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E-Messenger October 10, 2019
Blessing of the Pets: Saturday, October 19 at 10 am

Save the Date and join us for the annual Blessing of the Pets: Saturday, October 19 at 10 am in the Courtyard between the Church and Quigley Hall.
Youth Mission Trip Car Wash this  Sunday, Oct. 13

7:15am to Close of Coffee Hour

All those attending this coming Summer Mission Trip to Puerto Rico will be washing some dirty cars here at St. Michael's during our morning services to earn some cash to fund our trip. Get ready!

Family Outing at Lake Catherine Blueberries Pumpkin Patch
This Saturday, October 12

5849 Lake Catherine Road  Groveland, Florida 34736 

We will meet at the entrance at 11 am.  Wear your St. Michael's Children's Ministry shirt. 

Don't have one?  Click here  with what size you need so Tiffany can get you one.
Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is coming! Watch for info in next week's E-Messenger.

Save the Date: Supper Club: Friday November 1st

Food, Friends, Fellowship, Fun, It's Supper Club!

Please join us at the Home  of:

Joanie and Randy Fiebrandt
Friday, November 1, 2019
at 6:30 pm
Supper Club creates an experience around the table, that feeds the body, nourishes the soul, and transforms the community.  We invite you to gather around the table with us.

 Table Talk: October 24

What is Table Talk?
Table Talk is a community-wide conversation where for one day, residents of Central Florida will gather to discuss the things that matter most to them. Our favorite things. Our issues and opportunities. Our boldest ambitions and our biggest challenges to making our community better and more dynamic. Table Talk provides a way for all of us to be more civically engaged and committed to the community.
Who Can Participate?
Anyone living and working in Central Florida can take part in Table Talk, either by hosting a table or joining a table. Business owners. Parents. Students. Educators. Voters. Taxpayers. Employers. Employees. Neighbors. Young, old and everyone in between. We mean EVERYONE. Everyone has a seat. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has a chance to make a difference. Everyone is welcome and everyone is an expert.
When and Where is Table Talk?
It's pretty simple. Hosts choose a location and invite 8-10 guests for a conversation and refreshment. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you decide. There are no rules - be creative! Hosts will also guide the talks and encourage their guests to complete the online survey with their thoughts and insights from the conversation. Each host receives a  Host Toolkit which includes a step-by-step guide, tips for organizing a successful conversation, and resources to use the day of Table Talk.
What does it mean to join a Table?
Joining a table allows you to take part in one of the 500+ conversations taking place on Thursday, October 24. Some guests will receive a personal invitation from a Table Host. If you do not know a Table Host and would like to be part of Table Talk, sign up to join a table and we will assign you to a table in your area.
What happens after Table Talk?
Table Talk participants will complete a survey to share what was discussed during their conversation. Once the surveys are completed and processed to identify the ideas, information and priorities that emerged from the conversations, we will share a report with all Table Talk participants, as well as our entire community. Central Florida Foundation will also make mini-grants available to neighborhoods, or communities that are ready to take action on their ideas and propose a plan.
To Join a Table or Host a Table Talk, please follow this link: https://cffound.org/tabletalk/
For any questions you may have please contact: Mike Robertson Mike@stmichaelschurch.com

Save the Date: St. Michael's Clean-up Day! Saturday October 26th

Join us as we refresh, repair, and tidy up our St. Michael's campus to prepare for the upcoming Advent & Christmas Seasons!  Saturday, October 26th, we will have a clean-up day from 9 am - 12 noon on the church grounds. 

We'll be working to spruce up the grounds, spread mulch, remove and plant new plants around Fordham Hall, dust the church, put feet on tables & chairs in Quigley, etc.
Lunch will be provided. Please bring gloves, shovels, rakes and other supplies you feel could be needed. 
Save the Date and Join Us!
Daughters of the King

Hello, last month we told you who the Daughters of the King were and that we had elected a new President. This month, we will describe us a little bit more.

The colors of the Order are blue and white. White for the bright light of truth and blue for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our cross which we wear over our hearts is a modified Greek Fleury. It says , in Latin, " With Heart, Mind and Spirit uphold and bear the cross." 

At the bottom of the cross are the initials "FHS". They are the motto of the Order and stand for "For His Sake". The emblem has never wavered from its original design and is trademarked for the exclusive use of the Order. It is to be worn at all times over the heart or on a silver chain but never as an ornament. The cross is always the property of the Order. When a Daughter dies, her cross may be buried with her or incorporated into her memorial; Otherwise, it must be returned to the National Office. The Hymn of the Order is " Lift High the Cross". 

Next month, we will tell you about Junior Daughters.
All Saints' Sunday: Sunday, November 3.

On All Saints' Sunday, November 3rd, at all services,
we will remember and honor our departed family members and friends
who have died in the last year. 

If you wish to have a name of a loved one included among those for whom we pray, please email Ashleigh in the church office 
and indicate the individual(s) name and the service at which you wish for them to be remembered 
(7:45 am, 10:15 am,  or 6 pm).
You may place this form in the Offering Plate or contact Ashleigh in the Church office at  ashleigh@stmichaelschurch.com 


  • October 12th - Family Outing at Lake Catherine Blueberry Farm's Pumpkin Patch
  • November 8th - Family Ministry Fun Night
  • December 6th - Family Advent Festival
  • December 8th,15th & 22nd - Pageant Rehearsal
  • December 24th - Pageant
  • January 17th - 20th - Family Camping
  • January 26th - Service Project
  • February 7th - Daddy Daughter Dance
  • February 23rd - Bowling
  • March 4th - Lenten Programs Start
  • March 27th - Mother/Son Night
  • April 5th - Purple Lemonade Stand

EYC is on for this Sunday,
October 13

Sunday, September 22nd
 (5:30 - 7:30PM)
EYC is scheduled for Sunday. All middle & high school students gather in the Youth Room in Fordham Hall for some food, games, worship and small group discipleship. 


The Offertory Anthem text this coming Sunday, music by the early 20th cent. British composer, Percy Whitlock, original Latin text from 1754, English translation 1861:
Jesu, grant me this, I pray, Ever in Thy heart to stay;
Let me evermore abide Hidden in Thy wounded side.
If the evil one prepare, Or the world, a tempting snare,
I am safe when I abide In Thy heart and wounded side.
If the flesh, more dangerous still, Tempt my soul to deeds of ill,
Naught I fear when I abide In Thy heart and wounded side.
Death will come one day to me; Jesu, cast me not from Thee:
Dying let me still abide In Thy heart and wounded side.
The choir anthems we sing sometimes delve into all the wonderful and/or ugly truths about life, our faith and trust in God as we deal with life, and we all sing them together - Youth & Adults.  I will always be grateful for the opportunity to do exactly the same things as the kids in our Youth Choir are doing when I sang in Portsmouth Cathedral Choir.  It prepared me for ALL stages of life, gave me comforting words that remain with me to this day, and did not hide the hard truths about life.   Andrew
A link to the above anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVDVsjAPs-Q ...this from a complete Evensong at Liverpool Cathedral in 2012.  The anthem happens immediately after the opening BBC announcement.

CONTACT ANDREW AT ANY TIME - if interested in becoming a part of the Music Ministry at St. Michael's. Email:  andrew@stmichaelschurch.com or call the church 407-843-8448 x.246.
Alice, Andrew, Ann, Arel, Barbara, Benny, Bill H., Bill M., Bill T., Billy, Brittany, Buckley, Burke, Cheryl, Corbin, Cynthia, Donna Jean, Elizabeth L., Elizabeth T., Ellen, Frank, Gabby, Gary, Israel, Jackie, JB, Jeff, Jim, Jude, Kathy, Kim, Kristina, Lenore, Lindsey, Lisa, Luca, Lucy,  Millie, Nancy, Patti, Powell Family, Robert, Ron, Royal Family, Sara Nell, Sharon, Tom B., Tom C., Vanessa, Vellisco Family, Vic, Walter, Yvonne.

10: Tharpe Belote Jr, Sarah Boone, Karen Egerton, Jenny Galbraith, Robin Murphy, Jennifer Shearer Leonard  11: Kate Laake, H.R. Russell  12: Lavelle Basden, Joshua Terry, Judy Tracy  13: Charlie Hood III, Ashley Thomas  14: Art Barksdale III, Samantha Payne  15: Patty Love, Ted Wettstein   

14: Billy & Mikki Mathews  15: Michael & Donna Palette

Reminder:  To place someone on the prayer list, please contact Deacon Carter at Carter@stmichaelschurch.com . 
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