Health
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ECCT's March eNews
CLICK HERE to read the edition that is filled with great resources and information

Remembering Bishop Harris June 12, 1930-March 13, 2020
As the, first anniversary of the death of the Rt. Rev. Barbara C. Harris, the first female bishop consecrated in the Anglican Communion, approaches, the Diocese of Massachusetts has extended an invitation to include grateful recollection of Bishop Harris in your own devotional life this year. CLICK HERE to view her preaching at diocesan convention in 2019. 
To make a 2021 pledge to St. Mary's CLICK HERE for the form
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Virtual Prayers of the People
Please take a moment to lift these names up in your prayers. Contact Rev. Ann if you would like to add a loved one.
Mary Rolfe
Lynette Wilson
Beth Lavalette
Jenn Reguin
Donny Ballsieper
Margaret Burke
Bernie VonHone
Matt Briggs
Lea Dubiel
Gary Jensen
Mechelle Olórtegui
Thea Michailides
Carolyn Stone
Deborah Kocsis
Alexander Tovar Olórtegui
Sylvia Rogers
Carlson Rogers
Torshia Anderson
Carlson Rogers, Jr
Llonia Jackson and family
Kelvin Rogers
Michelle Legister
Talitha Coggins
Aleesha Rogers
Walker-Young Family: Carmen, Courtnee, Emory, Morgan and Chelsea, Emrys and Erymi, 
Meg Wagner
Karen Armogida
Sharon and Cornelius
Jack Cianfaglione
Dick Falcone
Linda and Michael
Kiki Eglinton
Dean Fedorchak
Summer M.
Arlyne Alexander
Ellise & Ralph Sullivan
Joseph Bennett
Mary Barber
Helen Sisco
Stella Rose, Jess, Bill, Elsa

Ruth Clement
Dotti Canon
Eleanor Hunte 
Jean Cabana
Kathy Anderson
Bob Reault (pronounced
Jeanette Waytashak
Murial Ritchie
Michelle Darrell
Gloria Edwards
Paul Pedersen
Fred Winzler
Gail Wolcott
Dolores Jones
Victor Binks

For comfort for their
families and for all who
mourn especially:
Cabana family, Norman, Denise
Reault Family
LouAnn, Ellie and family
George, Darrell family
Pedersen family
Mark Winzler
Wolcott family, Jesse & Jamie
Kelly Sharp
Binks Family

Thanksgiving for
Our Vestry leadership;
For our “Tech Team”:
Gene, Sarah, Beth,
Mechelle, Rev Ann

Darriun Bedell, Kuwait