St. Matthew's Weekly Newsletter
18th Sunday after Pentecost
October 13, 2019
Worship Schedule at St. Matthew's 

Presider: Paul Frolick
Deacon: Shelly Banner
Preacher: Paul Frolick
Organist: Phill Sterling
8:00am - Gail Jones
 10:15am -Campbell Bagley, Molly Alamond, Rosie Uhrig
Altar Guild : Kate & Mike Croyle
Coffee Hour:   
8:00am -Jackie & Mike Gates
10:15am - Phil Hayes, Larry Mathews
Lectors/ EMs:
8:00am - Tim Sager, Dale Vigliotti
10:15am - Joe Hannah, Mark Miller, Bill Hawkins, Lee Wakefield
Nursery : Michelle Makai, Meredith Sanderson
Tellers: Mark Miller, Mary Beth Sullivan
Ushers: Jace Fetter, Chris Clarke, Mark MIller

It’s that time of year again! Time for the best fellowship and fundraising event of the year!!  Please join use on  Saturday, November 2nd, at 5pm, in the St. Matthew’s Parish Hall for the Wine and Cheese Party & Silent Auction!  
For the fellowship part, all you need to bring is a beverage of your choice to share or keep for yourself (and it doesn’t have to be wine – all spirits and family-friendly drinks are welcome) and a snack to pass (remember, this is not a meal but munchies to go along with the beverages such as veggies, cheese and crackers, dips, etc.  Bring your famous snack and be prepared to share the recipe!).  In the past, we have come up short on food items, so please be generous.
The fundraiser part is actually a two-parter!!  You can participate in part 1 or part 2 or, my favorite, both parts!!
Part 1: Donate an item for the Auction
This can be a bottle of wine (hopefully with a funny or embarrassing name) for individual auction, an item for a Chance auction, or an item for the Silent Auction – or all 3 of course.  Items can be purchased, homemade, or services that you could provide for a modest cost. Even gift cards to your favorite store or service would be a great item.  Please be sure to let us know what the value of the item is so we can note that on the bid sheets and establish a starting bid.  These items may be dropped off at St Matthew’s anytime the office is open, on Sunday, or call me and I will pick it up from you.

Part 2: Bring cash or your check book and bid often and bid high
Watching the bidding wars on items is the most fun of all.  There will also be tickets to buy for the 50/50 Raffle and the Chance Auction. Remember, Christmas won’t be that far away and there will be wonderful gifts right here!
Feel free to call me, Gail Jones, at 315-491-3999. Can’t wait to see you there!!
Victor Gloo,  3 yr. old boy & friend of Rick Stocking , brain cancer treatment
Elaina Renfrew,  Susan Grenyo’s daughter , battling stage 4 cancer
Bill Allen,  Rick & Jill Stocking’s brother-in-law , in hospice care for chronic lung disease
Claire, granddaughter of Kathy McGaffick & Frank Huckabone , health concerns
Karen Soule,  granddaughter of Penny Dugas , born with a hole in her heart
Amy Good, health concerns
Clinnie Poole, health concerns
Jim Carruthers, health concerns
Bruce Ratliff,  friend of Jim & Mary Beth Sullivan , battling cancer
Mimi Sachel,  Amy Good’s aunt , health concerns
Haley and her family , friend of Courtenay McKeon , health concerns
Marisa Bertini,  Christina Stearns’ niece , undergoing cancer treatment
Susan, Linda Chambers’ sister , undergoing cancer treatment
Kathleen Fox,  friend of Dale Vigliotti , diagnosed with breast cancer
Betty, friend ofLaurel Iavarone , diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

Serving in Armed Forces:
Peter Guy,  grandson of Jim & Mary Beth Sullivan , Air Force Special Forces, New Mexico 
Paul Smith,  Penny Dugas’ grandson , Air National Guard
Sarah Gratien & David Gratien,  grandchildren of Sallie Jameson , Air National Guard
Leo Henry, attending West Point Military Academy
Benjamin McDonald,  son of Jodi McDonald,  Air Force,Wright-Patterson, Ohio
Matt Hidy & Mina Hidy, grandchildren of Alice Hidy, U.S. Coast Guard, Japan
Brighid O'Neil,  daughter of Tom & Mary O’Neil , Captain, NYC Police Dept.

Bob Murdock, Pat Martin, Alec Stearns, Jennifer, Laura McGaffick, Cheryl Familo, Vyrna Brown, Fr. Edward Caldwell, Andrew, Mary B. 
In the Diocese ...
In the Community...
Master's Touch Chorale to Perform

Wha t: The Master’s Touch Chorale
Where: Liverpool First UMC,
When: on Sunday, October 13, at 6 pm.

This chorale presents a variety of Christian music, ranging in style from Beethoven to Bluegrass. They seek to please the musical taste of every listener, and to inspire listener’s hearts to come closer to Jesus Christ. Founded in 1993, the chorale features 44 Christian singers from 28 churches of 17 denominations. Warren Otty is the musical director.Donations for their music ministry will be accepted. There will be refreshments following the concert. The chorale members enjoy talking with concert attendees during the reception.
Office Hours: M-F 9:00am-12:00pm