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Thursday, March 25, 2021
What’s Going on with St. Mary’s Mission Statement?
By Mary Covello
Mission statements force a church to identify its essential business. Years ago, St. Mary’s developed its wonderful mission statement, “God Cooks. We share the feast.” This statement is featured in our official communications and website. At that time, it truly represented the social activity and generous hospitality that went on at St. Mary’s Church. At a recent vestry meeting I brought up that this statement may not truly reflect our church now as we have weathered a global pandemic and experienced significant attrition in membership. We at the vestry face very difficult decisions ahead in downsizing our presence based on harsh financial realities. A new, thoughtfully considered mission statement may help us to identify what’s important. Without a clear idea of our priorities at St. Mary’s, the vestry is faced with stretching resources to meet overwhelming and divergent demands. We would love your input. Keep the mission statement the same? A suggestion of a new mission statement, “Rooted in Christ, Serving Our Neighbors,” was given in a recent e-poll, but response was limited. Please email me with your thoughts on this. Thanks. (

Blessing of the Palms Live on FACEBOOK
THIS Saturday, March 27th

CLICK HERE to head to St. Mary's Facebook page just before 11:00 am on Saturday morning. Shortly after swing by the church and get a palm for your Palm Sunday home celebration.
Palm Pick-up & Donation Drop-off

On the 27th between 12-3pm all are welcome to stop by the Memorial Garden and pick up a blessed palm for Sunday's service and drop-off any final donations you have for either Undie Sunday or Wall Out Hunger. This is a contactless event with a basket of palms and a table to leave donations. To make it quick and easy we suggest parking on Church Street.
Saturday, March 27th: 
Blessing of the Palms 11:00 AM Facebook Live
Palm Pick-up/Donation Drop-off 12:00-3:00 PM: Memorial Garden

Palm Sunday March 28th
YouTube 7:30 AM or later
Zoom 10:00 AM

Maundy Thursday April 1st
Zoom 7:00 PM

Good Friday April 2nd
Zoom 7:00 PM

Easter Vigil Saturday April 3rd
Zoom 7:00 PM

Easter Sunday April 4th
YouTube 7:30 AM or later
Communion To-Go 8:45 AM to 9:15 AM: St Mary's Parking Lot
Zoom 10:00 AM

Note: Each Zoom link will be sent the day of the service
Communion To-Go Begins Easter Sunday
April 4, Easter Sunday, will be the first Sunday that St. Mary’s, like some other Episcopal churches, will offer Communion To-Go.
What is Communion To-Go?
Communion To-Go is a distribution of consecrated and blessed prepackaged and sealed cups of grape juice and communion wafers that make it possible for our parishioners to receive communion in a COVID-safe manner. We are offering this service, which has been successful at other Connecticut Episcopal churches, as another way to stay connected with our church family.
How does it work?
Communion cups will be offered after the 7:30 am spiritual communion service on Sunday mornings. To allow you enough time to drive over to St. Mary’s after viewing the 7:30 service, Eucharistic Ministers will be distributing the cups in the Park St. parking lot starting at 8:45 am and finishing up at 9:15 am.
Simply drive into the Park St. parking lot at the east entrance, where a sign says “Enter.” Near the right front corner of the Williams building, there will be a table with two masked and gloved Eucharistic Ministers.
Please wear a mask when you drive up to the table. Open the driver’s side window and reach out, cupping your hands. The Eucharistic Minister will place in your hands the appropriate number of cups for you and any passengers. You will also be given a prayer sheet and napkins. Please drive around the back of the Williams building and park in the parking lot so that you may read the prayer and consume communion. 
Please be cautious when opening the cup of grape juice. Hold it over the napkin and pull the peel-off tab slowly, working side-to-side until you can sip from the cup.

After you have prayed and consumed communion, please leave St. Mary’s parking lot from the west exit where there will be a receptacle to deposit communion cups and wrappers as you drive out. Please do not leave with unconsumed cups.
When does it start?
Communion To-Go will start Easter Sunday and will be offered all subsequent Sundays until reopening. Severe weather will cancel. If you have any questions, please call the church office at 860-649-4583.
Easter Flower Memorials

Those who would like to make memorial donations for Easter flowers can send donations to the office by March 30th.
St. Mary's Lenten Ponderings:

Wherever and whenever hatred or bigotry rises up and is directed at any child of God, we who follow Jesus of Nazareth and therefore stand for love, must act. We must stand up, speak up and show up. Today we do so with and for our Asian American and Pacific Islander brothers, sisters and siblings. Whatever the motivation of the shooter in Atlanta, we know that we are seeing a dangerous increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: in the past year, Stop AAPI Hate has documented 3,795 incidents. Many of our fellow children of God are living in fear here in the United States, where there is supposed to be liberty and justice for all. We who stand for love must act — we must speak up, stand up and show up. Here are some links to some ways we can do that:

Support Georgia’s Asian American Community:
YouTube Worship

Sunday @ 7:30AM or later

PALM SUNDAY worship will be recorded on Saturday after the "blessings of the palms" and linked to our Sunday morning worship links email which goes out at 7AM. Our pianst Kelly Sharp will be playing live.
Coffee Hour
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March 28th @ 10AM

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New Book Study Begins in April

St. Mary’s parishioner and gifted lay preacher Mary Covello will lead a six week book discussion on Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s book, Love Is the Way: Holding onto Hope in Troubled Times. Meetings will be held on Zoom on six Sundays at 1 pm beginning on April 11. Interested in taking part in this series? Just email Mary at
UPDATED CT's Vaccine Age-based Eligibility Chart
April 5, 2021: Expands to age group 16 to 44

State of Connecticut
CLICK HERE to access the website with current vaccine information

CT's Vaccine Administration Managment System (VAMS)
CLICK HERE to enter to create a profile and find a time slot

Connecticut’s Vaccine Appointment Assist Line
UCONN Health Center
CLICK HERE to visit the website

Hartford Healthcare
CLICK HERE to visit the website

Yale New Haven Health
CLICK HERE to visit the website

CLICK HERE to visit the website

CLICK HERE to visit the website

Civil Rights Legends Selected For Manchester Mural
RiseUP is thrilled to be partnering with the Manchester community to install the massive Legends of Civil Rights Murals on the side of the Mahoney Center and are excited to announce the three major figures that will be represented in the mural are the Honorable John Lewis, Manchester’s own Dr. Diane Clare-Kearney, and the Legendary Harriet Tubman. Donations to fund this project can be made through the Patronicity project page CLICK HERE 

Earth Tenenbrae Regional Service
Wednesday, March 31 at 7:00 p.m. Join Zoom Meeting CLICK HERE Meeting ID: 914 1372 1793 or Dial +16465588656
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Ann's Zoom Coffee Shop on Fridays @ 1-2pm
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Virtual Prayers of the People
Please take a moment to lift these names up in your prayers. Contact Rev. Ann if you would like to add a loved one.
Mary Rolfe
Lynette Wilson
Beth Lavalette
Jenn Reguin
Donny Ballsieper
Margaret Burke
Bernie VonHone
Matt Briggs
Lea Dubiel
Gary Jensen
Mechelle Olórtegui
Thea Michailides
Carolyn Stone
Deborah Kocsis
Alexander Tovar Olórtegui
Sylvia Rogers
Carlson Rogers
Torshia Anderson
Carlson Rogers, Jr
Llonia Jackson and family
Kelvin Rogers
Michelle Legister
Talitha Coggins
Aleesha Rogers
Walker-Young Family: Carmen, Courtnee, Emory, Morgan and Chelsea, Emrys and Erymi, 
Meg Wagner
Karen Armogida
Sharon and Cornelius
Dick Falcone
Linda and Michael
Kiki Eglinton
Dean Fedorchak
Summer M.
Arlyne Alexander
Ellise & Ralph Sullivan
Joseph Bennett
Mary Barber
Stella Rose, Jess, Bill & Elsa
Amber Mallett
Rita and Joe Faucher
Greg & Linda Brown
Cory, Tom
Kari & Troy Lane
Ruth Clement
Dotti Canon
Eleanor Hunte 
Jean Cabana
Kathy Anderson
Bob Reault (pronounced “row”)
Jeanette Waytashak
Murial Ritchie
Michelle Darrell
Gloria Edwards
Paul Pedersen
Fred Winzler
Gail Wolcott
Dolores Jones
Victor Binks
Helen Sisco
Dorothy White
For comfort for their families and for all who mourn especially:
Cabana family, Norman, Denise
Reault Family (pronounced “row”)
Alon White
LouAnn, Ellie and family
George, Darrell family
Pedersen family
Mark Winzler
Wolcott family, Jesse and Jamie
Kelly Sharp
Binks Family
Sisco Family
Our Vestry leadership;
For our CAT Listening Sessions
Darriun Bedell, Kuwait