We need your help!

Update: Thank You!

Thank You! Thank You!

We have received numerous generous donations and are very thankful for each and every one of you. You have provided the means of comfort for some who maybe having a very difficult holiday. Thank you again for being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

Every year we partner with St. Michael's Preschool to assist our ministry partner, Faith Lettman, with Thanksgiving dinners for families that are in need. These range from older folks on fixed incomes to families that have experienced a loss of job or housing. We try to do whatever we can to help them find joy in this season.

This year in particular there has been an increase in requests. Our Preschool has generously sponsored 15 families, which means there are 20 more families for St. Michael's to assist.

Here are the items we need:

  • Boxes of Stuffing Mix
  • Box of Instant Potatoes
  • Box of Macaroni and Cheese
  • Canned Yams
  • Brown Sugar
  • Bag of Marshmallows
  • Canned Green Beans
  • Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • French Fried Onions
  • Canned of Corn
  • Canned Cranberry Sauce
  • Jars of Gravy (Or packets)
  • Cornbread Mix
  • Jello Mix

We also are in need of 17 turkey breasts, 18 turkeys and 5 canned hams. If possible, I would also like to include at least a $10 Publix or Walmart gift card for the families so they can get perishable ingredients needed to make these items (butter, milk, eggs, etc.)

If you prefer to give a monetary gift, I am happy to shop for needed items.

We ask that items be turned in no later than Tuesday, November 14th.

Thank you so much for your generosity!



Can you give an hour a week to read with a child?

What is Read2Succeed?

Orange County Public Schools' Read2Succeed program engages volunteers who provide tutoring and mentoring to first- and second-grade students who are developing early literacy skills.

Additional info: Trained volunteers meet with students once or twice a week on school campus during school hours. In addition to assisting with reading skills, students form a positive attitude toward reading and build self-confidence.

We are asking for at least a six month commitment from volunteers in this program. Providing a sense of continuity with adult relationships is an important part of the program.

To volunteer, please click the button below and follow the directions to register as an ADDitions Volunteer at Lake Silver Elementary. Please feel free to contact Mike in the office with any questions!

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We have "pre-consecrated" bread and wine available for those who will continue to join us in worship through YouTube available for pick-up at the church office.
  • 9 AM to 5 PM

* Please note: Gluten-free elements for those with allergies and/or intolerances are available by request. Please email by end of day Wednesday to ensure the elements will be available for pick-up Thursday and Friday.


Those who have commended themselves to our prayers

Ann, Bishop Michael Curry, Bob, Brayden, Brett, Brittany, Cheryl M., Cole, Curt, Dave, Elaine, Erin, Gary M., Hank, Harry, Henry, Jean M., Joe, Johanna, Juliette, Kathy C., Kristi, Lawrence, The Misra/Hamilton Family, Marti, Mary Lu, Paladino Family, Perpich Family, Ron, Sonia, Sorvillo Family, Stacy, Terry, Wayne, William


Long-Term Prayer List

Angie, Bill C, Caryl, Chazz C., Erika, Emma, George, Gylla, Jan, Jason, Jeanine, Kathy G., Kristina, Kyle, Leslie F., Linda, Lydia, Mac, Marion S., Martell, Martin, Oliver, Pam B., Paris, Paul, Rachael W., Randy G., Randy Jr., Robert, Sarah, Sony, Steve, Steven F., Tramell, Tim, Tracy


Those serving in the armed forces and in harm’s way

Aaron D., Bradley H., Chad S., Jonah H., Will M., Kenneth K., Ben V, Nick R., Carolyn H.


November Birthdays:

1: Paige Mahnken 2: Parks Bennett, Andrew Caruso, Natalie Fallas 3: Kate Jamison, Eric LeBron, Foster Leger 4: Kacy Tramell 5: William Crannick III, Drew Sommerville, Courtney Stearns, Jon Tillman 6: Frances Nevill, Cole Niemas 7: Pearce Presnell, Emerson Provencher 8: Quentin Caruso Jr 9: Bob Manly, Hadley Vanture 10: Susan Airth, Tina Harbert, Lenny Martins, Sylvia Saunders, Bill Zink 11: Arlon Doughton 12: Stephanie Barksdale, Kate Caruso, Olivia Corso, Ruth Einsig, Emmett Higgins, Adriana Milbrath 13: Ben Loughran 14: Kathy Gillman 16: Essie Dowdell, Beth Foster, Heather Gentile, Jerry Williams 17: Tina Bryan, James Saunders 19: Jerry Chicone Jr, Alex Houston, Steve Milbrath, Jonathan Mitchell 20: Kaylin Tauriello 21: Walker Clayton, Kyle Telan 22: Jeannette Smith 23: Mason Barnhart, Karen Hackler, Anne Hovarter, Edward Rescigno, Thomas Smith-McGehee 24: Jim Schomberg, John Webb, Jr. 25: George Gafford, Melanie Olivier 26: Michael Higgins, John McPherson, Megan Turner 27: Paul Frickman, Kim Hays 28: Katie Singhofen, Carter Smith 29: Paul Bryan, Jon Eichelberger, Phoebe Vick 30: Eric James, Andrew Walker, Kimmons Wilson

November Anniversaries:

4: David & Tine Gay 9: Chris & Courtney Steinhaus 12: Dan & Judy Tracy 19: Blair & Sara Howard 23: Logan & Karen Baker, Quentin & Sammi Caruso 26: John & Karen Hackler 28: Dino & Rose Casterline


To place someone on the prayer list, please contact the

Administrative Team at


O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on your servant(s) N. as they begin(s) another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their life (lives), through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



O God, we ask that you pour your grace and mercies on this (these) couple/s. Guide them with your wisdom, protect them with your love, fill their home with your presence, and may they grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the days of their life. Amen.



The Rev. Rick Luoni, Rector

The Rev. Greg Favazza, Assisting Priest

Andrew J. Walker, Director of Music

Ella Eagen, Assistant Director of Music

Tiffany Stieger, Director of Children’s Ministry

Melanie Olivier, Director of Preschool

Mark T. Cole, Director of Youth Ministries



Senior Warden - Edye McNickle

Junior Warden - Greg Pope

Vestry Member -Mary Ruth Houston

Vestry Member - Ed Murphy

Vestry Member - Ashley Bedell

Vestry Member - Julie Motzel

Vestry Member - Parks Bennett

Vestry Member - Rick Gierok

Vestry Member - Louis Gafford

Vestry Member - Freddie Clayton

Vestry Member - Cheryl Mendoza

Vestry Member - Christian Leger

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