Registration for the Upcoming 2021-2022
School Year

St. Michael’s Preschool provides a cheerful and educational preschool experience for children from toddler age to pre-kindergarten. It is the mission of the Preschool to provide a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment for children where the love of Jesus Christ is reflected in actions of the teachers and children. Our desire is to ensure that our students are receiving quality, early childhood education in a Christian manner. We believe that each child is a gift from God.

We are currently enrolling for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. We’d love to show you firsthand all the learning that takes place here at St. Michael’s each day. To set up a tour, please contact Melanie Olivier in the Preschool office by phone 407-843-8448 ext. 245 or by email

Join us this summer for storybook based summer time fun with a mix of art, crafts, activities, learning and outdoor activities. Our camp is for ages 18 months to those entering Kindergarten in the fall. Camp will be offered Monday through Thursday from 9am until 1pm on the following weeks: June 7-10, June 14-17, June 21-24, July 12-15 and July 19-22. Contact the preschool office for registration.

The flowers that enhance our Easter Day celebration are purchased with gifts from members of the parish, both as thank offerings and as memorials. 
To have your memorials and thanksgivings placed in the Easter DayBulletin, please have them in to the Church Office no later than Friday, March 26.
Please CLICK HERE to complete the form for Easter Flowers or stop by the church office to fill out a physical form. Physical forms are located next to the home communion "pick-up station", just inside the glass double doors of Fordham Hall.
Checks are payable to St. Michael's Church, marked Easter Flowers or go to to pay online. There is no set amount for your donation of flowers. 

April 1 at 8:30 pm - April 2 at Noon

All are invited to participate in the Prayer Watch. This year, the invitation is to create a garden at home or simply sign-up and enter into a time of prayer through our online garden as we wait, watch & pray through the night. It concludes at noon on, Good Friday. You can CLICK HERE to sign-up. 
Although our 10:15 service is at full capacity for Easter Day at this time, we invite you to join us for the 7:45 AM service in-person or online at 7:45 AM & 10:15 AM
Every Stitch Holds a Prayer
St. Michael's invites you to participate in this new care ministry. Prayer shawls are intended to be a reminder of God's ever-present Love. It is an unconditional gift for every season of life- joy and sorrow, when you are weeping or celebrating, in life and in death. The power of the prayer shawl is in its physical properties and source of warmth. They hug, nurture, give solace, shelter, uplift, and affirm those who are in need. The prayer shawl acts as a reminder that we are lovingly held by our God.
A prayer shawl is a labor of love in prayer and work. The maker always begins with prayer and prayerful intentions are continued throughout the creation. When completed, a priest will bless the shawls before they are gifted.
The blessing ripples from person to person, with both the giver and receiver, feeling the almighty embrace of God. The prayer shawl ministry yearns to be a faith-sharing community.
If you or someone you know would like to provide an act of love by creating prayer shawls or squares, please CLICK HERE to complete this form or contact Pastoral Care Coordinator, Emilie Joudi Vick at (407) 801-9926.
Less Than One Month Away!
Tails are wagging for a special event!!! 

UPDATE: Beginning on Monday – Kjerstin, Collin, and Silas (Our chief mixing bowl licker!) will have their chef hats on all weekend making treats!

Any person contributing $5 or more to our team page will receive a bag of fresh-baked, grain-free dog treats! (treat bags can be picked up on Monday in the office from Mike.)

We'd love to invite you to the 10th annual Paws for Peace Walk on April 17th at 8AM! Please join us at Blue Jacket Park for a fun, leisurely, socially-distanced stroll for pets, their families, and friends to raise awareness about domestic abuse and its effect on pets and their owners. As well as the walk itself, we'll also have a silent auction, mystery doggie bags, and more! Besides spending the morning exercising with your pets, socializing, and raising awareness towards domestic violence, you can also rest soundly knowing that 100% of the proceeds raised will service survivors and their pets staying at Harbor House.

REGISTER HERE to join St. Michael's Team or make a donation

About Harbor House: Harbor House of Central Florida is the only state-certified domestic violence center serving Orange County. Founded in 1976 and now serving thousands of women, children, men, and pets impacted by domestic violence each year, Harbor House offers emergency shelter, 24/7 hotline, outreach services, court advocacy, childcare, violence prevention education for youth, community training, and an on-site kennel. 

The walk benefits the Paws for Peace Kennel at Harbor House. This is important because: 

  • 48% of survivors delay leaving an abusive situation for fear their pets will be harmed. 
  • 88% of pets living in domestic violence homes are abused. 
  • More than 350 pets have been safely housed in the Paws for Peace Kennel since it opened in 2012. 

As always, if you have any questions about any of our outreach efforts, you can contact me via email at or via phone at 407-900-1785
We have "pre-consecrated" bread and wine available for those who will continue to join us in worship through YouTube available for pick-up at the church office.
  • THURSDAY March 25 & 26
  • 9AM to 5PM

Due to our office closure on Good Friday at 12 pm, EASTER DAY communion will be available for pick up beginning Wednesday, March 31.
* Please note: Gluten-free elements for those with allergies and/or intolerances are available by request. Please email by end of day Wednesday to ensure the elements will be available for pick-up Thursday and Friday.

CLICK HERE for the link to this Sundays lesson. Click on the video that was released today.
Lenten Calendar for Children. This calendar has a daily activity for the kids. Click here to download it.

If you would rather not order a kit and do it all at home here is everything you will need. To get started, click this link to download the print materials, then follow the easy step-by-step instructions in the directions document. You can preview the "Easter Egg-stravaganza" video here.. Be sure to bookmark or save the link for later so you can play it when it's time for the Easter egg hunt. Feel free to share this with friends and family!
Please call, text, email or facetime with anything you might need or just to say hi! I am here if the kids need to talk! 407-415-4523.
Don't forget to like our Facebook page for more!

EYC is On! Sunday, March 28 (5:30-7:30PM)

EYC is on this Sunday!! Remember to bring your own food and drink, a chair if you'd like (though we'll have them), and wear a mask please. There is going to be fun, fire, and Jesus.
St. Michael’s will continue its partnership with the Center for Spiritual Formation from Carlisle, PA to offer a two-year program through our campus in the Ministry of Spiritual Direction. A new class will begin in September of 2021.

Spiritual Direction is companionship given by one Christian to another which enables that person to listen for the direction of the Holy Spirit as a person opens their life to God’s presence; to respond to God’s guidance; to grow in intimacy with God, and to live out the beauty of the relationship. The program is intended to assist those who participate in sharpening listening skills, bring clarity to areas of giftedness, and acquire the tools and practices essential to caring for souls in love.

YEAR ONE: focuses on the history, traditions and models, Biblical roots, and theological foundations of Spiritual Direction. It highlights the differences between psychological counseling and Spiritual Direction and demonstrates a contemplative approach to God.

YEAR TWO: focuses on the actual practice of Spiritual Direction: developing listening and assessment skills; becoming familiar with displacement and projection, transference and counter-transference; acquiring a working knowledge of the life-stages of faith development; cultivating an increased awareness of the power of prayer and healing; and learning the importance of supervision.

The Ministry of Spiritual Direction Program creates space for those participating to:

  • Gain or deepen one’s understanding, sensitivity, and insight into the workings of the Holy Spirit.
  • Create awareness of the need for an ever-growing connection between the inner life of the Spirit and the outer life of faithfulness to the Spirit’s direction.
  • Facilitate a deepening prayer life and greater contentment with silence and solitude.
  • Equip those participating to deal with strong emotions and maintain relationships over time.

If you are interested and would like to learn more Visit
• select “About Us”
• select “Spiritual Direction”

Or connect with Ashleigh Gonzalez in the Parish Office at for any clarifying questions you may have about the program itself or the upcoming interest meeting.

Sunday, March 28, 6:30 PM
“Songs & Prayers Time” - 15-20 mins for our young ones beginning at 6:30.
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • A selection from our repertoire of Angel’s Choir songs….
  • Individual prayers and thanksgivings
  • A sung version of “Good Night Moon” that includes a closing prayer.

MARCH 28: Palm Sunday
A little Anglican history. I did some research on the rather odd combining of the “Entry into Jerusalem” Gospel narrative as well as the “Passion” narrative within the same service – especially when one considers these two events were several days apart. The service begins with great JOY! ….and then, at the Gospel reading, changes to the heart-wrenching narrative of Jesus’s betrayal, trial, and crucifixion. 
It is often said that modern church-attendance practices are the reason for this – mid-week services, even those on Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, simply do not attract the numbers that are present on a Sunday. If this is true, it appears that the 1928 Prayer Book reflected this (maybe even the 1662 Prayer Book) – but you would need to have attended both Morning Prayer AND the Eucharist to hear both Gospels. I discovered the following:
  • In the 1662 UK Prayer Book (on which the Episcopal 1928 book was based), the only Gospel passage prescribed for what we now call Palm Sunday is the Passion narrative (in the book this Sunday is called “The Sunday next before Easter” – it has also been called “Lent 6”). You would have to attend Morning Prayer on the Thursday after the 5th Sunday of Lent to hear the passage containing the “Entry into Jerusalem”.
  • In the Episcopal 1928 Prayer Book, and the 1945 edition of same (both of which call Palm Sunday “Lent 6”), Morning Prayer had the “Entry into Jerusalem” passage (the 1945 edition a rector could choose one or the other), and you would have to have stayed for probably a Noon Eucharist in a side chapel to hear the Passion narrative. It seems logical that our present Book of Common Prayer from 1979 may well have combined these two services into one, drastically shortening Morning Prayer, and thus giving us both Gospel narratives.
In the Catholic tradition, Lent 5 was called “Passion Sunday” up until 1959. Some churches, including Anglican, still observe this practice.
PRELUDE MUSIC AT 10:00 AM         
Our Assistant Director of Music, Ella Eagen, will play the Prelude this week.
Opening: 154 All glory, laud, and honor
Gospel: 172 Were you there when they crucified my Lord
Offertory: I see his blood upon the rose  M. Bedford (b.1949))
I see his blood upon the rose
And in the stars the glory of his eyes,
His body gleams amid eternal snows,
His tears fall from the skies.
I see his face in every flower;
The thunder and the singing of the birds
Are but his voice—and carven by his power
Rocks are his written words.
All pathways by his feet are worn,
His strong heart stirs the ever-beating sea,
His crown of thorns is twined with every thorn,
His cross is every tree.
Sanctus: S-124 (Hurd)
Fraction: Agnus Dei S-161 (Hurd)
Closing: 474 When I survey the wondrous cross
On “O sacred head, sore wounded”  J. Brahms (1833-1897)

CONTACT ANDREW AT ANY TIME – if interested in becoming a part of the Music Ministry at St. Michael’s. Email: or call the church 407-843-8448 x.246.

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