St. Matthew's Weekly Newsletter
22nd Sunday after Pentecost
November 10, 2019
Worship Schedule at St. Matthew's 

Presider: Paul Frolick
Deacon: Shelly Banner
Preacher: Paul Frolick
Organist: Phill Sterling
8:00am - Gail Jones
 10:15am - Dayna Stearns, Rosie Uhrig, Abby Fawcett
Altar Guild : Jackie & Mike Gates
Coffee Hour:   
8:00am - Jan Sager and Sharon Seigart
10:15am - Tom & Mary O'Neil
Lectors/ EMs:
8:00am - Tim Sager, Dale Vigliotti
10:15am - Pam Piraino, Joe Hannah, Lee Wakefield, Judy Carroll Nursery : Sarah Alamond, TBD
Tellers: Mark Miller, Dave Holloway
Ushers: Dave Holloway, Elana Henner

Dear friends,

Another full weekend for St. Matthew’s! Diocesan Convention is this Friday and Saturday, and we’ll be represented by our delegates Christina Stearns, Gail Jones, and Cindy Adamowsky, alternates Laurel Iavarone, Mary Louise Turner, and Lauri O’Brien, and youth representatives Campbell Bagley and Dayna Stearns.  Our Giving Boutique will be open in the exhibit hall, and we’re helping staff the book and spirit tables.  Many thanks to everyone who agreed to represent St. Matthew’s and participate in annual this gathering of Episcopalians from across the diocese. 

I hope you’ll take a minute to admire the handsome new front stairs and railings leading into the sanctuary.  Dave Holloway and the property committee worked hard this summer and fall to determine the best way to make the steps safer and more durable, and I think you’ll agree they did a terrific job. 

On Sunday we’ll say prayers for the women and men who have served in our armed forces. Monday is Veterans Day, which commemorates the day the armistice was signed ending World War I, the ‘war to end all wars.’ As we give thanks for the courage and sacrifice of those who served, let us pray for a lasting peace for the people of our planet. 

Fr. Paul
This Week at St. Matthew's...
Last Sunday, Ethan and Isaiah Steria, sons of Lindsay Todd and Luke Steria were baptized. Ethan and Isaiah are the grandsons of Laurel and Phil Iavarone.
Wednesday night, St. Matthew's hosted a beautiful Service of Healing and Hope. Thanks to Dale Vigliotti and Cindy Adamowsky for photos.
Wine & Cheese Party and
Silent Auction Event 
Final Results

St. Matthew’s annual Wine & Cheese and Silent Auction 2019 is now in the books.  I wanted to thank all of those who donated amazing items for the auction, all of the people who came to set-up Saturday morning, everyone who brought food and beverages to share, and those who bid.  The wine auction started out a little slow, but then turned into incredible bidding wars, which ended with laughs and smiles.  Now I know where to go for a good glass of wine, well into next year! 

This event surprises me every year.  So many people coming together, sharing tables, food, and drink, with friendly competition and great stories to tell.  Thank you for spending your Saturday night with us! 

Now, the bottom line.  All of this resulted in a rousing success!  The final tally, after some of the remaining items were sold is $2,181!! Over the last 6 years (since I’ve been keeping track), this event has raised $11,100, and this year’s event was the highest grossing! 

Again, thank you so much! 

~ Gail Jones
Stewardship 2020
If you haven't received a stewardship packet in the mail, please pick up one of the envelopes on the desk outside of the sanctuary. You can also view the information by clicking on the link below. If we do not have your mailing information, please make sure the office receives that so we can keep you up-to-date!

Blessings in a Backpack News
Coming up! The November it is Mac & Cheese cups. All varieties, all brands. Please sign up for our next packing date 11/13.
This year, St. Matthew’s is joining with the Turkey Trot organization to collect food, and distribute to families from several different Liverpool elementary schools.  There are several hundred families in need. St. Matthew’s will be home to the packing of the meals on  Saturday, November 23 rd . Please look at the donation list on the bulletin board or website, and feel free to bring items in any time before November 17 th , and place them in the collection box in the food closet. Financial donations are also very much appreciated, for the purchase of turkeys, as there could be hundreds of families.  If you wish to donate financially, please write a check to St. Matthew’s with the memo line stating “Thanksgiving meal 2019”.  More info can be found at
* Note in comments that you will leave donations at St. Matthew’s. If you cannot sign up online, please feel free to just bring items in anyway. Any extra will be donated to the food pantry.
As we are fast approaching the holiday season (where does the time go?) I would like to announce that we are once again sponsoring children for the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree Program.  I have requested 30 names for this year, all living in the Onondaga County/Oswego County area.  The names will go on our Christmas tree the  Sunday, November 17 th ,  and will need to be  returned by December 8 th  to allow plenty of time for distribution.  Once again, I thank you in advance for all your support for this program.  Some kids will have a more joyful Christmas thanks to your generosity! ~ Cathy Labucki, Angel Tree Coordinator.
Please pray for:
Sandy Davis, health concerns
Jim Carruthers, recovering from surgery
Amy Good, health concerns
Clinnie Poole, health concerns
Carol Wakefield, Mother of Henry Wakefield , who passed away November 8th
Mary Lamb,  Mother of Hammer Henry , who passed away on October 31 st
Pat Duncan,  Mother of Bishop DeDe , who passed away on November 2 nd
Elaina Renfrew,  Susan Grenyo’s daughter , battling stage 4 cancer
Victor Gloo,  3 yr. old boy & friend of Rick Stocking , brain cancer treatment
Bill Allen,  Rick & Jill Stocking’s brother-in-law , hospice care for chronic lung disease
Claire,  granddaughter of Kathy McGaffick & Frank Huckabone , health concerns
Karen Soule,  granddaughter of Penny Dugas , born with a hole in her heart
Mimi Sachel,  Amy Good’s aunt , health concerns
The people of St. Stephen’s, New Hartford 

Serving in Armed Forces:
Peter Guy,  grandson of Jim & Mary Beth Sullivan , Air Force Special Forces, New Mexico 
Paul Smith,  Penny Dugas’ grandson , Air National Guard
Sarah Gratien & David Gratien,  grandchildren of Sallie Jameson , Air National Guard
Leo Henry, attending West Point Military Academy
Benjamin McDonald,  son of Jodi McDonald,  Air Force,Wright-Patterson, Ohio
Matt Hidy & Mina Hidy, grandchildren of Alice Hidy, U.S. Coast Guard, Japan
Brighid O'Neil,  daughter of Tom & Mary O’Neil , Captain, NYC Police Dept.

Bob Murdock, Pat Martin, Alec Stearns, Jennifer, Laura McGaffick, Cheryl Familo, Vyrna Brown, Fr. Edward Caldwell, Andrew 
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