April 17, 2020 - News & Notes
Dear St. Michael Catholic School Families:
Welcome to the 4th quarter of the school year. What a joy to see the sun again and to look forward to warm weather this weekend as we close our Easter week celebration. Thank you for sharing with me the many positive notes about online and distance learning success. Our teachers are working 10-12 hour days, six to seven days a week, to record lessons, plan, review uploaded homework, meet with students and host live classes - they appreciate and truly value your praise and partnership!

I will be reaching out to families who indicated on our survey that additional support is needed. I'll keep the survey open through Monday as well. Your feedback is so important! Already, we are adjusting our schedule to allow Fridays to be student homework and review day. Our staff will not be assigning additional Friday homework or classes with an understanding of families' needs based on survey feedback. See the link below and thank you letting us know how we can continue to provide excellence for you during this challenging time.

REPORT CARDS: The 3rd Quarter report cards will be available for viewing on Monday through Educate. Families can login to view their child's progress. We are so proud of our students and the growth they have shown this year!

ONLINE LEARNING SURVEY (PreK-Grade 8 Families): Please take a few minutes to complete the "Online Learning" survey to help us learn how best to support you: ( Survey )

STUDENT SAFETY: The Archdiocese is asking that we update online and safety permissions as we are using new online platforms to connect with your child. Please find this form attached, sign by April 17, 2020 and return an electronic copy to Darlene Casey at  casey@saintmpl.org . Link for the new signature page: https://conta.cc/2UZPdcI

PRAYER: We invite every family to join in prayer. Stay connected through our parish and school with online prayers and streaming events. Please watch the parish website for up-to-date prayers and programs: Church FB Page . Click on this link: "Litany in Time of Need" .

Continue to pray that we will all be back together soon. Pray for those who are sick, students learning at home, teachers creating new online learning strategies, and our world as we experience this crisis, together. Prayer is powerful!

Blessings,  Mindy Reeder Principal   reeder@saintmpl.org  
St. Michael Catholic School students dressed in spirit wear on Friday-Here's Mrs. Peterson!

Week 31: Appreciating of Beauty & Excellence

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School Week Ahead : April 20-April 24

Specialist Links for K-5: Students in grades K-5 will continue working on their BINGO board, this is the last week!  By the end of thew eek, students should have their whole BINGO board complete (a coverall). Mrs. Olmanson, Mrs. Murray and myself have enjoyed seeing the work you have been posting through See Saw, already. Continue to do that and we look forward to seeing completed BINGO boards. Students/Families can post your accomplishments through See Saw, putting them in the BINGO board folder if possible.  

  • Friday - April 17: St. Michael Catholic School-Spirit Wear Day! Wear spirit wear all day and send in photos of you capturing the St. Michael Catholic School Spirit!
  • Wednesday-April 22: Earth Day! Send in your photos of your earth day projects! (Cleaning up your yard, the park, sidewalks, planting, ... ?)
  • Thursday, April 23: Hat Day! Send in photos of you doing your homework with a favorite hat on!


Weekly Picture & Video Challenge
SEND IN: Earth Day & Hat Day Photos! ** Videos of your child reading

As part of our restructure of the PTO, we are in need of leadership and team members for our Faculty Appreciation Team. We also need team members for our Parent Enrichment and Event Team. Planning for the 2020-2021 school year will begin this summer. Please contact Maggie Stack at  mmstack4@gmail.com  or 952-452-3485 with any questions.
The St. Michael Catholic School School Advisory Council provides guidance and leadership for the vision of the school, supporting leadership, teachers and staff as we continue to plan for excellence. All applications are due May 8, 2020. You can complete the online google form, or download and email your application to our School Advisory Council Chair, Molli O'Halloran.

Mental Health Support: Please be aware that at this time our children are also feeling the anxiety of all that is happening around them. While school is closed, a routine is a healthy way of structuring your days. Included scheduled time for school work, outdoor play, free-choice reading, unstructured play and rest time. Address children's questions directly and honestly. Continuing with regular bed and meal times is also helpful. Limit exposure to media and screen time as well. Our School Counselor : Dr. Keri Brenden

Additional resources that you may find helpful:

Additionally, as a parent at this time, you need support. Here are parent support resources:

Act of Spiritual Communion
My Jesus,
I believe that You
are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love You above all things,
and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment
receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there
and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You.
©2012 EWTN. Used with permission.

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SUMMER CARE : We know we are all experiencing uncertain times and it's hard to know what the future will hold, but we wanted to share that St. Michael Catholic School plans to offer our summer programming for both preschool and Summer Adventure's Plus (SAP). Staff are researching best practices outlined by the Archdiocese and the State of Minnesota to ensure everyone's safety while still providing this care including, but not limited to, cleaning standards, check in process, illness procedures, class sizes and structures.

We look forward to offering a rich summer program and are praying that with the proper guidelines in place, we will be here to serve your family with your summer care needs.

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