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March 11, 2021
Track Help Needed
Track will start soon for grades 4 - 8. Mr. Streather will coach this year, and he is looking for a few people to help. If you would willing to help out, or if you have any questions, please contact Wendy Scheiwe: wendy.scheiwe@st-matthew.org
NWEA Winter Assessment
Results Sent Home Today
Today, each student in grades 1 - 8 will bring home their NWEA Winter assessment results. if you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact your child's teacher. Thank you!
2021 AR Reading Challenge
The results are in and the AR Reading Challenge of 2021 is over. A total of 31 Lutheran Schools from the United States participated in this challenge. Here are the final scores for this year:

Grade - - Number of Points - - Rank
1st grade: 25.7 points - 27th out of 27 schools
2nd grade: 87.1 points - 29th out of 30 schools
3rd grade: 216.4 points - 21st out of 29 schools
4th grade: 279.5 points - 22nd out of 31 schools
5th grade: 315.9 points - 17th out of 29 schools
6th grade: 342.1 points - 19th out of 26 schools
7th grade: 249.8 points - 18th out of 26 schools
8th grade: 178.1 points - 18th out of 26 schools

Several of the classes set and achieved classroom goals. This was a wonderful performance from all of our students! You are excellent readers, and the teachers are very proud of all of the students that participated in this year’s challenge.

Third quarter ends March 19, and we will hand out AR prizes the following week for third quarter achievements. Happy Reading!
It's Cookie Time
St. Matthew Girl Scouts are Selling cookies!

We will take pre-orders now, and have cookies available in the parking lot by the picnic pavilion on Fridays after school starting February 19th thru March 26th.

Our girls are not selling in booths this year in order to stay safe. However, they have high hopes of earning enough money to cover their summer camp.

If you have questions, would like to pre-order, or make a donation to our "Soldiers Angels" please email Heather HERE

Thank you!!
UPDATED School Screening Forms
As for now, we are continuing the Screening Form admittance process into the school. If you would like to print copies at home please click HERE.

Please remember, Mrs. Palka always has extra copies at the 100 Wing entrance, and Mrs. Yeskie has extras at the HUB entrance.
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