Staying Connected as a Faith Community

Thursday, September 22, 2022

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**In-person and livestreamed**

Holy Eucharist

St. Mary's @ 9AM

Celebrant: Fr. Shaw 

Coffee Hour Host: Betsy Ibsen

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MOVING FORWARD Update: September 14th

Both the vestries of St. Mary's and St. John's voted to request permission from the ECCT Bishops and Standing Committee to enter and explore the ECCT merger process.

The next step will be an all-day joint parish meeting facilitated by Bishop Laura. The date is to be determined but will most likely be a Saturday in late October. 

As you read this update, please remember:

  • A vote to explore a merger does not mean it’s a “done deal” or that St. Mary’s is closing. Before a merger can take place, we must work through a lengthy, detailed process ECCT developed. The process is designed to ensure that the merger is consistent with God’s mission and a positive step for both churches.
  • The process will take approximately a year to complete and involves many months of exploration, discovery, advancement and – if ultimately appropriate – affirmation of the merger. Please let me or another vestry member know if you’re interested in being part of this process.
  •  If the two parishes and the diocese agree that a merger is desirable, it will be confirmed at General Convention in October 2023.

In the meantime, we are still the faith community of St. Mary’s. St. Mary’s will be there for you, and I urge you to be there for St. Mary’s alongside others who, like you, care deeply about this church and each other. This is new to all of us, and we don’t have all the answers. As we learn more, we will continue to share information with you. Thank you for your prayers and support as we make this journey.

In honor of Bishop Ian, give to the Bishop Farewell Fund

In accordance with recent tradition, to honor our bishop on his retirement, ECCT has set up a fund for donations in his honor to two organizations designated by him. Given his longstanding commitment to environmental issues and our work on the stewardship of creation, Bishop Ian has chosen the Connecticut River Conservancy and Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS).

CRC collaborates with partners across four states to protect and advocate for our rivers and educate and engage communities. They work to prevent pollution, improve habitat, and promote enjoyment of our rivers and their streams. IRIS provides wrap-around services for refugee families, asylum seekers, asylees, and other immigrant families who seek assistance to stabilize their family situations in the U.S. 

The fund will close on October 8, 2022. You may donate to the fund below.

CLICK HERE to give to the Farewell Fund

Virtual Meetings with Father Shaw

There is now a permanent Zoom link on the St. Mary's website for meetings with Fr Shaw. All you have to do it head to the website (CLICK HERE) and scroll down. You might find it easiest to bookmark or save the churches website for easy access. Below is an image of what you need to look for once you are on the church website.

A Service of Healing Returns Each Month

On October 2nd, a healing liturgy will be included within the service of Holy Eucharist at 9AM. This format will continue during the first Holy Eucharist of each month. 

We plan to use healing prayer cards for the prayers of the people and the confession of sin.  If you are attending in-person, please pick up a "prayers card" when you enter, and put the card on a table as you leave on your way out (we need to reuse them).

If you are not present at the service in Manchester or are watching online, have a cell phone, and would like to text Fr. Shaw a prayer request for healing, then prior to the prayers of the people in the service, please send your text message to 518-577-2578 with the specific wording that you would like him to use for a spoken healing prayer.

There is also a plan to pray for other people watching online in a general way if you prefer. 

Your prayer request may be as general or as specific as you would like, for yourself or for another, and whatever your comfort level. 

Sunday, October 2 @2 pm on Zoom

To participate: Go to the parish web page found at, and scroll down to "For parish meetings with Fr. Shaw: CLICK HERE." Please click on those words and wait to be let into the meeting. 

Fr Shaw plans to provide the service words to be used (available on the Zoom screen), and you present your pets and animals in your Zoom space, as you desire. You may show your pets (pet willing...), or show a picture of your pet. You will be able to introduce your pet to us, and the plan is to pray for the pets and their owners. It is OK for cat tails and the like to meander across the screen, and animals being held are fine.

You are welcome to attend if you do not have a pet. Dress appropriately for any respective pet handling needs. You may invite other people to this event to join us on Zoom from anywhere in the world, especially people you know who have pets or like pets. Farm animals and large animals are welcome as well.

Attendance is planned for a first-come basis, as may be needed.

A Service of Thanksgiving for Queen Elizabeth at Washington National Cathedral

Click the picture link below to view WNC's livestream of yesterday's service with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preaching. 

@ 7:30pm

Monday: Karen A
Wednesday: Andrea

This short service from The Book of Common Prayer can be found in the BCP on page 127 or you may access the prayer book online at

Join Zoom Meeting:
1 929 205 6099 

Meeting ID: 856 0827 5573
Passcode: 41Park
If you would like to make a pledge for 2022 to the mission of St. Mary's Church please CLICK HERE for the form and return it to the office at any point in the year.

Prayers of the People

Please take a moment to lift these names up in your prayers.

Italicized names are those who were newly added this week

All those suffering in mind, body, or spirit

Lynette Wilson

Denise Donez

Geoff Olivier

Pam Sargent

Jane Bensche

Tom and Nancy Mann

Pat Georgeady

Karen Armogida

Carol Mallett

Linda Hollingsworth

Rick & Sylvia Armogida

Jennifer and Jerry Hrycyszyn

Hrycyszyn Family in Ukraine

Lea & Cliff Dubiel

Joseph Longo

Marsha Coombs

Lincoln Specht

Baby Drue-Anne Stanley’s preemie granddaughter

Laurice Hartzell

Betty Keehner

Ellen Schmedding

Amber Mallett

Ingeborg- Wife of former parishioner Harry Packman

Sharon, Michael & John

Edna Hennessey

John Jr.

Shirley McGarry

Lynn Stevenson

Stephanie Kwasnicki

Wayne Keith

DJ Wagner

Sylvia and Carlson Rogers

Katie Herschel

The Jones Family in FL

Veronica Feragne

Deacon Karen Fedorchak

Marjorie Perham

Tom, Corie, and the Domenico Family

Mark Linton


Desmond O’Neill


Roberta Bryce

John Poggi

Kevin Kingsbury

Edith Dubiel

Joan Stauch

Lawrence Cassells

Marv Thon

Rev. Joseph Bourret

For comfort for their families and for all

who mourn

Thanksgiving for

Our Priest In Charge, Fr. Shaw Mudge

Our Wardens, Officers & Vestry leadership

For our partner school, Bennet Academy

For the work of the Greater Hartford

Interfaith Action Alliance (GHIAA)

For our friends at Concordia, Emanuel and

Saint John’s, Vernon

** Contact for Prayers of the People**
Please send any prayer requests to Andrea Burr at Andrea will relay the prayer need to the prayer team and will update the Prayers of the People list weekly.