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Reflections from Fr. Rick

                                   Holy Week

" We adore you and we bless you, Lord Jesus Christ, here and in all the churches which are in the whole world, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world ." - Stations of the Cross
We enter the story of Holy Week this Sunday with Jesus' journey into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover with his disciples when he was caught in a web of events that would eventually lead to his death. The crowds who were waving palm branches and proclaiming him the messianic king, would only five days later cry for his execution; a sobering reminder of the human tendency to want God on our own terms.
This is THE story of what God's love looks like for all creation.
You don't want to miss it for it is indeed HOLY.
What makes this week holy? Something happened two thousand years ago, in space and time, something so shattering that the grinding wheels of fate were stopped, and sin and death now no longer have the final say. It declares that at the heart of the universe there is a personal presence, a God who has chosen not to remain absent, cocooned within God's self, but who is a part of the world he has made, and has taken upon himself the burden of loving it back into union and life with God.
"He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves.  Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them."
2 Corinthians 5:15
Prayer, meditation, and reading of scripture are disciplines we especially need, to help us focus on both the sacrifice and the celebration of Christ's life, death and resurrection. Plan to participate in the Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services. I encourage you to allow THE story of God's redeeming, liberating death and resurrection love to enter the story of your life.
Grace and peace, and a blessed Holy Week,

Palm Cross Making Party: Tomorrow, April 12

Join us at Mary Boone's home for a night of fellowship and fun as we fashion Palm Crosses for Palm Sunday. The event will be held this Friday, April 12th at 5 pm. Many hands are needed and don't forget to bring your scissors! A light dinner will be provided. For more information (including address info), and to RSVP ASAP, please contact Mary Boone at maryboone1@gmail.com.  

Calling All Men! This Saturday, April 13 at 10 am

  Our fearless leaders for the palm/arch installation (Flower Guild husbands) Rodger, Roston and Jon Nash, are out of town this weekend! 

We need help zip tying those giant palms to the archways in the church. If you could spare and hour or 2 in the morning, this Saturday, April 13 at 10 am in the sanctuary, we would greatly appreciate your help! please contact Katrena Luoni at 415-225-2636 if you have questions. Thank you! 

Easter Flowers - due tomorrow, April 12 in the Church Office or placed in the offering plate this Sunday, April 14.

The flowers to enhance our Easter celebration are purchased with gifts from members of the parish, both as thank offerings and as memorials.  To ensure your memorials and thanksgivings are included in the Easter bulletin, please have them in the Church Office no later than Friday, April 12th in the Church Office or placed in the offering plate no later than Sunday, April 14th.

Please complete the form in the Sunday bulletins, attach your check to the form and place it in the offering plate. You may also send in your requests via email to the Church Office at  Mike@stmichaelschurch.com.

Checks are payable to St. Michael's Church, marked
Easter Flowers. There is no set amount for your donation of flowers.

Stations of the Cross tomorrow, April 12 at 6:15 pm

During Lent, St. Michael's will be offering the simple service called Stations of the Cross which is sometimes called the Way of the Cross. 

Have you ever noticed the fourteen wooden plaques that line both sides of our church? 

They depict the events on the day of Jesus' crucifixion. During the service, one person carries the wooden cross as we stop at each plaque, read a scripture lesson and say a prayer. It is a very meaningful service and a fitting Lenten activity for the whole family. There's lots of congregation participation in the twenty minute service. So why not make it a point to come out and join us? ALL are welcome!

For any questions you may have contact Carter@stmichaelschurch.com
April is Autism and Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

April Eye-Openers:

Visit Quigley Hall for an eye-opening children's art and insights exhibit,
and take-home info on:

  • 6 Protective Factors to prevent child abuse
  • Building resilience and disrupting the cycle of childhood trauma and adversity
  • Links to community resources from The Howard Center for Children and Families

 Holy Week 2019 Schedule

Maundy Thursday Service:
Thursday, April  18
6:30 pm in the Church
Maundy Thursday Prayer Watch
April 18 at 8 pm - April 19 at Noon

Good Friday Service:
Friday, April 19
12 noon in the Church
  NO Friday Morning Eucharist on Good Friday

Maundy Thursday Prayer Watch: April 18

Beginning Thursday evening, April 18, immediately following the Maundy Thursday service at 6:30 pm, all are invited to participate in the Prayer Watch.  It concludes at noon on Good Friday, April 19.  Sign up on Sundays or during the week in the Chapel. You are welcome to come individually, as families, or in small group
Easter Day Activities April 21st

Service Times:
7:45 am: Easter Day Service
9 - 9:30 am: Children's Family Easter Day Service
10:15 am: Easter Day Service
Note: There will be no 6 pm service on Easter Day

Easter Day Family Activities
Flowering of the Cross and Easter Egg Hunt

9:30 am - Immediately following the 9 am Children's Family Service
there will be an Easter Egg Hunt on the playground.

9:45 am - 10 am - All children are invited to decorate the cross. Please bring flowers to place on the cross.

11:45ish - A second children's Easter Egg Hunt will follow the 10:15 service. 4th and 5th graders will hunt in the Club 412 room, Kindergarten through 3rd grade will hunt on the playground, preschoolers on the toddler playground (behind Rowe Hall), and the really little ones on the grassy area in front of Rowe Hall. Remember to bring your baskets (and your cameras)!

Reminder, we will not have Church School Easter Sunday for Camp R.O.C.K.
or Club 412. The nursery and Camp Sonshine will be available.

9th Annual Paws for Peace Walk - Fundraiser this Sunday!

This Sunday, following each service, we will have Doggie Treats (Grain Free) available for purchase or as a gift with a donation to St. Michael's Paws for Peace Walk Team!

9th Annual Paws for Peace Walk
Tails are wagging in anticipation of the 9th Annual Paws for Peace Walk - a fun and leisurely stroll for pets, their families and friends to raise awareness about domestic abuse and its effect on pets and their owners. The walk benefits the Paws for Peace Kennel on Harbor House's emergency shelter campus.
The walk will take place on Saturday, April 20 at Blue Jacket Park. 
Check in opens at 8 am, and the walk begins at 9 am.
Register here today and be sure to join the team:
St. Michael's Priests Pets and Parishioners  

Serve With The Gathering on 4th Tuesdays
Serve with us!  If you are interested in serving a meal at the Coalition for the Homeless, join the SMC family on the 4th Tuesday of every month.   Click Here
 Free Dog Training Workshop this Saturday, April 13

Feed My Lambs: Easter Day!

GET READY!  3rd Sunday Feed My Lambs is on
Easter Day this month - next Sunday!

Women's Monday Night Bible Study begins April 15 at 6:45 pm

Spring 2019 Study:  "Keep It Shut" by Karen Ehman

During our six weeks, we will go beyond just a " How not to gossip" study, Karen will teach what the Bible says about the many ways we are to use our words and the times when we are to remain silent. 

Using our speech to interact with friends, co-workers, family and strangers will be covered along with the many places we use our words such as in private, in public, online and in prayer. Even the words we say silently to ourselves.   

Study Dates: Monday, April 15 - Monday, May 20, 2019

Our Monday night schedule is as follows:
6:45-7 pm         Welcome and fellowship
7:00-7:10 pm   Announcements/Group Prayer
7:10-8 pm         Small Group Discussions
8:00-8:30 pm      Video
8:30 pm                Dismissal

Pre-Work: Pray about your involvement

A limited number of workbooks are available at the study for $12.99. They can also be purchased at the Lifeway Store or on Lifeway.com.

If you would like more information please send an email to Mondaynightbiblestudy17@gmail.com
New Book Study on Monday mornings beginning April 22
Please note new date!

Surrender to Love: Discovering the Heart of Christian Spirituality 
By David G. Benner

"Only God deserves absolute surrender because only God can offer absolute dependable love." 

Benner shows how God bids us to trust fully in his perfect love.

This new book study begins Monday, April 15 at 9:30 am in the Conference Room of Fordham Hall. It will be a 5 week study, facilitated by Deacon Happy Gafford.

You will want to read the preface and chapter one, pages 11 thru 35 before the first meeting. It would be helpful to look over the discussion guide for Session One, pages 106-107.

Journaling your responses is optional but could be meaningful. Hope you can come! For any questions you may have please email happinessg@icloud.com
Gospel Concert: Benefit for Africa - May 5

Take Them A Meal
John and Millie Nowell

Our sweet John Nowell has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, so he and Millie could use some love, our prayers, as well as some food from us.  While they have no restrictions, John doesn't like curry.  What they both love is good old fashioned comfort food, and they love soup.  If preparing food, it would be helpful to make for 4 so they can have leftovers.
To sign up , please go to takethemameal.com, enter Nowell under Last Name and Nowell under the Password.  There you can find a day that is convenient for you.  And if you'd like to provide a meal but find your time limited, you can pick up from any nearby restaurant and deliver, or use UberEats to order and they pick up and deliver.  In any case, please go to the link and note that you are providing a meal.  The Nowell's address is 1406 Magna Court, Orlando 32804.  The best time to deliver food is between 4pm-5:30pm.  

Thank you so much for serving the Nowell family during this time.

Patty Tew
Chairperson - Pastoral Care Food Committee

Carilloneurs Needed

You may not see us but you can hear us every Sunday both before and after the 10:15 service, playing to the glory of God and enhancing the worship services by providing beautiful music around the church and surrounding neighborhood. If you can read music and play the melody line on a piano then you could be a carilloneur - it's that easy! 

We would welcome adult and youth, men and women into this wonderful ministry. Please contact Wendy Tramell ( wtramell@cfl.rr.com) if you are interested or have any questions.
Preschool Easter Fundraiser: Tomorrow is the Last Day!

Join us in the church office building (parlor room) Friday, April 12th 10:30am-1pm.  We would love your help in stuffing
*If interested in hiding eggs on Easter Eve, please email Melanie. *Student volunteer hours are available.
We are collecting bags of individual wrapped candy and small toys. Can you help?
If you are able, click below to order off our wish list or simply pick up at your favorite store. We are looking for any child appropriate small toys (mini bubbles, stickers, figures, etc.) as well as candy.
Please drop off all donations to the Preschool office by Wednesday, April 10th.

Help needed in Camp Sonshine
Out of the 10-15 kids who attend each week only three parents have helped! We need more parents to pitch in!!!  Our preschool class keeps growing and Mrs. Cindy could you use a few helping hands. Please  click here  to choose a week you can stay and assist.

Flowering of the Cross and Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Morning

The children are invited to flower the cross before the 9am and 10:15 services.Bring a flower from home or a flower provided by the Flower Guild.

Easter Egg Hunts will take place immediately after the 9am  a nd 10:15 services.Don't forget to bring your baskets (and cameras).

9 am service Easter Egg Hunt will be on the big playground

10:15 service Easter Egg Hunt will be broken up into age groups:
Nursery - grassy area in front of Rowe Hall
Preschoolers - Playground behind Rowe Hall
KG - 3rd grade - Big Playground
4th & 5th grade - Club 412 room (Fordham Hall)

VBS 2019

June 17th - 23rd
9am - Noon


Click here to email Tiffany to be added to the wait list.

Please click here to register as a participant or volunteer


St. Michael's EYC Meets this Sunday, April 7

EYC is scheduled for this coming Sunday for all middle & high school students. Join us in the Youth Room in Fordham Hall for some Pizza, carbonated beverage, games, worship and discussion. 

During this season of Lent, the youth are studying and meditating Jesus' wilderness experience as is depicted in the Gospel of Luke.

Youth Lenten Program

"Oftentimes the most familiar things in our lives become some of the least appreciated. Millions of people throughout history have memorized the Lord's Prayer or Our Father, praying it over and over again to the point of monotone monotony."

This Lent the youth, and our 4th & 5th grade guests, will be exploring the great depths of this very familiar prayer, the prayer Jesus gave us.

Time: Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm
Dates: Continues until April 10th 
Location: Youth Room in Fordham Hall

5th Tuesday  Tues. April 30th
5th Tuesday Club!  

5th Tuesday Club, a great opportunity for youth to serve the local community, by providing food to the residents of the Coalition for the Homeless.

Meet at St. Michael's Quigley Hall @ 5:40PM to load up the food in the van before we leave for the Coalition.

Please, sign up by clicking this link  Sign Up Here

Acting Director of Youth Ministries Fr. Greg Favazza


The two VERY different parts of the life of Jesus that we re-live on Palm Sunday:

  1. The triumphal entrance into Jerusalem!  Hosanna!  All glory laud and honor!  ....the hymn: Click Here
  2. The Passion story - including Christ's crucifixion -"Were you there when they crucified my Lord" - Click Here
For the choir and me - singing at these services (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter) is "part of the territory" that comes with being part of this ministry.  We experience Holy Week in such a powerful way by being present on Thursday and Friday.  So, from all of us to all of you....
  • I can guarantee your heart and spirit will be moved by all you will see, hear, and experience.
Ann, Arel, Barbara, Benny, Bill B., Bill C., Bill H., Bill M., Bill T., Bud., Burke, Charlotte, Donna, Elaine, Ellen, Gabby, Gloria, Kristina, John, Joy, Jude, Lindsey, Lisa, Mabel, Marci, Mike, Rick M., Scott, Thomas, Tom, Vic, Walter.

10: Truman Booth, Blair Botts, Quentin Caruso, Kelly Tramell  11: Bob Brightman  12: Spenser Cheek, Barrett Crannick, Betsy Culpepper, Griffin Warlow  14: Wade Botts, Sue Chicone  15: Spencer Evans, Barbara Jean Mundey, Jack Riggs  16: Dan Hovarter

12: Greg & Christina Favazza  16: David & Jordan Evans, Bill & Shirley Harter, Palmer & Shelby Yergey  

Prayer list names will rotate off after a three month period unless we are made aware that an individual needs to remain on the list.

To place someone on the prayer list, please contact Deacon Carter at Carter@stmichaelschurch.com .
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